Two Sides of the Same Coin

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  1. The days had been hot and the men were getting irritated. They had been tailing a group of elves for two weeks now. Two of his darkblood brethren were discussing how disgusting the elves were. Their pointy ears were an abomination. How they lived for so long defied their god. Even the way they move was unnatural. Always light and glided across the ground without much sounds. Their culture was so foreign and their language was too strange. The men were as feminine as the women, but damn hard to kill. He sighed. There was too much talk and not enough momentum. The trail was difficult at best to find.

    Hevran didn't really hate the elves at least not as a race. He hated them as an enemy of his empire. Nothing more. He was merely a soldier following orders. It was strange for him to see how the others viewed them as lesser beings or even unholy beings. He was not a pious man, but he had never seen any of his church's doctrine mentioning the sinfulness of being an elf. It was just another. A war that they had won after so much bloodshed. The King just had to add more work to his load by decreeing the slaughter of all elves. Hevran wouldn't of minded just enslaving them, but all out genocide. It was a daunting task. It was true that the humans outnumbered them greatly and each elven loss was a huge toll. It could be a possibility with enough effort and time. And that is why the Darkbloods were created. To find and end their existence. He was just any other soldier that just happened to be issued into this order. His military exploits were quite deserved. Hevran had ruthlessly lead men to defeat the elves in numerous battles with unorthodox methods. Known to be a keen observer and a clever tactician, he was pushed into this order. And he did his job well. Hevran had developed a awareness of how the elves think. This allowed him to find and kill many at least up until this specific group. They had almost had them several times, but each time they were about to strike, they found empty tents and campfires with no owners. It was frustrating, but he felt he was nearing once more. This time he won't fail. There were six of them in total. All of them deadly warriors and veterans of the war. Their particular group was known to be the most efficient darkbloods in the land. He peered into the forest and prepared his men.
  2. The bright rays of sunlight streamed through the branches above as the elves moved about their small camp of a dozen or so in total. They'd been running from the darkblood for weeks on end, hiding from the enemy who hunted them even through the night, who killed with no mercy. They were relentless in their hunt. Exhaustion was wearing the elves down to the point that would cost them their lives if they were found. Small children who had giggled and played with so much happiness and joy on their faces before, were now frighten with fear as their innocence and childhood was snatched away from those who hunted them to almost extinction. The war between the humans and elves took a toll on the elves greatly and they had lost a tremendous amount of precious lives. A species that kept to themself for the most part, even harmless was torn and ripped apart like animals by those who fear them for some unknown reason. It was indeed a bloody mess that the elves had barely survived. When all was lost and a myriad of the elves were dead the long violent war was finally over. Yet, the humans still slaughtered them as if they were a threat to their king.

    Tiatha Shyr didn't understand what had started the war that had killed an abundant amount of her people. She had thought of them as a quiet group who bothered no one, but all around her there were elves who'd lost their loved ones. It sadden her to see countless people hurt and that she could only do so much. Her family was able to save a few of the others but the damage that was done couldn't ever be fixed. Some of those with her had lost at least one of their family memebers. Tiatha was greatful to still have hers, both her parents and her sister and brother. Unlike Mylaela, who had no one left. Days went by that she didn't know how Mylaela was able to go on but she managed. That was one thing the half elf couldn't imagine doing herself.

    Every day they all struggled to make it to the next morning, to just see another sunrise. Each elf had jobs that they had to do everyday. Weather it was gathering food, water, wood, and whatever else they may need and could use or cooking and hunting. Everyone tributed to their success in survival. It was hard work and tiring on all of them, not that it matter, but they were still alive so they must have been doing something right. Maybe there would be a day where they could stop running and stop being fearful. Maybe one day they could settle back down and continue to live their lives like they once could before. Wishful thinking was what Tiatha knew she was doing but she dreamed of that day more than anything in her life. To have happiness and joy back into their lives would be something of a miracle. Dance, laughter, celebrations: their culture, was unfortunately something they had to cherish for now. Unable to actually do those things now for being hunted consistently and always on the move.

