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  1. Darkness vs Light, red
    The Avatar world is in a destructive spiral. Nations have been caught in a war between the Dark and Light Nations. Shattering what once was a peaceful, unified, country, and turning it into chaos. Ba sing Se has taken the Dark side, Omashu the Light side, Northern Water Tribe has taken the Light side, Southern Water the Dark side, and so on. Causing strife and unrest between the capitals, and even the towns, of each Nation. Is there any hope for the world now? Is there anyone that can restore balance once more? Will the Avatar be our savior? Or our downfall? Only time will tell. Alliances will waver, trust will be tested, hope hangs by a thread, who will win?

    Mahogany "Mo" Shikaku, #a60ac9
    Mo watched the sun start to set on the horizon sending shades of purple, orange, blue, and yellow across the sky. Hoisting her backpack up onto her shoulders she glances back at the Dark Nation, the only home she'd ever known. She was currently straddling the Dark and Fire Nation border, one more step and she would the farthest she had ever been from home. Taking a steadying breath she takes a step, officially crossing the border. Amethestia was currently curled up in her backpack, sound asleep.

    Nudging Tachibanna gently with her elbow, she looks up at her best friend with a small smile. "Time to start our new adventure, Tachi!" Her tone was enthusiastic, though she was so nervous her stomach felt like it was in knots. Her voice deep and seductive

    Sasha Rentaro, blue
    Sasha checked the time, his watch read 8:04pm 'Dam, I'm gonna be late!' Swinging up onto Miki he pats her furry neck gently. "Come on girl!" With that command his Polar Leopard is on the go. Easily maneuvering through the darkening city streets. After a few minutes the pair make it to Republic City Harbor, leaping from the street Miki lands on the docks. Seeing the boat was still there Sash grins, hopping off Miki he leads them toward the boat, making sure to stick to the shadows. Just as the ships door was about to close and everybody was out of sight, Sash jumps onto Miki and dashes forward. Making it into the cargo bay just before the door closes, Sasha chuckles. "We made it! Now here comes the boring part." He exclaims throwing his fist into the air before letting it fall along with his voice, hopping back off the poleard he lets her sniff around the crates and cargo. 'Next stop, Northern Water Tribe!'
  2. Ishi sat in a group of men, pulling a set if dice out if her pocket. It was a gambling circle. She had to throw the dice into a box with numbers in it. If they landed on the numbers she bet on in the box, she won. The dice, though, were rigged. They had tiny pieces of rock in the center of them so she could control where they land. She walked towards the box, shaking the dice in her hand. "Common, mama needs a new pair of shoes..!" She said and blew on the dice before tossing them in the box. She twitched her fingers lightly, the dice rolling around for a moment before landing on the spots she bet on. "Yes! Pay up, guys!" she shouted and the men grumpily handed over there money, grumbling about young peoples luck. She happily thumbed through the money while one man picked up her dice. she looked at him and her heart lurched at the sight of his clothes. They were dark green and brown, like what most people from the Earth Kingdom wore. "Uh, hey can I have those back..?" she reached out to take them only to have the man lift the dice with bending. "Uh oh.."

    "She was using bending! These dice have rocks in them!" he shouted and the other men jumped up, fiurious with her.

    "That's my cue to leave!" she said, turning and running off. As she ran, she shoved the money in her pockets and the men chased after her. She turns, whipping around the streets of the small fire nation town. Turning a corner, she spun around to face the men, lifting her leg and stomping it on the ground, a slab of concrete from the ground launching off and sending about half the men flying back. She spun back around and ran towards an abandoned house. "Fang! Fang, get out here!" she yelled as she skidded around the corner of a house and towards the back. The men soon caught up to her but stopped dead in there tracks as a large armadillo lion stood, growling and snarling at them. With one mighty roar from Fang, the men turned and ran away as fast as they could. Ishi popped up from behind her pet and burst into laughter, patting fangs back. "Haha! Did you see there face Fang!? Good boy, Fang!"
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  3. Abaddon stood at the forefront of a large ocean stretching farther than his eyes have ever seen before. Behind him the ships of the Light Nation slowly paddled in his wake. It was time finally for him to set off on his journey towards his own destiny. Behind him his people shrinking in the distance. She leaned against the massive glacier and stared up into the dusk "Well, The day has finally come. This war has been for nothing. An endless meat grinder hell bent on plunging us into the unknown... I will not falter." He said quietly before pushing off the ice. She stepped out into the vast open and looked up into the sky once more to see somthing almost blinking lightly in the sky. He smirked "Azazel!" He called out then let out a ear bending whistle.

