TYPE-Moon inspired Modern Fantasy (Fate/stay night, etc.)

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  1. A Modern Fantasy RP heavily inspired by several TYPE-Moon franchises, such as the Fate series, Tsukihime, etc. The RP takes place on our Earth, except that there exists a hidden society of mages called the Magus Society. They are in charge of advancing magic, keeping the supernatural hidden from the normal populace and keeping things supernatural other than themselves under check.

    And thus a task force is created for all three purposes. Their targets are the True Ancestors, beings formerly human who have become something more and are growing more and more active.

    I have a big glossary of terms, several "gameplay" mechanics lined up and I'm super-excited for this RP, but I wanted to make an Interest Check first.

    People joining can either play hero, villain or supportive character if they so wish.

    Any takers?
  2. You already know I'm in. ^^
  3. I'd be interested in a TYPE-Moon RP.
  4. You already know my answer. Knock 'em dead.
  5. This looks like it could be fun. I'll join in
  6. Sounds interesting.
  7. Good, we have enough people to start this off, I think. I am currently working on the OOC, but tidying up the glossary will take some time so please be patient. I will post the link here when I'm done.
  8. Are there still spots open?
  9. Yes, there are.
  10. I am actually somewhat well versed in the ways of the Nasuverse. Consider me heavily interested.
  11. Cool, I'm definitely interested.

    I'll keep an eye out for the OOC.
  12. Am I too late for the party? A bit of a Nasuverse fan here, and I was wondering if 'The Church" would also be making an appearance in this roleplay.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.