Two Souls, One Battle -Taken-

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  1. A young dirty blonde girl groaned, letting her chin fall into her hand as her elbow rested on a table. She'd been looking for this Human for ages now. Her feet were sore, her legs were sore...she was just sore. Sighing again, her orange eyes scanned the busy street, watching as people walked past her, blabbering about this and that. She liked her World better, in the sense that there was more nature and animals around. The most she'd seen was a few bushes and some birds.

    "Come on..." she groaned, furrowing her eyebrows as she stood up again. "I have to find this person."She brushed her hair away from her shoulder, determined to find her counter-part.

    As she walked down the street, her outfit caught many eyes. She was wearing a black, strapless, tight fitting shirt, along with a matching mini skirt and light green accent colors. Along with the color of her eyes, she probably wasn't what a typical Human would look like, which was fine because she wasn't Human. She was a Daemon, a protector and soldier for one Human. Even though her body looked like a Human, she had a special affiliation with Electricity. She could feel that this World had tons of electricity, almost too much.

    She walked past the other people, not sensing anything from then. She needed to find her Human, and fast. Along with her, 7 other Daemons would have been transferred into the Human World. 7 others that wanted to get rid of her and her Human.

    The girl turned a corner, looking around as she nears a school. A sudden sense came over her, causing her to stop. She turned her head towards the school, tilting her head a little to the side and raising her eyebrow. Gut instinct told her to go to that school, so she walked towards it.
  2. Tay slammed her locker shut with a loud crash. 'Why won't he stop talking...' Which was true, as the freshman next to her had been talking to her for two straight minutes without pause. She swore he never took a single breath, his face looked like it was turning red.

    Turning, Tay gave him a death glare, and knew it was taking immediate affect, he slowly stopped talking until it was a slight mumble, and he already began to sweat out of nervousness. It was hilarious but she hid her smile, clearly he didn't plan for this. And with one last attempt at a question, moved along to someone else to bother.

    Pushing back the hair that fell into her left eye, Tay pulled up her hood and slung her book bag around her shoulder. She was wearing the same thing she wore everyday, but she kept it clean to avoid comment.

    Keeping close to the wall and away from the larger groups, Tay made her way to the exit of the building, intent on getting out before the initial bell sounded. Each time it did she was always caught in the flow of students and practically trampled. But thankfully, she made it to the doors just as it sounded and heard them unlock.

    Sorry this is short, really tired and I keep messing up, seriously need to get some sleep.
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  3. The girl's focus was on nothing but finding this person. Her orange-hued eyes scanned the building, trying to find a sense of where the person was. The sensation felt like it was coming from everywhere and it was causing her to panic a little. Entering the school yard, she paused. Her eyes narrowed as she heard a loud sound and soon the front doors opened, sending a flood of kids out the front door. Nervous, the girl hid behind a nearby tree, peeking around the corner to scan the Humans.

    None of them caught her eye until she laid her sight on a person with a hood up. She watched this person as they walked, the sensation in her body suddenly calming to a dull pulse.

    "Found you!" she giggled, a bright smile cascading on her face.

    She pushed herself off the tree and walked straight towards the person in the hooded sweater. "I found you~" she greeted in a sing song voice, throwing her arms out in excitement. "Thank gods too, because if I didn't find you first, who knows who would have! But you're safe now and that's all that matters!" she rambled on ans she continued to smile at her.

    "Oh! My name is Firefly by the way! Although...Humans don't have names like that, so you can call my Hotaru!" she added, holding out her hand for the girl to shake.

    Around them, some students were staring, probably wondering what such a person was doing and why they were dressed so strangely.
  4. Tay stared at the girl, hoping she wasn't talking to her. But when she held out her hand is when it confirmed Tay's suspicion. She was really beginning to hate this place, even more than the last one.

    Continuing on, Tay skirted around the girl without the slightest look back. She had been humiliated enough, and she wasn't going to fall for this... Whatever she was doing.

    Yet again, the freshman that had been harassing Tay at her locker tried her once more, and started bombarding her question after question. "Who are you? Where you from? Are you doing anything toni...-" Tay blocked him out of her mind, and tried to focus on the task at hand.

    Reaching her bike, an old 7 gear from the late 90's, Tay began to fiddle with the lock she used to keep it put, finding it more difficult to remember the right combination with the latest addition to her school life. She looked over the bike quickly to check if anything had been stolen or messed with. It was a teal color, darkened with age. The brakes were the old fashioned metal strings, which made it difficult to make hard turns because you couldn't turn the steering wheel all the way. The back brake was weak, and beginning to rub against the tire though the front one easily made up for that. The seat was just some padded leather strapped around some springs, and the chain was almost too oily, but it worked, and it got her around so she didn't mind much.

    Tay was caught out of thought by a strange question. "Are you even listening to me?" 'No' she thought, but decided to keep to herself and ignore him to see if he would go away.

    Quick question.. Who's in charge of the random events/hostile Deamons/Ect ect?
  5. The girl was still smiling as her Human stared at her, not giving her hand for a handshake. Hotaru's smile faded when she was blatantly ignored as the Human walked past her. "Hm." she muttered, looking at the girl as she walked over to a strange object. Her attention was caught when a boy kept bothering her Human with questions when clearly she had no interest in answering them. She felt a spark in her own interest as she walked back over, placing a hand on the boy.

    "Hey, wanna scram for now please? I have important business with this girl." she said kindly, smiling at him as she pushed him a little away.

    Whether or not he left, Hotaru looked to the girl. "I'm serious. We need to stay together. There are people coming to get us and we need to train in order to beat them." she explained, her golden eyes watching the girl.