    The air seemed to shake and shudder hard as the massive Wyvern descended towards the ice like a sky titan. Its wingspan blotted out the sun as Abaddon was engulfed in its shadow. The Draconic beast touched down in front of him and lowered its body to be supported by its wings. It lowered its head and began to make an odd noise. Abaddon smiled "Well, Aren't you the sentimental one!" He said before laughing and wrapping what he could of his arms around it and seemed to be hugging it "I raised you from... Well.. When you hatched I raised you! You are still a young-ling! Imagine you when you get older! So big!" He said before patting the beast on the head "One day you and I my beloved Azazel in take to the skys like never before.." He said before turning towards the darkening light. The massive Draco lets out a Ear splitting roar that Abaddon seemed to have gotten used to. It then stood to its full height and towered over him several times. Abaddon outstretched a hand "Our time begins now... This horrible war needs to end.. They will not accept peace! Then they will accept war! Justice and retribution will be cast down upon them... It will horrible... But Necessary." He said before turning back to Azazel. "You know.. people use cars.... Steam powered boats and many other things.. Nothing beats the power of you... You are my Winged Terror of the Sky. I raised you to be fearless... To be blood thirsty and to love those who work with me." He said to the Wyvern. The Wyvern nodded its head as if understanding. Abaddon smiled "Soo... For now.. we wait." He said before walking over as the Wyvern lowered its body again and laid against its side.
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  4. Uze silently watched from the docks as the Light Nation ships sailed off into the distance. He would of been on one right now it it wasn't for the fact that he spent all day searching for the Avatar. He sighed as he began to walk inland “Where could that idiot have gone?” he said to himself. As if to answer his questions he had heard an earth shattering roar coming from the glacial covered sea. The firebender scanned the horizon until he found his mark, a large drake and a small figure next to each other. Anger flashed across his eyes as he yelled “Aaaaaaaaabbbbbaaaaaaaaaaddodddon”.

    Uze instantly took off, leaping between glaciers and propelling himself farther and faster with his bending. He arrived at the large glacier and with a loud whoosh he came tumbling into the drake. Without a moments hesitation and still fuming he said “Where have you been all day? We’re supposed to be on these ships aren't we?”
  5. Rane tugged at his scarf slightly as he stood on a ledge with a glider in his other hand. His eyes shone, gazing through the mountains dominating his view, while a small breeze ruffled his chocolate brown hair lazily. A small smirk formed on the teenager's lips as he swung the glider behind his back and took a hold of the two bars in the front with his both hands. With a small jump, Rane let himself fall over the ledge and onto the hands of the air. Plummeting towards the ground, the teen enjoyed the wind rushing past him, greeting him on the way. However he had to pull up quite soon before he came too close to the ground, with a little help from bending of course. The young air bender began gaining altitude again as he glided further away from the temple with no hurry.

    Letting the wind carry him gracefully around few mountain peaks, Rane closed his eyes for a moment, trusting his element to keep him from crashing onto rocks as he listened to the quiet howling of the wind. It was a massive cliche when it came to air benders but he felt more at home soaring through the sky than with his feet on the ground, he was as free as a bird.

