Two Souls

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  1. "Brandon!!" said a woman, she could her him huff and puff as he was fighting the air, "Yeah! I'm training right now!!" he said, he stopped and grabbed a towel, he walked over to her and he could tell she wasn't happy at all, she seemed sad. "Kay? What's wrong?" Brandon asked her, she looked down and he saw a tear roll down her face, "Your being tranfered to another training camp, I'm going to miss you so much.." she said as she started crying.

    Brandon grabbed Kay's hand, "Hey I'll be back I promise." he said as the image started to fade in to black.

    "Brandon! Wake up!! Your here!!" a guy said as he bumped into him, he sat up and grabbed his back and walked of the train. He saw everyone that was coming to the training camp line up. 'Why am I here?' he thought to himself. "Alright people listen up!!!" a big guy yelled. "You are probably wondering why you are here! You have been chosen because of you unigue skills and special ability and talents you have." the man said. Brandon looked all around him and happened to notice a beautiful women fighting air like he would do, but only brought him memories of the other one. But that didn't stop him for watching. She was pretty but he wasn't here for girls.
  2. Sits quietly on the train, looking around and taking in everything. Her memories tormented her as she sat in the unnerving silence. "Felicity," a voice called from far off in her head. "felicity hun wake up, pack all of your gear. Double time, youre being transfered." in her mind images flashed from the fateful morning when she had been called into action.

    Stepping off the train she holds her pack close. Spotting the line steadily forming she walked over to it and takes her place. Listens to the instructer shout at them, trying to intimidate them. She wasnt intimidated easily, standing in the line she looks around the camp and at the others, that boy... was he looking at her? It didnt matter, she came to fight not to date.
  3. "Where is Brandon! Number 2856!" the man yelled out, he looked up and rose his hand, "Here!" he said and everyone looked at him, "You! Come here!" he said waving his hands at him, he ran up to him and looked at him, "This man was chosen for various reason, that none of you will understand! His file was classified and we had to work hard to get someone like him to be in this camp and by the looks of it we got his ass here!" he said and looked at Brandon and shook his hand "Welcome Brandon, we have been waiting for someone like you for a very very long time. My assistant will show you to your room." he said as a beautiful young woman came to him "Hi, I'm Ashlyn. It's an honor to be in your presence. Let me show you to you room." she said as she took his hand. He missed his home and walked with her with his back over his shoulder, he looked and saw the girl again and just stared at her, he didn't know why but Ashlyn saw him stare at her and got his attention, "Don't pay any attention to the little low girl, Felicity, she is nothing compared to you, plus your with me so don't worry about her." she said knowing Felicity could hear her and she walked him to the door and opened it, it was a very nice place, but little did her know Ashlyin and Felicity didn't like each other at all. "Here's your room, I'll be back to do paper work with you tonight. Ok?" she said smiling at him and then scanned him, "Thanks and yes ma'am" he said as he nodded. He walked to the window and looked outside of it and saw everyone train and sparing and saw her as well he stared for a few seconds and left.
  4. Looks over at the boy named Brandon, supposedly better than the rest. Listening to the captain she waits and waits. her eyes wander until they spot Ashlyn, she was Brandons helper now. Juuuuust wonderful... "Don't pay any attention to the little low girl, Felicity, she is nothing compared to you, plus your with me so don't worry about her." she hears Ashlyn say. "yep thats me, the nobody." She mutters to herself.

    as the Instructer droned on she became bored and shuffled her feet. When he was done they where dismissed to their dorms. Heading over to hers she hold her pack close, entering it was obvious she wasnt welcome here. One bed, a sink, toilet, and not much of a closet. "Wonderful." tossing her stuff onto the bed she walks back out to the sparing arena.

    Looking at the pairs of people sparing she sighs, choosing the best of the torn up dummies she begins to beat on it. One jab here another jab there then a high kick to the head, jump spin landing on top of it hands on the "throat." "too easy." she sighs and lets it stand back up.
  5. Brandon heard a knock on his door, he walked over their and grabbed a knife and walked over their and lighly opens it, "Brandon, it's time. Let's see what you got. Everyone is going down to the arena to see you fight these guys that are the best here." the man said, he looked at him and slid the knife in his gym shorts, his hair was wet from just getting out of the shower, "No I don't feel like it.." he said as he was closing the door and the man put his foot on the door to stop it, "It's not an option." he said, "Come on." he continued. Brandon walked over to the bed and got on his shoes and slipped them on and sighed, "Here we go again." he said under his breathe.

