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  1. :: Seems like this is going to fly. Submit characters to this thread but we'll be playing Here. ::
    May 15, 2035: SETI Telescopes detect an object roughly the size of Charon, Pluto's moon. This object is detected because it refracts 95% of all known EM radiation around it. At this point, it is approximately 100 AU from Earth - roughly twice the distance from the sun to Pluto - moving at approximately 2% of light speed, and decelerating.

    May 18, 2035: Thousands of telescopes and satellites are now focused and analyzing the object. It is determined to be not natural in origin. Worldwide, governments begin enacting their plans in case of extraterrestrial threats. The size of the object is estimated at 600km radius with a mass of about 5% of Pluto's despite the outer shell, now no longer deflecting as much EM, being nearly as dense as diamond. This discrepancy in mass to size leads scientists to believe it is largely hollow, in other words, an interstellar spacecraft.

    May 23, 2035: Despite efforts to conceal the knowledge, its presence and location become known worldwide. Panic, doomsday predictors, and religious leaders polarize the populace. Most of the world moves toward a mix of martial law and anarchy.

    June 1, 2035: Just prior to the arrival of the craft, in high Earth orbit a massive explosion occurs, leaving a cloud of radiation and debris that lasts several days - enough time to wipe out all satellites in orbit. Our ground telescopes are all we have left to monitor the situation. This event does what the world's governments have failed to do - unify the people. Much of the anarchy calms as this threat to all is realized.

    June 15, 2035: Dispersed over every major government center worldwide, Alien spacecraft approximately 2km x 0.5km x 0.5km, descend from earth's orbit, unaffected by any military attack. Still smaller craft and ground units debark from the large craft. These smaller craft head directly towards the locations of earth's nuclear arsenals. All attempts to communicate are unheard or at least not responded to by the attackers.

    June 18, 2035: No silos or ground based nuclear missiles survive. The few that were launched were shot down by the smallest of the alien craft. Earth is also now depending on lower technology to communicate -HAM, walkie talkie, telegraph.

    June 19, 2035: Launched from submarines, several nuclear missiles are fired, undetected by the invaders until it is too late. Washington DC's and London's invading craft are struck by 8 warheads a piece, roughly 20 times the yield of Hiroshima. The attack hits the top of the vessels, to shield the ground below from as much of the blast as possible. The craft are not destroyed by the attack, but appear to have taken some damage. The cities below have been leveled for 8km around the blasts.

    June 20, 2035: Earth's military is ordered to retreat and disburse to begin a guerilla war. One final major strike is made with biological and chemical warfare to cover the retreat.

    September 1, 2035: Earth's attempts at rebellion are largely ineffective. Ground units of the aliens reveal that this is an entirely automated assault. No organic life is present among the attackers, and no attempt at communication is successful, despite continued efforts.

    December 14, 2035: After what remains of the military has coordinated with a grassroots campaign, salvation seems finally possible. The aliens appear not to notice or respond to helium balloons launched upwards towards their ships. A plan is formed, to be executed on Christmas Day.

    December 20, 2035: Using the data from cameras placed on balloons and toy vehicles, it is determined that many hatches are open in the undersides of these ships, and their basic internal layout are mapped.

    December 25, 2035: Thousands of suicide missions are conducted, floating troops up to and into the vessels. Once aboard, the troops find key power systems and place high explosives and satchel nuclear weapons. 3% of the soldiers survive, but 24% of the large craft are downed to this tactic before the invaders cut their losses and retreat.

    December 26, 2035: The one and only communication from the invaders is received, broadcast on every channel in ten major languages - "This acquisition is no longer profitable." The large ship departs the solar system as swiftly as it came.

    May 15th, 2037: Governments have started to reform and rebuild. This is where you come in. Are you simply a survivor, eking out a base living? A hopeful from one of the new governments? Or a mercenary opportunist, selling your skills to the highest bidder?

    Factions and Backgrounds

    By Geographical Area

      • Africa: Although it was also less dominated by the Invaders than any other continent save Australia and Antarctica, the lack of support from first world nations for the largely dependent continent has driven the nations of this continent into utter squalor, with the poorest living conditions in the world, growing worse by the day. Still, many missionaries and others looking to help come here. The only Invader crash site is in Johannesburg on this continent, and has been largely left to stand unmolested - but also ripe for the picking for salvagers.

      • Asia: Home to much of the world's population, this was one of the hardest hit by the Invaders initially, until they had largely neutralized earth's military. China has reverted to a regional feudal system. Korea is re-united under an oligarchy. In Japan, though Kyoto, Sapporo, and Tokyo lie partially under the ruins of Invader crash sites, the national pride is strong, and very aggressive investigation into alien technology is ongoing.