    Blinking his eyes open, the teen took in the scenery now before him, he passed by few more mountain peaks before the vast ocean spread out in front of him. Endless blue stretched as far as he could see and the beautiful sparkling water took his breath away for a second. Rane figured he ought to turn back already but he simply couldn't bring himself to do that just yet. Letting the scent of the ocean wash over him, he swooped down closer to the calm ocean surface as he wondered briefly what the world was like far beyond the ocean.
  6. After a while Ishi contained her laughter and patted Fangs head. Fang, though, was unamused. He didn't like how his owner constantly got in trouble. Sure, he loved protecting her but he wanted her careful. "Common Fang, lets go get some food. After, we should probably skip town. Those guys will be back and they may have some local sheriff with them. I'm not to fond of the idea of going to jail." She said and Fang simply grunted. Ishi smirked and started walking, her hand in her pockets holding onto the coins.

    They strolled the street for a while, most people walking as well made an exaggerated effort to get out of there way at the fight of Fang. Ishi looked up at a butcher shop and smiles. Walking inside, she gazes at the meats in display. "Ishi! What have I told you?! You can't come in unless you have money! Go! Shoo!" Said a large hairy man behind the counter.

    Ishi smiled and raised her hands to show peace. "Hey, hey, calm down, Mr. Wang. I actually got money this time!" The man gave her a skeptical look and she digged in her pocket, pulling out the money she had won from gambling. "See? I just want to get some beef jerky and steak for me and my buddy. Is that fine?" The man didn't look that pleased but he nodded and went about went to get Ishi was she asked for. Coming back with a brown bag, he set on the counter and Ishi handed him the money, taking the bag.

    Walking out, she smiled at Fang. "Now, lets just get your saddel from it's hiding spot and we can be on our way." She and her pet walked till they got to the edge of town where there were a lot more abandoned houses. Ishi ducked into a building and dragged out a rather large saddle with duffle bags atratched to the side as well as her katana. She pulled out a satchel as well and set the bag of meats inside it. Ishi attached the saddle to Fang and climbed into his back. She patted his side and smiles, pointing in a direction. "That was is the last fire nation town. Beyond it is the Dark Benders territory. Lets go, Fang." Fang let out a slight purr of approval of the next town and broke into a sprint, running in the direction of the next town.
  7. Abaddon looked up from where he was laying against Azazel and laughed "Well... They were dropping me off here so Azazel could land peacefully! Well, Come over here then! We will be going to the Northern Water tribe. Since I need to figure things out with water bending." He said before standing up and running a hand over the Wyvern's massive head "Do you wish to go by boat.. Or fly?" He said before gesturing over to Azazel. The massive Draconian creature rose up revealing its full size "You haven't seen him much... More of less up close.. I normally keep him to myself but Azazel will prove perfect for us. He is trained for everything we need him for." He said before raising his arm and Azazel lowered a shoulder.

    Abaddon climbed up onto the giant creature and stood up on its back "Are you coming Uze? Are are you afraid of heights? Our world requires guidance and a way to end all of this. It begins today and getting to the Northern water tribe wont take long on Azazel. Also.. do not make him mad.. That stinger at the end will kill you in seconds and is more likely to break you in half with the force. Azazel can eat an entire human in one bite as well." He said before clicking his finger and having Azazel raises its head and sniff the air. "Hes a Giant bear... happy until you make it mad. I raised him from the time he hatched... There is a connection between us.. I don't even know where the Egg was found.. For all I know it could be the only one of its kind." Abaddon said before sitting back on the Wyvern. "Well, Come on then Uze... We must get moving.."
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  8. Uze quietly listened to Abaddon talk about their plan and slowly but surely the firebenders anger subsided. The Avatar jumped up on Azazel then offered Uze to do the same “Oh yeah of course, it doesn't matter whether or not we fly to the Northern Water Tribe or swim, cause I’ll be with you every step of the way.” he said with a smile. And with a leap Uze came to rest on the back of the large beast behind his friend. “Is there something im supposed to hold on…” he didn't get to finish his sentence though, for it was covered by a loud roar. The flapping of large wings began and with that they were off towards the Northern Water Tribe.
  9. Isamu was determined, his eyebrows crouched and straightened, his eyes having dentally opened with a slight look in his eyes. He was focused and hadn't blinked for a few seconds, he hated blinking because he would always lose his focus. He bit his bottom lip, hoping not to mess up or lose focus. He let out a small breath before licking his top lip. But what was he focusing on?