    As if on cue, Hotaru suddenly felt a menacing presence. She spun her head around, scanning the surroundings for any danger, "We need to leave." she stated, placing a hand on the girl's shoulder as her eyes continued to scan.

    A few blocks away, a young adult male with fiery red hair walked along with his Human, a young male that looked to be 17. "They're close." the Daemon grinned, snapping his fingers every so often, flames erupting from his fingertips every time. "We will be the Rulers, Jason. These two will be an easy kill..."

    [[OOC: I can control the other Daemons, at least to start off, as well as random event in the Daemon World once we get there. If you'd like, you can control the random event in the Human World! ^^]]
  6. Finally hearing the click of the lock, Tay dragged the bike out of the bush and shook off the girl. "I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but I'm late for something..." She wasn't really 'late' for anything, just using it as an excuse to hurry out. Slugging her book bag around the handle bars, patiently waited for the girl to move, unaware of anything that may happen happen within the next five minutes that's beyond her normal knowledge.

    All Tay expected to happen, was to make her way to her apartment, shaking off the occasional stalker in the park. Maybe grab something to eat from the gas station next to it. To stuff the bike in her closet and collapse on the couch like she did every day.
  7. With the sudden sense of danger, Hotaru began to get impatient. "Listen, I have to protect you! You're my Human and I'm your Daemon, I've been sent to Earth to protect you and help you win this years Tournament. If you don't start listening we're going to get attacked. I can feel another couple around here somewhere and they are approaching fast!" she explained, pointing in the general direction of the presence.
    If this girl didn't listen, she'd have to take matters into her own hand. Looking around, Hotaru could see the crowd disintegrating, making their presence to the other couple even more prominent. They needed to get out of here.
    Instinct kicked in as the Daemon girl sensed Elemental energy whipping through the air as a scorching hot fireball slammed against the pavement near them, catching the bush on fire. Moving quickly, too quickly for a Human, Hotaru grabbed the girl around her waist before letting her Daemon energy take over and transform. In a flash of light, the girl's outfit changed. The skirt grew two mechanical looking wings and a large mechanical Scythe had appeared attached to her hip. She jumped a few feet away, placing the girl down carefully before turning to look at their attackers. It was too late to run now.
    Where they had been standing, the bike fell with a loud clang as the bush crackled with heat. Hotaru knew exactly who had been the one to attack them, and she was worried. Her orange eyes looked at the two men standing about 100 yards away. She gripped her Scythe, energy flowing through the shaft of the weapon. "Stay close, but keep safe. That Daemon isn't a friendly one." she said, her voice no longer cheerful.
    The young red haired male laughed, a sickening grin on his face. "I see you haven't changed since we last met, Firefly." he chuckled, readying his hand with another fireball.
    Hotaru frowned at him. "That's Blaze." she told the girl. "He's one of the ones I was telling you. Believe me yet?" her eyes narrowed at the other Daemon, looking at him and his Human. "We don't want trouble, Blaze. Leave us alone."
    Coaxing another laugh from her words, Blaze sent another fireball their way, forcing Hotaru to create a barrier around them. "Stay back." she warned the girl as she jumped up into the air, hovering using her wings. The barrier had split into two, one around her and one around her Human. She knew that they had to run, without explaining the dynamics of their relationship, this girl might die.
  8. The moment the Deamon's grip left Tay's waist, she collapsed. Not because she was drained or anything, but how quickly things just happened nearly made her heart stop, which was painfully slamming against her ribs. And staring with her mouth hanged open, slowly nodded. She definitely understood now, and if anything would definitely stay back.

    Though for some reason, Tay had the instinct to help in a way. Glancing back to her book bag, which was still strapped to her bike, but then to the fire. She had a pistol in it, completely illegal but she had one, but the flames were close, and already melting the back tire. Then glancing over at her Deamon was taken for a moment of awe.

    The girl was floating, actually in the air. And for some reason this sparked bravery in Tay, where normally she would just let others do it for her. Getting up quickly, and ignoring the rush of dizziness, began toward the bag and the flames. Hearing more than seeing, a ball of flame was hurtling directly toward her, and out of panic she just threw herself to the side. But to no avail, for it hit an invisible barrier and the ground in front of her was showered in sparks.

    Tay didn't know as to how it happened, but it glued her to the spot, erasing the so called 'bravery' she had felt moments ago.
  9. Hotaru was too busy keeping an eye on Blaze to see that the girl had started to move towards her bike again. She only noticed when Blaze let loose another fireball towards her. She was about to move towards the blast, intending on taking it on herself, but the blast hit the barrier. With a sigh of relief, the Daemon laid her eyes back on her enemies. She knew that they wouldn't be strong enough to take on Blaze and his Human, Hotaru was only as strong and half her power in the Human World, as her Human is her other half.

    "Be careful!" she called down to the girl. She was worried, she could tell Blaze and his Human had been together for a while now, and with hers had only just, if at all, accepted her fate. She knew there was only one move she could use that would be able to get them to safety. Furrowing her eyebrows again she made a fist with one hand, gathering a large amount of energy into the wristband. With this next attack she knew she wouldn't be able to battle any longer, as the barriers were already causing a large amount of energy loss.

    With a cry, she threw her hand out, sending an electrical surge towards the two. The attack would stun them for a little while, giving them the chance to escape. Hotaru moved quickly, swooping down to grab the girl before using her wings to fly away. She knew she wouldn't be able to go very far, but hopefully the girl lived somewhere close.

    "Where should we go?" she asked her, her voice had the obvious tone of exhaustion in it.
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