GROUP RP PLOTTING Two Worlds (Need Plot help!)

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  1. Okay, so I've been wanting to direct an RP for the longest of time to better build my GM skills. Here's the basic plot:

    There are two worlds that are closely connected. What happens to one affects the other and all that. One of the worlds has a giant all out war and it destroys an essence in the world called Balance (which is maintained by reasons I shall not mention). It basically keeps the world functioning properly. Due to this, the worlds merge together with bits and pieces from each of them being sewed together to make one erratic world. However, this should never happen, because the worlds were never meant to be together for one reason: fighting. The inhabitants of both worlds would surely kill each other due to confusion.

    So, the humans of Earth join the war with the Othern people. This destroys many humans and Othern people and forces them to try and survive i this new strange world. A group of people (played by the roleplayers) are joined together when they are drawn by a mysterious orb. The orb shows that he is a very, very, very old and equally wise being from Othern. There are ten more like him. The group must gather the rest of the orbs.

    Now here's my problems:

    • Why collect the orbs? What should happen when they are collected? This one is the biggest one and the most embarrassing.

    • What should events should happen when the players are traveling the strange world? Solved.
    • What kind of villains or bad guys should the players encounter?

    I might ask more. Don't forget to ask questions if you are confused.

    Thanks for all the help!
  2. Maybe like the orbs are related to something? Like one orb would collect the rain and has the power to manipulate the water or something? O_O

    Sorry I'm not good at helping.
  3. No, that's a good idea! It would make sense that the orbs could manipulate energy. That actually gives me an idea.

  4. I'm thinking like the orbs are actually related to the human world then the human world would have another set of totems that are like a pair to the orbs. It would give the plot more depth I think.
  5. That is brilliant. And (spoiler-ed just in case) The totems could be dormant because humans aren't (or are no longer) magical creatures. The people from the other world are magical so they could awaken the totems.

    I wonder why I never thought of that. I'm horrible at filling plot holes, haha.
  6. Perhaps? Then the bad guys could be those humans who are direct descendents of those magical creatures. O_O
    lol I've no idea what I'm talking about...
  7. I think you're coming with awesome ideas! And I think that's actually a good idea. And they would be very unstable and insane because humans weren't meant to be magical. And that's why humans would not be magical anymore.
  8. Or maybe they did something wrong and their magical powers were taken away from them?
  9. I like that idea, but then I would have to develop who took it away, why, and all that jazz.

    But it's still a cool idea.
  10. Maybe say there is a god or goddess that created the two worlds and the orbs and totems?
  11. Hm. That's a pretty good idea.

    I actually have a god and goddess character concept that's been floating in my head. I'll work it in.

    Okay, I think the first question has been answered fairly well. Thank you, Yue!
  12. Hahahas, I'm good at connecting the dots so you're welcome. Need any more help?
  13. Hm, only with the third question now. I've already found a solution to the second question.
  14. Will the bad guys be played by the GM?
  15. Most likely. Though I might make some small "mini-villians" that can be controlled by the players.
  16. What if we assume that the god/goddess wasn't happy with the two worlds and wanted to destroy it and creating a new one? So he or she will be the final boss and his or her subordinates will be the mini villains.
  17. Aaah, that sounds like a good idea.

    Hm, and I was thinking, how should the first orb guy motivate the players to collect the orbs? I doubt the characters (except for mine but that's another story) would just take the word of some talking ball and risk their lives going after his friends.
  18. Maybe say the other orbs have selected their owners and the players since young had been taught to wait for the leader to appear to lead them on a quest?
  19. Yes :D You are very helpful.

    Hey, when I make the RP, do you want to be the co-GM? It would be very helpful to me.
  20. Sure, I would be glad to. So anything else you needed help in?