      • Australia: Largely untouched by the invasion, this is now the hub of civilization. Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth have tripled in population. The move to settle the outback - using techniques used in Africa and North America, has begun. A lot of opportunity here for everyone. The government of Australia is also mostly intact, The only two Invader crash sites here are over Brisbane and Canberra, but these two are the most investigated by Earth's premier scientists.

      • Europe: Devastated by the Invaders, crash sites are memorials to once great cities - Paris, Munich, Rome, Barcelona, and several other cities are now shells of what they once were. The U.K. was hit especially hard due to the attempt to use nuclear weapons on the Invader over London. Most of the U.K. is still considered unsafe to live in due to fallout, and the coast of France opposite the island kingdom has been similarly evacuated. Still, for those willing to risk the contamination, there are treasures, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, to be had there.

      • North America: Despite the Eastern Seaboard being largely abandoned due to the fallout of the failed nuclear strike over Washington DC, the United States survives, but relying on state governments, rather than a national authority. Canada fared much better than the US, though Montreal was devastated by the Invaders and is the nation's only Invader crash site, and is becoming a world power in and of itself. However, not as strongly as the Australians have managed.There are literally dozens of Invader crash sites all about the US, in various states of investigation or disuse. Wide tracts of land are available for those willing to live off of it. Still, a land of opportunity

      • South America: There are several Invader crash sites here, in Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil. Government is largely non-existent, and militia/gang violence is the new norm. But, if you're willing to live by the speed of your trigger finger and the seat of your pants, South America is a viable option.

    • Antarctica: Left alone by the Invaders, and now, no one has the resources or the inclination to continue research or settle here.

    By Background

      • Survivor: You survived the Invasion, and will be happy to live out the rest of your life as normally as you can. Depending on where you live, this may be easy, or nearly impossible.

      • Loyalist: You are allied with a government or organization that is working to return Earth to a higher level of civilization. You may be a soldier, a special task force member, politician or many other things, but your loyalty is to your group.

      • Scavenger: There's a lot of good stuff out there to be had, and you're using the aftermath of the Invasion to cash in on your share of that. Your motives may be altruistic or greedy, but your function is the same - Grab the shinies.

      • Researcher: You are devoted to increasing the knowledge of the human race, either by recovering tech before it is lost, or researching new tech from Invader artifacts. Of course, it's dangerous to go alone...

      • Mercenary: You hire out to someone, usually as protection for them. To researchers or traders, or protecting any of the other types from the dangers of a world with few rules remaining. Your motivations are your own, and among your type, vary greatly.

    • Trader: Much like the Scavenger, but you focus mainly on selling or trading what you've gained, on your own or bought from scavengers and others. One can really get rich out there if they know what to do.
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  2. Now this is a post apocalyptic scenario. Some pictures to complement the text would be favourable. In any case, count me in as very interested!
  3. I'll get this organized in the next few days and post them here!
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  4. Sweet! I'll be looking forward to it.
  5. Ditto on what Stuffies said. This would be open-world?
  6. Pretty much. My only character requirement, so that I don't go buggy trying to put together a group, would be that youd have to be connected in some way with one of my NPCs or with another PC.

    Just putting finishing touches on, then I'll bust out a thread to run this. Probably Monday-Tuesday cause my work week as a marketing rep is Thurs-Sun.
  7. This looks good o.o definitely interested.
  8. Awesome. Just tracking down pictures and coming up with various NPCs. Should be good to go mid-week next week latest.
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  9. Okeedokee :D Good luck!
  10. This looks outstanding! I'm very interested. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help further the cause~
  11. Look for post apoc pictures that could be in different continents? Preferably any with 'crashed flying saucers' that look more like Independence Day than Mars Attacks! would be great!
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  12. I'm so glad more people have shown interest! I was afraid this wouldn't pick up.
  13. Flying saucers in other countries? I was just reminded of District 9 :D
  14. That was a fokkin awesome movie.
  15. Mhm it was :D Yay South Africa!
  16. There's a reason I had one Invader crash in Johannesburg...
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  17. Me too! But I'm set to get this going by mid week next week.

    However, I am taking a 10 day trip from the 20th to the 30th, and I don't know how much time I'll have to check Iwaku while I visit my sister in Flippin, Arkansas, so it may be a slow start.
  18. Well I only visited there xD But yay South Africa! If this goes through (crosses fingers) I'm definitely making a South Africa :3
  19. this works perfectly for me, tbh. I'm slow this month because of NaNoWriMo. Enjoy your trip, though c:

    Here are some pictures, btw. Idk if they'll help.

    If you need anything, just say the word!
  20. More people! :D

    How many words are you on?
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