    "ALRIGHT EVERYONE!!! YOU READY FOR A GOOD FIGHT!! WE HAVE THE CHOSEN ONE, BRANDON AND THE MASTERS AND EXPERTS GOING UP AGAINST HIM!!" a man said over the innercom, he saw the men and they where pretty big compared to his size, but he just shrugged it off, he looked and saw the Felicity their as well and wondered if she was here to watch the fight, which she could be. "Brandon, go in the locker room and get suited up!" said the man, "Your going to need it!" he said as he laughed, they thought he was a fake, a weak link, someone who doesn't belong here. Boy where they wrong.
  6. Hears the intercom come on and looks up, sweaty from beating the shit out of the dummy. "ALRIGHT EVERYONE!!! YOU READY FOR A GOOD FIGHT!! WE HAVE THE CHOSEN ONE, BRANDON AND THE MASTERS AND EXPERTS GOING UP AGAINST HIM!!" the irritating voice said. "fine by me." walks over to the arena and sees the brutish looking men. "Hmm i wonder."

    Felicity walks up to one of the men, surely a head taller than her and taps his shoulder, "Sir, can i take your place please." The men laugh at the tiny girl in the midst asking to fight "the choosen one." "yeah you can fight over my dead body." the man exclaims through his fit of laughter. "That can be aranged."

    Reaching up she grabs his neck and with surprising force twists his body around to face the opposite way. She then falls back to one hand and swings her legs sideways into his making the man topple over. Shoving off her hand and looking down at him, "im taking your spot." she says quietly. Standing she offers her hand to help him stand and waits for the "choosen one:"
  7. Brandon was given this fully armored suite that was black, he put it on and was given pads but didn't take them which suprised the people. He walked out to the arena and his first opponent was a big black guy, "YOU READY!! FIGHT!!" the man said and the guy ran full force at him and picked him up by Brandon's waiste and was about to throw him down on the ground but Brandon jumped right out and did a back flip and landed behind him and grabbed the Master by the back of his head and threw him up and side kicked him in the face which was instant K.O. "WOW!!!!!! NO NEED FOR SWEATS I MUST SAY!!! ALRIGHT DARIAN, YOUR UP! WHOOP THIS SO CALLED CHOSEN ONES ASS FOR US!!" he said as everyone cheered. Darian ran toward him and threw punches and Brandon dodged everyone and at the right time he did a 4pt. Combo, he upper cut, left hook, elbow to the chest and then left elbow to the chaw line, intant K.O. "SOME PLEASE PUT HIS ASS ON THE GROUND!!" he said angerly, "ALRIGHT, FELICITY!! YOUR UP!!" he said, "What? I don't fight no girl!" he said as he started walking off. "I don't lay no hand on a female!" he said and turned around and saw her she was ready, but for what? "I'm not fighting you, Felicity!" he yelled. The crowd was going wild screaming "FIGHT! FIGHT!!".
  8. Watches in amusement as he easily takes out the others. "smart kid, but..." she speaks to no on in particular. hearing her name she steps onto the ring. Tape wrapped around her hands she stands and looks at him, challenging him with her eyes.

    "What? I don't fight no girl!" he said as he started walking off. "I don't lay no hand on a female!" he said "I'm not fighting you, Felicity!" he yelled.