    At the moment the twins Cameron and Darkath were hunting with Zaos and Thiatha's father, Vander. While the older females, Thiatha mother Elora, Ryllae, and Tiatha sister Sarya garther plants and nuts. Jastra, Mylaea, and Tiatha's brother Lorson watched the little ones Wyn, Belstram, and Allisa by the camp. They had finally got back into their routine after having to pack up and run when the enemy was hot on their scent. Time of almost being caught had only helped them learned to move quickly. This last time was close with barely managing to escape with their lives. They had left a lot of their belongings behind in order to get away. It was too close this time.

    Tiatha could hear the little ones playing, which told her that hadn't gone far from camp. Her mother never wanted to leave them by themself for long without an adult being close. After Tiatha's basket was full of fruits, she turned to face Elora.

    "Mother I'm heading back." She stated before moving in that direction. Sarya had followed behind with her basket also full with fruits, berries, and nuts.

    "Alright sweetie. We're almost finished as well. Go on then." Elora had replied back before turning her attention back to the older woman, Ryllae.
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  3. Hevran didn't expect much of a fight. He had carefully examined everything the elves left behind. He noted the amount of food and utensils they used. He scraped every scrap of evidence he could manage. Every footstep would be cataloged and memorized. The group was not very large. Perhaps a small clan. From how the previous camps were set up he knew there would be mostly women and children. The men would be quickly dispatched as they would likely carry light arms for hunting. Hevran and his men carried hardened swords and plate. Two of them had crossbows. Although the elven arrows were sharp and true, it would be difficult to pierce the hefty piece of hardened steel they wore. The women and children however were a concern. It was a necessary evil of war and he had grown used to it. Sometimes he would wake up in terrors for his actions. He ignored those as best he can. His men always complained about chasing them down. Hevran pitied them. They surely had lost all their humanity. But likely he will be disputed against with arguments like "Hunting elves is humanity." He shook his head. It was useless to justify or even consider his actions. He had a job to perform.

    His men was ready. Earlier in the day his scout, Phen had spotted the hunters. It was fortunate he had done so without the hunters notice. Those elven eyes were always so keen. Perhaps the stress had finally got to them. Hevran ordered three of his men to join him. The other two he sent to a likely position of the camp judged using the hunter's radius. They could not hunt too far.

    When they finally saw the hunters for themselves, Hevran noticed four of them. He barely differentiated the ages. Elves barely age and it was difficult to judge, but he had seen his fair share. Two of them were obviously older. The the two younger ones looked like twins. He signaled Jack and Tamar to flank them from the sides with crossbows. Hevran and Cam would charge forward to spook them. The elves seemed to be intent on some prey. It was the perfect moment. He performed a forward push hand gesture. Everyone mobilized. Hevran and Cam came sprinting forward, swords in hand. It seemed the older elf had heard and quickly turned his sight towards them. He spoke quickly, "Darkbloods!" The rest of them followed the elders gaze. He had his bow out and began firing in rapid succession. Hevran weaved left and right. A few of the shafts broke against his shield. Cam however was not as lucky. One of the shots strayed past the top of the shield and was perfectly placed in his throat. He fell immediately, gurgling. Jack and Tamar fired. Their shots were not perfect but did the job. A bolt came into one of the twin's shoulders and the other elder's stomach.

    The elves were frantic and the older one yelled in their tongue, "Run. We cannot let them get near the children..." His words were cut short as Hevran cleaved his chest. The blood was warm just like human blood. Hevran didn't think about it further as he blocked a blow from the other twin. He was fast. Two curved blades were on each hand. His motion was precise and flowed seamlessly through the air. However this elf was angry. Hevran could tell from his reddened face. Seeing his friends perhaps family fall to him must have been shocking. Hevran had fought more skilled elves. The blows came down like thunder against his shield. Each one was a plea of death and revenge. Hevran rammed forward, pushing the blades aside and knocking both of them over. His other hand was ready with his sword. It impaled through the elf's throat with a sickening sound. He had heard it too much times and every time it chipped away at his sanity. Hevran stood up. Jack and Tamar had already finished off the other two. "Lets finish this," Hevran spoke with a wretched voice. The next part would be harder. The tracks of the hunters were almost nonexistent, but still possible to find. He knew where the main camp was and hopefully everyone was sleeping. That way they could not see the horrors that were about to come. It was a small hope, but Hevran expected each one will be alert and awake to the slaughter.
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  4. When Tiatha entered the small camp, her little brother Wyn ran to her, wrapping his arms around her legs. A soft giggle escaped from her lips as she patted the top of the child's head. "You and the others need to clean up. I've got to get everything set up and ready for cooking." She spoke cheerfully in a sing song tone. Wyn nodded before running off to fetch the other children. Thiatha watched him go as a smile formed on her face. Shaking her head, she walked over to Lorson to tell him to gather wood and prepare a fire. Jastra and Mylaela were already getting the small amount of utensils they had left out, while Sarya went through her basket picking out different fruits, nuts and berries and separating them into piles. Thiatha had placed her basket down beside her sister so that she could do the same with that basket before going after a pot of water to boil.

