Two souls one body

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I have this plot idea of a romance/high school role play. Where you have a girl who cross dresses like a dude because she cant afford anything to help change her into a him.

Shes never really had any friends, let alone a relationship, because the students make fun of her transgender situtation. Constantly she gets bullied by both schoolmates, and her family. The girl has even had to switch schools multiple times from the harassment.

The roleplay will start with her restarting yet another school. Walking into the class room the students see a new guy named Alexander(Alex) Jenkins, not the Alexandria her parents see at home. As the teacher announces Alex's arrival he stands up in front of the class, "erm.. im alex." He introduced himself before taking a seat in the very back. Rolling his head on his shoulders feeling a few stares on him.


You can choose whatever gender you want just leave a character sheet with ...

*picture of character*
Any side notes:


Since my character is a cross dresser/ transgender when Alex is at school ill be adressing Alex as him, when Alex is at home ill be addressing alex as her and ill add two pictures of an at home look and school look.

Alex as a him:

Name: Alexander
Age: 15
Height: 5'7 (cause of high tops)
Sexuality: bi-sexual
being treated like a normal person, fluffy kittens (has one at home), being able to go to school without bullies, camping, bike rides, and walking around at night to clear his head
Bullies, discrimination, authority figures, his family, spiders, and being treated differently
Alex as a guy is the quite type, he doesn't talk much frankly cause he's never really had someone to talk to. He's very protective of his friends when he has them and has a zero tolerate bullshit level. He has a motto of "fuck with my friends and ill fuck up your face mate." Also Alex is really down to earth once he opens up to people.
Any side notes:
He's a foodie, give him food and he'll love you forever.

Alex as her:


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All of them.
Name: Katana Lockhart
Age: 14
Height: 4'6
Sexuality: Bi
Likes: Music, Boxing, Video games, and Field Hockey
Dislikes: Pink, Glitter, Make-up
Personality: Tomboy, Depressed, and Loner
Any side notes: She's a cutter (sorry am just a bit of an emo role player)