Two Truths and a Lie

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  1. This is how the game is played:

    The person above you posts two truths, and one lie. The next person has to try and guess, and the person who posted above you will tell you if you were right or not (or not, just see how fast this game goes or if people dig it).

    I'll start.

    1. I have a two year old Guinea Pig named Mr. Bacon
    2. I have no idea what my full ancestry is
    3. i have a very high pain tolerance; one time, when I got surgery on my foot, they forgot to numb my foot before making the incision. I didn't cry out or freak out, it hurt but I kept my cool and let them know rather calmly considering.
  2. The foot, that should be damn painful and the Doctors shouldn't make such a trivial mistake...
    Especially since you should have been knocked out for that procedure.

    1. I am the father of facehuggers everywhere
    2. I look sexy in my shirt
    3. I have a wild and unpredictable sleep schedule where I can alternate from night hawk to normal hours within a single day.
  3. very hard, i say 2!
    1. I hate the superhero Superman
    2. I have two turtles named Leo and mikey
    3. I fell asleep under a picnic table when i was very little at a loud and busy festival.
  4. That is correct, I'm sexy no matter what. :P
    You hate superman.
  5. Actually that happened.
  6. Incorrect, i have always had a hatred for Supes
  7. Really? Jesus that's terrifying. :/

    It's the Guinea pig then?
    I'm not that good at this game. :/

    The turtles?
  8. Yep! You got the second guess right!

    As for Justice I say the sleep thing.

    1. I recently had another surgery on my hand
    2. My cat was sleeping on my phone and I spent ten minutes searching for it because I couldn't find it.
    3. My favourite colour is blue
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  9. correct! I have three turtles and not one of them are named mikey, for now (:
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  10. Your favourite colour is blue.
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  11. Yerps
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  12. 1. I have been certified for CPR/First aid multiple times.
    2. My favorite color is green.
    3. I've never broken a bone in my body.
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  13. You never broke a bone.
  14. Ding ding. We have a winner.
    I broke my leg once in the second grade.
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  15. In the 2nd grade? Brutal. :/

    1. I am now contemplating not going to sleep and just staying up all day... when I also need to be donating blood.
    2. I almost broke my ankle getting out of my computer chair a few hours ago.
    3. I am fully caught up in the Walking Dead.
  16. Yeah. It was brutal.

    3. Because the second one was referenced in a #justiwakuthings thread earlier, and 1 seems like something you'd do.
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  17. Correct.
    I'm only half way through season 5 of Walking Dead.
    I'm letting the other half fully air before I marathon it.
  18. 1. I have had my tongue pierced 3 times
    2. i have a tattoo that needs to be fixed up because i got it done by an apprentice for $25 when i was 18
    3. Winter is my favorite season
  19. 3. The other two seem like truths.
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  20. correct :)
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