    The half elf knew the men would bring back at least small game for dinner. So she concocted a stew ahead of time. As she finished tossing in the vegetables and apples, she heard a high pitch scream not far from the camp, which was folllowed by more screaming. Her head jerked up just in time to see her mother and Ryllae rushing out of the woods towards her and the others. Their arms waved frantically in the air as they came closer. Sarya hurried over to the children terrified and Thiatha ran to her mother. She grabbed the woman's wrist and pulled them down in front of her. "Mother, what is it? Mother, look at me." She demend calmly. Elora's eyes slowly made contact with her daughter's as a strange calm came over her. Taking a deep breath she whispered, "Their here.....D-darkbloods....y-your f-f-fath-er...they k-kil-led...all of t-them. H-his d-d-d-ead...Zaos...t-the twins..." Thiatha's mouth dropped as her mother fumbled over her words. Her hands began to shake as she realized her worse nightmare coming to life. " do you know...." She asked quietly, blinking. All she heard from her mother was something about hearing a struggle, a fight and screaming and something about she just knew that it was them that had died. Thiatha couldn't make sense of the words her mother was speaking.

    The next thing Thiatha knew, she was being dragged. Words slowly began to trinkle through to her. Everyone was yelling for her to move. She knew they needed to run, to get as far away as fast as possible before the darkbloods caught up to them. They were next to be taken out. Yet, knowing all of that still couldn't get her to move as fast as her family wanted. Unlike the others moving quickly and smoothly like gliding across the ground, her feet drug on the dirt in a painfully slow motion. In her mind all of it wasn't real. It couldn't be because they were always careful. To admit it was happening would mean that they'd done something wrong along the way and she just couldn't bring herself to believe that.

    Her mother yelled at her to snap out of it but she only blinked and allowed them to pull her along. Her body simply going limp as she shook her head and mumbled incoherent words under her breath, over and over. It was a horrible nightmare that she'd wake up from with sweat beaded across her forhead and her heart racing is what she tried telling herself.
  5. Hevran cursed as he saw the running shapes. The elves must have been alerted. He calmed down as he thought. They were mostly women and children now. All he had to do was give his men the orders to hunt. It was something he didn't want to do, but he couldn't keep them leashed up and let the quarry get away. It was especially painful to let Jack do as he wish. That man was entirely too cruel. Skillful, but utterly ruthless and enjoyed playing with his victims. Hevran had to stop Jack from tormenting a mother and her child. Hevran wanted to kill Jack at that moment, but he knew the consequences. There was no way to hide such a death.

    With a heavy sigh he pulled a small horn from his belt. It was for a single purpose. To call for the darkblood hunt, signalling everyone to split off and kill as many elves as they can. A team of darkbloods is a formidible force, but when the hunt is called, all their bloodlust are unleashed. Everyone had individual skill and talent. Picked for their expertise in killing. The horn was blown with a somber sound. Jack and Tamar grinned and began laughing as they ran faster. Hevran expected the two men he sent earlier had already began killing. The sound of the horn only let them do as they wish. The Grand Executor was a truly devious man was developing such a tactic. A simple horn can cause so much pain. Hevran placed it back on his belt without looking. It was a weight he bore with a rigid heart. He advanced as well. His expression as cold and professional as he could manage.

    Hevran could hear the screams of women. The cries of children was especially painful to his ears. He could even hear the threatening yells of his men, calling the elves cattle for the slaughter and describing how they would take their time killing the children. This cacophonous of death was just another background to the killing. He caught up to a women and stabbed her without hesitation. The other two men he sent came into sight. Phen was picking off runners with his crossbows. Children fell without a sound. Yerav had his longsword out and was cleaving without thought. Hevran turned away, sickened. "There should be no joy in this," he muttered to himself.