    Isamu gripped a wooden arrow through his index and middle finger, the fingers held the Fletching with the fingers, tightly but not so much that he would hesitate to shoot it. His left hand held the grip tight, trying to not make the bow and arrow tip or stumble. His elbow shot back with his left arm pulled open to get a better shot. His hair pushed over his forehead trying not to get into his eyes which would mess up the arrow's shot. His hazel eyes sparkled as the shot was about to take out and release.

    The boy pulled back at the arrows fletching, the arrow pushed back at the nocking point. He then let go of the arrow, he breathed through his mouth as the arrow went through the air. The air blown into his face as the arrow cut through the arrow. The boy got a small smile from his face, a surprised look on his face. When the arrow was about to hit the bag, it sliced through the air and stabbed the bag, the arrow stuck and sand poured out of it.
    Isamu pulled down the bow to his thigh, still holding the grip in his left hand. He pulled his hand up and wiped the draw of sweat off his forehead. His hair dropped from his head when he shot the arrow, his hair blocking his right eye, he then blown his hair off his eye and onto his head. The boy then walked over the weapon rack and set the bow into the glass long case. He then looked up and over at the wall, there were dozens and dozens of arrows stabbed into the soft wall.

    Isamu was wearing his usual clothing, he wore dark black cargo pants with all sorts of pockets. He also wore a long grey trench coat and black boots. Isamu gripped his black finger cut gloves closely to his thigh. The boy walked to the door, since it was five o clock and it was the scheduled time for his and Rane's practice, they always trained together ever since a year ago when Rane asked if he could train him.

    He walked out of the Southern air temple, not seeing Rane in his vision. He then knew that the boy was still gliding and probably lost track of time. He had done that too him but Rane would always be there in a ten minute time period. Isamu and Rane are best friends ever since they were young, Isamu had also been training since he was six years old. Isamu stood against the temple waiting for the boy to come for his training. His hands were pushed into his trench coat from the cold breeze the air made.
  10. Oooooh, a sparkly fish.

    To say Rane was distracted by the ocean and it's inhabitants was an understatement, he had been circling around for quite some time, simply marveling what was laid out in front of him. However, he wasn't completely out of it and had made sure not to venture too far away to the sea, the wind patterns were different out in the open and he was used to gliding around the mountain range, not above the sea. Sure, he was an air bender but sometimes the wind could get unpredictable, dangerous even, and it was better to be safe than sorry.

    I wish Mumu had come with me, he might have liked... Oh dammit!

    The vast ocean forgotten, Rane made a quick turn as he started heading back towards the temple. He had completely forgotten he was supposed to be training with Isamu that day, he was probably late already. How could he forget that easily, it had been their daily routine for quite some time now and he had been the one to ask for it on top of that. Giving himself a mental slap, the teen sped up his speed with bending as he flew past the mountain peaks with ease, he was on familiar territory after all.

    Relatively quickly, the Southern Air Temple came into view and as Rane got closer, he could spot Isamu outside, looking as cool as ever, the older boy was probably waiting for him. Swooping down, the teen headed towards his friend, fast. Using his bending skills to pull himself upwards just before he hit the ground, Rane landed in a controlled manner and exactly where he had been intending to, just few steps away from the other teen leaning against the wall. The brown-haired boy shortened the gap even more as he snapped the fans back inside the staff.

    "Gah, sorry Mumu, I was kinda..."

    Rane stopped beside the other male as he tried to decide on the best word to use. Running a hand through his mohawk, that was now pointing into every direction due to the wind messing it up, he simply went with what came to his mind first.

    "...Distracted. I didn't mean to be out so long, I just lost track of time."

