Two vs. All

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  1. It is the yeas 5XD68, and the planet Earth has long expired. Humans are now living on a manmade planet that circles an entirely different sun from their original. The planet is around the same size as Earth, it's soils containing many of the same properties as well as some that enhance growth of plants and encourage other, more exotic plants to take root. As a matter of fact, the only real changes are in the technology that serve the planet's inhabitant, and the inhabitants of the planet itself.

    Humans have evolved into three different kind, all equally productive.
    Their original form never died out, leaving a third of the populace as it was.
    However, some had to develop special assets to retain their life in harsher environments, such as underneath oceans. Yes, a third of the population has sprouted gills and special lungs. They are what you might call mermen, with fins along their arms and legs, an enhanced sense of smell, and an ability to not only live under the water but on the land as well. Their only real problem is that their gills mustn't dry out, or they will suffer a very painful, and lengthy death.
    The third, as you may have possibly guessed, took their homes in the mountains and developed wings, a lighter frame, smaller body, and longer nails that they tend to keep sharp. Their eyesight is greatly enhanced as well.

    Now, on to the technological advances. Many things have been retained in some small part. Such as television, and computers. they have advanced, so much so that it would take far too long to explain it all. The most noteworthy advances have been in transportation, communication, and medicine.
    Transportation these days is retained to either walking or porting. Porting is done by one of two ways. The oldest way, and the most common one, is by using publis porting stations. You pay a small fee that varies depending on where you're going, step onto the small circular pad on the floor, the attendant hits a button, and you're there in a porting station closest to where you need to be.
    The second and newer method of porting is done using portlets. Portlets are small wristbands that are voice automated and activate at the touch of a button. They can only take you to another person carrying a portlet, however, and are still a work in progress.
    Advancement in communication is a bit more simple. As infants it has become extremely common for nano sized microchips to be surgically implanted in the head with a series of wires connecting a very very small transceiver to the nerves that enable hearing. the entire thing is really complicated and confusing, but it's a tiny bug in your head that lets you hear stuff people say from as far away as all the way on the other side of the world. Nothing from off the planet, which, mind you, is actually very common.
    Now, the most important part. Medicine. This is advanced so far that I won't even go into any of it besides what we're most likely to be dealing with. Quick healing. A machine was invented that enabled any sort of wound, mutilation, or injury to be healed within seconds.

    A tournament is held every year. Participants can use whatever weapons, armor, or tricks they can think of that don't go against the rules. Only four living things out on the battlefield. Two teams of two. No pets or replacements.
    Participants can not kill other participants, in battle or otherwise. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification and arrest.
    Anyone and everyone may participate in the tournament, and while the tournament is being held it is traditional that no executions or prison sentences be announced or carried out. Those who are arrested during the tournament will simply be help in a facility awaiting the tournaments end.
    Anything else should be discussed by anyone interested in this roleplay and myself.

    Name: Vex
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Quiet and friendly, but little hard to understand sometimes. His past is a whole mess of tales, stories, and lies, so it's hard to tell where he really comes from or even who he really is.
    Race: Winged human
    Weapon: He uses a shortsword made of moonsteel, a rare mineral found on comets, meteors, and moons. A small intricate symbol is engraved on the hand guard. It looks like it might be someone's family heirloom, or at least very valuable. It is more than likely stolen.

    Anyone can join! If you're interested, just post a filled out character sheet like the one above. If you have any questions, just PM me with them and I'd be more than happy to attend to them.
  2. This Rp sounds really epic i'm definitley interested, but what would us as characters be doing?