    "Oh what a surprise." she shouts over the crowd and they hush. Raising her hands from her side. "I think... lets see what do i think?" starts to circle the arena. "I think hes too scared, this Chosen one of yours." She taunts and points at him "He is scared to get his ass handed to him by a girl. I dont blame him though, i would be scared of me too but I would back down from a challenge." Lowers her hand and looks down at him as he had stepped off. "too scared is what i think. Fine by me." turns and starts to walk away but actually tightens the tape around her hands.

    one... two... three... she counts the steps she takes away from him.
  9. "I am not scared of you! Where I come from, if you lay a hand on a woman you will be punished! I have never fought a woman in my life, and I'm not going to start now.." he said as he stepped on the mat, " can stop counting under your breath I know that trick, you can have target practice if you want but your not going to get me on the ground. I PROMISE YOU THAT!" he yelled at her. "This is the biggest mistake she will make toward me.." he thought in his head, itching for a good fight, studing her, staring into her eyes, and all he could see is fire and hatred.
  10. Her back was still towards him. "hahah kid, should watch that temper of yours." Turns to look at him grinning, "i still say coward, but hey ill have to put you down then." Fakes a jab left swiftly know he would block and hooks her onto his and yanks throwing him off balance. ((i hate having to stop >.<))
  11. She grabbed him and got him off balance and he got right back, "Nice try...kid." he said smirking and grabbed her and swung her up in the air, "LET SEE IF CATS CAN REALLY LAND ON THEIR FEET!" he yelled and walked about a couple of inches hoping she'll land.
  12. Laughs as she spins into the air. Using her momentum she lands squarely on her feet. just as she touches the ground shes springing off and slams into him feet first sending him flying backwards. kicking off his chest she flips backwards onto her feet and stands triumpant. "Hmph"
  13. He flies backwards and does a back flip and skids on the ground with his feet, "You got it down but don't put you whole weight to your feet, put it toward your calves and thighs more power." he said as he smiled "COME ON!!! gIVE ME YOUR BEST SHOT!! YOUR WEAK!!" he screamed trying to get her pumped up.
  14. Stands on the mat and give him an are-you-shitting-me-right-now? look. "Screaming never did anyone any good." she comments as she steps towards him.
  15. Brandon looks at her and smirks, "Well where I'm from we, the new meat, got trained with people screaming in our faces and was pushed over our breaking point. You are too cocky, you don't know your real streangth, what your capable of. Your filled with so much hate. Set your mind free." he said while his eyes was turning pitch black. He walked over to her and kneeled down to her. "I'm not going to fight a woman like you.." he said as he took her hand, " remind me of someone special to me before I left..." he finished and a flashback of Kay, flashed right before his eyes.
  16. Glares at him as he walks up to her. Noticing his eyes changing colors she tilts her head confused, "a woman like me? whats that supposed to mean?!" Looks him kinda disgusted and confused as he picks up her hand. "thats a lovely story hun but uh," Brings her other hand down hard on his cheek knocking him to the groud. " I win" winks at him and walks off.
  17. Brandon laughs as he is on the ground and power slides and knocks her straight on her ass, "Sorry couldn't resist, oh and here your sweating" he said while throwing her a cloth and chuckled and winked, he wasn't sweating and she was that's how he knew she was trying to hard. He walked over to a bench and sat down as everyone else was leaving he looked up and smiled, and then started laughing.
  18. ((she wouldnt be sweating from that -_-))

    Falls back onto her ass with a grunt. "Hmph." standing up she glares back at him and storms off angrily.
  19. (Not the when she fell the fight itself haha and don't be mad that I put you on your ass as well ^^ )

    He watched her storm off and chuckles "Didn't expect that did she." he said to himself, he got up and took off his shirt and walked to his room and noticed her at the arena again, he kept walking but was doing it slowly, he looked back at her a smiled and chuckled a bit. His shoulder blade kinda hurt, not from the fight but from a long time ago from the other camp, he had scars up and down his back from other fights he had, his tattoo of angel wings showed on his back and a bar code was tattooed on the back of his neck. He started to feel dizzy until Ashlyn showed up, "Hi Brandon, it's about time someone put her on her ass haha! Serves her right." she said, he looked back at her and everything was blurry, he needed to get back to the room ASAP.
  20. Goes back to the arena and starts to beat the crap out of one of the dummies. "That- *hit* little- *hit* son of a- *hits again and nocks it back*" turning she looks and sees him. Spoting ashlyn running up to him and hearing her cutting words she quickly flicks a knife out from her belt and slams it into the dummy. Storming out she leaves the arena.