    Which was also true but he'd rather leave out the part about forgetting the whole training, his friend didn't necessarily need to know that.
  11. Shakii, aqua Shakii stared at the temple she once belonged to, learning how to use this so called 'unbeatable power'. She looked into her flashback of the last 5 years they had trained her for this, and how she had reacted. How had the kids called her the 'weirdest one'? She would never know. As she started to step away, her mind was telling her she had forgotten someone. "JuJu!" she called, having her little wolf pup come up to her. "Good boy!" she praised him, sitting down on the steps.
  12. After the town was nothing but a smudge in the distance, Fang had slowed down to a walk. Ishi leaned back, stretching her arms above her head, her fingers brushing the trees overhead. She and Fang had stuck to the edge of the forest to keep out of the way of any cars that may be on the road. "Ahh. I'm getting kinds hungry. Are you hungry, boy?" Her armadillo lion let out a small grunt in agreement. Smiling, Ishi opened her satchel and took out a beef jerky for her, sticking the piece in her mouth, and took out a steak for Fang. Leaning over the saddle, she held the meat out in front of Fang and he turned his head, taking the steak.

    Ishi rested her elbows on the front of the saddle and chewed on her beef jerky. She kept her eyes open for anything interesting, but it appeared even the animals didn't want to provide Ishi entertainment. She ripped a piece of the jerky off with her teeth and looked forward to where they were going.
  13. Abaddon looked back and as soon as Uze got on he let out a whistle and Azazel began to launch itself off the ground making the Glacier below it crack. The Wyvern let out massive Roar as it beat its wings as the two went skyward. Abaddon looked back before amazingly standing up on the creatures back as the wind whipped past him "All the way! Well I am glad to hear that my friend. It is about time the world meets their new avatar." He said before looking at him once more "Also.. Don't try standing up. I fell off many times while learning this trick. I would not recommend plummiting into the ice below." He said before he turned around and sat back down on the Wyvern.

    Several hours passed and the Wyvern seemed to increase speed as its instincts took it to a natural wind funnel helping them move quicker to the northern water tribe. Abaddon stirred suddenly and sat up "Uze! We are here!" He called out as the Wyvern let out another eat splitting roar. The Draconian creature circled above before touching down in a massive courtyard just on the inside of the main gates. Abaddon jumped off the Wyvern and had Uze get off before the Wyvern lowered its wings and began to follow behind them with footsteps that lightly resonated the ground. As a Guard approached Abaddon felt somthing rub up against his shoulder and he looked over to see Azazels massive head right next to him.

    The guard stepped back a few paces "The Light Tribe told us you were coming Avatar several days ago... You are hard to mistake with your creature. Please, Follow me to where you will be staying until a meeting can take place." The man said before Abaddon sighed slightly. He looked over at Uze "Well, We are stuck here for some time.. I heard there are some pretty cute girls in the Water tribe." He said before he began to walk. Uze had to be careful with the creatures massive tail swinging to keep its balance.
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  14. Uze found that soaring through the sky on the back of Azazel was quite relaxing, and quickly fell asleep slumped over on the creatures back. He stirred at the shouts of the Avatar and muttered something along the lines of “Wait i’m not done with my Possum Chicken yet.” but was fully awoken at the sounds of the Wyverns roar. He sat up with a jolt to find that the land below him had now become a city of snow and ice.

    As they descended Uze was silent, stunned by the stark beauty of the Northern Water tribes city. There was a guard waiting for them as they landed who welcomed them and then asked them to follow him. Abaddon then said "Well, We are stuck here for some time.. I heard there are some pretty cute girls in the Water tribe." Uze perked up but his cheeriness quickly subsided “I also heard that they like to freeze firebenders in ice.” But there was truth to the Avatars words as Uze caught himself staring at two cute water tribe girls walking near by. Suddenly he was knocked into the snow from behind by a large object. He heard the girls laughing and sat up to see the large face of Azazel seemingly grinning at him “Stupid dragon...or whatever you are.” he stammered. He stood up, dusted the snow off himself and began to follow Abaddon, glaring at Azazel the whole time.

