Two Worlds ( Male role needed~ )

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  1. Two Worlds

    "Everything that god has told you, is a lie."

    InformationFemale x Male
    Angel x Demon
    For this roleplay, I am seeking a angelic male partner. I have done this on one other site before, and I adored the result. I wish to play it out here as well. However, this roleplay does involve a more submissive male, though its perfectly fine if they want to put up a fight. A more feminine, weaker male would work best, however if you want to change it up that is perfectly fine~! For all we know, it could make the roleplay even more interesting, so fell free to do as you please!

    ~Side note~ I am willing to do this roleplay more than once~ However, once it is in a thread we will need to take to pms instead.

    IntroductionFor years now, both angels and demons had found themselves in a vile, horrid war. Violent, merciless, raiding and massacres have occurred. The innocent have been slaughtered, and the sinful laugh down upon their bloodied corpses. Angels see the demons to be lawless, devious creatures without moral or reason. They want only to bloody their claws with the life of the innocent, to corrupt, and to cause pain to all those they come across. God has said this. He has forced these images and ideals into the minds of his angels, and blindly do they follow... They went to haven after all, for their faith and devotion. Never his is word questioned, and he is very well respected, but is this truly a good thing?

    The angels see no flaw in this concept. They dare not peer into what may lie between the lines, but the demons are truly different. In reality, demons are not entirely bad. Rather, they are idealistic and cognitive individuals who have chosen to think for themselves. They need no god to lead them, to dictate what is right or wrong. To tell them how to live out their lives. Demons don't fear him, they question him and they go against him. They can produce their own ideals and counter arguments to derail him, and so he had pushed them out of his way. Banishing these people to hell, he needs not to deal with them. With their voices silenced, and his subjects blinded from the reality of it all, he uses demons to distract his subjects from his deceit. The demons are his scapegoats, and the angels have taken the bate.

    You, were one of god's most loyal subject. Never had you suspected a thing... in your mind, demons were evil liars, sinners who deserved their eternal damnation. You hated them, despised them, but now you find yourself captive in the hands of those very creatures whom you despise. Your wrists were bound tightly, wrapped in an encasement of metallic cuffs. The same went for your wings, they too where held back by many intertwining chains. They hurt, digging into their feathers and tugging down at them. It felt as if every second, they were merely getting heavier, and tighter, despite that fact that none had tampered with them. Really, it was only your exhaustion creating this tiresome illusion. You have been forced to walk for quite some time after all... Your bare feet had grown sore, perhaps even bloody, while a spear would constantly poke your back and tempt you forwards, with threat to pierce. You walked down a long, black corridor, a pair of heavy doors not too far ahead... Behind those doors, resides the deamoness who commanded the army whom had captured you. You expected her to kill you, instantly, without any hesitation. You were enemies after all... what reason did she have to hold back?

    It took a minute more, before finally those tall doors were before you. One of your captors moves ahead, his armor chiming lightly with each step he took, and with a gloved hand he pulled opened the entrance. It opened, wide, relieving inside a small office. Papers lay scattered about, books opened and laying upon the floor while maps littered the table and walls. There, across the room at a dusty desk, she sat. The commander, the one who with a snap of her fingers, could order you dead. She peeked up from where she sat, red eyes landing upon you almost instantly. Suddenly, a chuckle of amusement left her lips, her crimson eyes shining playfully in tease.

    "My, what a lovely find."

    My Character

    L4.jpg L3.jpeg L5.jpg
    Weight: 5ft. 6in.
    Height: 130 Lbs

    Name: Fayette Willows
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Species: Demon
    Ranking: Commanding Officer
    Weapon: Fayette owns a large sword, hidden in the form of pendant which she wears at all time. While it may look like a mere rock attached to a chain, in reality this little harmless piece can quickly be mutated into a large sword. This blade is weighted and powerful, black in color with red designs carved upon its surface. A white wrapping is bound tightly to its handle, while a ruby is embedded into its ending. The handle features many swirls, looking almost like two waves of tar clashing into one another, opening to reveal a long blade.
    Abilities: Fayette harbors the ability to manipulate death-force, or life energy. She can form with it physical attacks, and conjure items using it. However, death-force takes quite a bit of power to use, and easily it can become unstable and harm even its wielder. It is for this reason, that this ability is very dangerous, even for Fayette. She typically sticks to using it in small quantities, rather than going all out.
    Personality: Fayette can be seen as harsh, and cruel. She doesn't soften her words, and often does she tease others around her. She loves to push and prod at other's emotions, and to force others out of this comfort zones. She'll play, toy, and taunt, and this does tend to chase others away from her... yet, oddly enough, she had the respect of her army. While she is a rather playful person, she still can make a point. She can speak a message, and voice ideals effortlessly. She is wonderful and inspiring her army and pushing them forwards, even fighting with them when she is required. She has many morals, and may ideals, and very imaginative person who takes plenty of time to think and dream. While she is a rather hard person to deal with, she still is an amazing friend in the end. She'll protect those she adores, and when they find themselves in a rut she'll make them so angry or so embarrassed, that all their troubles will be forgotten. She doesn't seem to know what personal space is, for she'll touch and pull as she pleases.
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