two steps forward, one step back

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Professor Crane

Original poster
Well, as some of you probably know, I'm in the US Air Force. I am getting discharged though, which is both good and bad.

That isn't what really bugs me though, what bugs me is leaving Wyoming for Texas. While I am looking forward to going somewhere else again, I almost feel like I'm going to be leaving a piece of my soul here.

Maybe it's simply because of how much growing up I've done since I've been here, don't know, just felt like saying this.
You're being discharged?
Ah, well... Best of wishes.
Hmm.....Well, at least if you are in texas, you've got Tk and I on your team. We'll run up to Wyoming and steal your soul bits back. But seriously. I may not know how it feels to have to move around from state to state myself, but I understand that leaving a piece of your soul somewhere behind you thing. It really is difficult, but it's never impossible to get back what's been lost. Don't give up, just keep moving forward in the same way you have, you'll find what you thought you had left behind before you know it.
As Robot Unicorn said, we're here to help. You have my MSN and you can PM me if you need me, I'll always answer if I can. I wish you the best.
Hit me up if you can. I had a buddy who went through much the same, 'cept with the Marines.
Best of luck, TC! <3 You know I'm on MSN if you need to talk about it some more. I'll always lend an ear to my favourite scientist. I wish the best to you and your lady friend, too.
*hugs TC* as everyone else said I'm always willing to listen! Don't be afraid to chat me up if you'd like, dear!!
well, got the discharge paperwork from my commander, should be out of the AF within 20 days.
I can relate, its never easy leaving a place you feel attached to. Its not like leaving a person who you know you can talk to in the future. Discharge aside, just see the sights while you can.
What type of Discharge is it? Hopefully you'll have enough of your benefits to help you get back on your feet.
well, back in Texas

......and, no job and no friends, wow life sucks.
man at keast u will have alot of money to get things started when u get discharged
I am discharged, and no such luck with the money.
Damn. How long were you in the air force? And why did you have to leave for Texas?
year and a half, and misconduct, minor infractions.