    The guard walked the companions through the streets of the city towards a large, palace like building. He hurried them inside, apparently trying to not cause a stir, and brought them to well furnished room. Uzes eyes were filled with wonder as he spoke “Well I could get used to living in a place like this.” as he went a laid on a comfortable sofa. “How about you Abaddon?”
  15. Water, blue
    Sash had dozed off a few hours into their trip, he couldnt help it, laying against Miki's side was just too comfy. He awakened by a loud fog horn sounding from the upper deck, the horn caused Miki to jump up and growl. Which caused Sasha to fall forward right onto his face. Grumbling about horns and paranoid poleards he picks himself up off the ground, getting back on 2 feet he brushes himself off before scowling at Miki who was still on high alert. "Easy girl, it was just the ships signal that we'll be docking soon." He says in a soft if not a bit annoyed tone. "This is why I hate mornings...." With a big yawn Sash stretches his limbs, causing a few pops from his stiff joints. Even if he was partially laying on Miki, laying on a hard steel floor wasnt the comfiest.

    The polar leopard calmed down, sitting next to him with her tail wagging back and forth. Sasha smiles as he pets her head. "Ya I'm hungry too girl, what do you say we get some grub once we're off this hunk of metal?" Miki purrs as she nuzzles her head against his chest, obviously pleased.

    Less than 20 minutes later the boat docked and voices started sounding from the upperdeck and outside. Hopping onto Miki, Sash leads her to a dark corner behind some crates as he waits for the doors to open. 5 minutes later the distinct creak and moan of metal on metal sounded through the cargo bay as bright light shined through the opening doors. Gripping the Miki's reigns he waits for the doors to be almost fully open before patting her side in a signal to go. Knowing the signal well Miki dashes forward, startling many crew members as she leaps out of the cargo bay and onto the docks. They didnt stop though as they ran toward the Northern Water Tribe capital, getting some displeased shouts from the captain and crew of the boat they stowed away on.

    Chuckling he smiles, enjoying the nostalgic sights and smells around him. "Good girl! Now lets find a place to eat." Miki slows down as they get into town, staying on her back they walk through the streets, looking around for a appetizing place to get some grub
  16. Abaddon glanced back to see Uze staring at two girls and smirked "Think of all the possibilities Uze... Being here... Being the avatar.. For you accompanying the avatar.. Jeeze man.. It will be awesome. Also, I know what you mean about its beauty... I was here twice as a kid before my parents passed... Well.. I was told I was also an orphan so... Before my second set of parents passed." He said before stretching. That was when he looked back again "What did I tell you about watching his tail. It will probably knock these buildings down if we aren't careful." Abaddon stated then thought back to his earlier comment "Well, If they freeze you at least it will be interesting." He said before the Guard turned.

    The Guard gazed at both of them "Yes, The girls here are pretty... Please keep yourselves in check. We do not want two teenagers running around in the Northern Water Tribe capital." He said with a chuckle. Abaddon smirked "Don't worry to much about us." He stated quickly. The guard tilted his head "I said that as a teenager as well. But if you say so... Please continue to follow me." He said before turning and continuing on his way. Abaddon looked around before turning and walking backwards. Azazel was sniffing the building and looked like it was about to sneeze. Abaddons eyes went wide "Oh boy..." he said before whistling and getting the Wyvern's attention. The creature stopped and regained its nasal passages correctly. "If you sneeze Azazel you will flatten snow building... Do not sniff the snow until we are in the open again." He said and watched as Azazel barely squeezed into the massive streets.

    Abaddon gazed around and saw many people watching them "Well, Uze, the city will know the avatar has arrived in mere hours.. Azazel isn't the most subtle creature." he said before waving at the groups of people watching them. "Also.. here goes the inevitable fans coming out to greet us.. I wonder what they all think." He said before going quiet for the next little bit of their journey.
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  17. Kyoryokuna Ishi, brown

    Kyo's shift in the mines had just ended and he was ready to get out of the dry and over all dusty mines. Slowly he made his way up through the long dark passages listening only to the 'tap tap tap' echo of his feet as they met the ground. He was a large man, just turned twenty a few days before, and he was stronger than the usual earth bender. His large build made jobs like these easy for him, and while most men worked in groups of three or four he managed to do it alone which was just as well. Most of the others would either slow him down or start a fight, neither of which sounded appealing to him.

