Two Supernatural Master/Slave Plot Ideas

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  1. So, I really want to do some sex slave/toy/pet roleplay. I have two plot ideas, but if these don't appeal to you or you would like a medieval fantasy sex slave roleplay in which you would be the dominant one, shoot me a PM. <3

    For the following plot ideas, I would be playing the same character for both of them. Her name is Alessia and she's a generally submissive succubus who highly values her own personal freedom. For the second one, since having sex with a succubus multiple times can kill humans, you'd probably want to play some sort of supernatural creature like a vampire, werewolf, incubus, or other demon. :V

    PLOT ONE: Your character is a cruel male vampire who, when he was still a human, was a victim of Alessia. This while Alessia was still in her dominant phase, and your character, being a dominant jerk who can't forget a grudge, was furious at being dominated by her. So, now in modern times and having become a vampire, spots Alessia at a brothel, remembers her, and is still furious and angry. He procures a seal that makes her unable to use her succubus powers and traps her in an area of his choosing so she can't get away, and then purchases her from the brothel owner. With that, he begins to take his revenge on her by forcing her to be his slave.

    PLOT TWO: Your character is a male supernatural creature who decides to attend an auction that sells demons and angels, now rendered quite harmless, as slaves to supernatural creatures. Your character purchases a very defiant and unhappy Alessia to serve as a maid and a slave.

    I'm awful at plotting, but if these ideas sound good to you or you have something you'd like to change or add to them, just PM me. <3

    If you're interested please PM me. :D

    Also, please try to match my post lengths. ;-;
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  2. Both plot ideas have been taken, but if you have a MxF master and slave roleplay idea that needs a slave, hit me up. :3