Two Very Specific Requests.

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  1. I'm wanting to do both of these and I'm looking for some one(s) to RP them with. The pairings are as follows.

    1] Nine-tailed Kitsune x Seven-tailed Kitsune.

    I'll be playing the Nine-tails who will be seme for the most part. This said, whoever takes up this one will be fully expected to be an uke who fights back for dominance. Short version of history: Nine-tails is heir to the House's leadership thanks to the assassination of his older brother. He suspects the Houses of both Seven-tails and Four-tails as behind the assassination as the two have always had animousity towards the Nine-tails house. The two are placed in a situation where they are forced to work together and through this gain a grudging respect that becomes something deeper. There's a lot of history here and I can pass it along if that truncated version catches your eye. The setting will be in a fantasy setting.

    2] Dracodemon Prince x Cheshire Catboy

    Because I'm a horrible person, because I'm the one who made that and therefore the intellectual rights are mine. This one will be between the obvious pair above. Most of this one is unplanned so we will need to talk it out but it will contain vampirism, very light BDSM, mpreg, and the general ruling of the populace and the troubles that come with it. Obviously a fantasy setting and I will be playing the catboy.

    Hit me up and let's talk. Fresh start, mulling ideas, and I'm eager to start up some good stuff. And I'm serious about the posting expectations.
  2. Both sound so interesting.
  3. -giggle- well then stop lurking my profiles and PM me and we can talk. Especially about the second.
  4. Your first plot idea is very, very interesting to me. I would love to play a seven tale fox and enact in a roleplay with you.