    He then caught the voice of Jack nearby. Jack was laughing especially hard. Hevran reproached wearily. He did not want to see another sight to forever keep locked in his heart, but he perhaps he could quicken their suffering. Jack was standing over a woman, his foot firmly against her chest, and he a sword pointed at another. Hevran could not believe his eyes. The woman on the ground was human. "What the hell are you doing, Jack?" Hevran commanded.

    Jack turned his head, his face was filled with a impossible grin, "Well hello there, Captain. I'm just doing my job. Hunting elven scum."

    "Are you blind! She is human"

    "But she is with the elves. And look at that abomination!" Jack poked his sword against the girls face. It cut slightly into the cheek and blood fell.

    Hevran was confused, and he looked at the girl. She looked human, but that wasn't entirely true. Her features although mostly humans betrayed a few noticeable marks. It was fairer and her eyes were slightly more slanted. The tips of her ears were a sharper than usual. The color of her eyes had a deepness that most would probably never see. She was still as a doe, unmoving and unshaking. Hevran could not believe it. A half elf was supposed to be impossible. The empire had told him humans could not reproduce with elves. They were suppose to be like animals. A man could not bear a child with a cow, but there was living proof to dispute this. Something unhinged within Hevran. All the deeds he had done. All the things he was told. He hadn't questioned anything until this moment. He certainly had a few stray thoughts, but this was too much. Hevran stared at the half elven girl. His eyes could not leave her.

    "So what do you want to do, Captain?" Jack spoke having already chosen his course of actions.
  6. Thiatha screams as she watched each of her family memebers fall one by one to the ground lifelessly were silent in the chaotic massacre of death before her eyes. Children cried out in pain as the sharpened weapons sliced them down. The women begged for them to let the little ones go free, but the darkbloods only laughed, stating in gruesome details excatly what they'd planned to do before they themselves were killed. The enemy knew no mercy indeed. Killing without thought or hesitation. The elves never stood a chance against such monsters.

    The screams and cries of the half elf's loved ones echoed around her as she helplessly witnessed their death without trying to save them. Frozen in shock at the scene in front of her, she hadn't noticed a darkblood behind until it was too late. The red head elf, Sarya had yelled out, "Thiatha watch o--" as Thiatha was knocked onto the ground. A sound barely slipped passed her sealed lips as she stumbled, hitting the hard ground. Before she could register what had happened, a kick to her side flipped her onto her back so that she now lay facing the male with a hideous grin and a heavy booted foot placed on her chest. She blinked a couple times before closing her eyes, blocking out the scene and awaited the death this monster was sure to give her. By the expression of his she knew it'd not be a quick one.

    Yet, as she waited for this she scarcely heard another male's voice speak to the man holding her down.

    "What the hell are you doing, Jack?"
    "Well hello there, Captain. I'm just doing my job. Hunting elven scum."
    "Are you blind! She is human"
    "But she is with the elves. And look at that abomination!"

    Hearing what sounded like an argument, she frowned. She thought she heard it wrong. Therefore, she decided that she had to know who was...trying to stop this Jack? Even if it didn't matter to her if she lived or died at the moment. She did hope her sister took this distraction to escape, but feared that Sarya hadn't.

    As she opened her eyes, she turned her head slightly, white blonde hair fluttering out, in the direction of the second male's voice. Just as her sapphire, grey eyes meet his she felt the tip of the blade slashed her cheek enough for blood to trickled down. What felt like hours to her, but were probably only minutes in reality, no sound broke the dead of silence as the Captain and half elf stared unblinking at one another before she heard Jack speak up.

    "So what do you want to do, Captain?"

    The sound of her soon to be muderer sped her heart beat and she slowly moved her gaze back to him knowing by the granting, mater-of-fact voice that he had in store a horrendous death in mind. Thiatha forced her eyes to stay on the darkblood and not cheak to see if Sarya took the advantage to run while she had the chance, knowing if she did her sister wouldn't get far if she gave any hints away.

    "You're a monster who'll pay in hell one day..." She quaverly stated.