    He made his way around a corner only to bump into Rurey who was one hot head of a hauler. Rurey didn't seem to please to see him but instead of starting anything he decided to just walk on by and ignore him. For a little while he could hear Rurey tailing him but he paid no mind to it. Sure Rurey was a hot head, and an earth bender, but the scrawny hauler wasn't dumb enough to mess with him... right? Wrong, just as he started to see sunlight at the end of the tunnel Rurey made his move. Knocking up a few small rocks and lobbing them. Kyo simply stopped and let the smaller rocks hit him in the back. A smirk came onto Rurey's face as Kyo didn't move for a second but it slowly faded as Kyo started moving again. "Hay! You big rock head! You bumped into me! Say your sorry!" One again Kyo stopped walking. He debated for a second over what he was going to do. Rurey was right, he bumped into him and started to leave without saying sorry... but Rurey had done much worse to him before. Still, he just wanted to get out of the mines, breath some fresh air, and make his way home. He had been up since late the night before working in the rather depressing mines alone. "Sorry." "Sorry for what rock head?!" Kyo tightened his fists holding himself back as his anger started to build up slightly, "I'm sorry for bumping into you." With that he started to walking again.

    Just as he got out into the sunlight he heard the annoying squeaky voice of the weasel of a hauler. "Know what rock head? I think you hurt my leg. I could lose my job if you I don't haul enough coal the the surface. Since your done with your job, maybe you should make it up to me and help me keep my job." Kyo gritted his teeth and turned around. "We both know I didn't bump into you that hard. Regardless I just got done with a double shift, I'm done for the day." He turned and left as Rurey shouted after him. "Your going to regret this! You hear me?! You should have just done what you were told. I'll get you for this!" Rurey always had a tendency to blow his lid when things didn't go his way. It was like a four year old throwing a temper tantrum... only in this case it was a grown man. Sickening.

    Anyways he made it into town and stopped by his favorite restaurant. It wasn't anything big or fancy, just a small rundown restaurant that didn't seem to be keeping up with the times, but the food was good and the atmosphere was calm. "Kyo!" He heard a woman shout out as he walked through the door. Looking over he saw the waitress that insisted on waiting on him every time he came in. She was rather short, standing at five two, and was probubly a year or so younger than him. She was nice but... despite her best efforts she wasn't his type. He just didn't find her attractive. Still he smiled and waved a wordless greeting to her as he took his seat.
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  18. Suteruso On'Nanoko, maroon
    Soe sat at the top of a building looking down at the spirit wilds that had long ago claimed that section of republic city. She had played around them a lot when she was younger. Her mother and grandmother brought her to republic city quite often but for some reason she couldn't remember why... Either way for whatever reason the spirit wilds always gave her an eerie feeling. At least the one in republic city did. Seeing all the old abandoned buildings covered in vines in the middle of a bustling city just didn't seem right to her.

    After letting out a sigh and taking one last look down at the spirit wilds she took her leave, heading back to the small apartment she was renting. Honestly she had only been living in Republic city for a little less than a weak but already she was tired of it. She was hoping for a much more... joyful area. Some place where she could make a lot of new friends and do stupid little nothings with but it turns out Republic city wasn't anything of the sort. Half the streets were ruled by police and the other half snubbed everyone as they walked by. Neither of which were very appealing to her. She wondered for a second where she would try to go next... Her grandmother always had dozens of fun story's about Kyoshi island. Perhaps that should be her next destination. Just keep searching until the boot fit!

    She was deep in thought while walking and ended up bumping into a rather large man. "Sorry." She murmured as she began looking up and up and up until finally she met his face. He was rather large... almost a foot taller than she was and he was also big. His muscular body was shown off with a red sleeveless shirt and long black pants. On his shoulder she noticed a symbol that she didn't ever want to run into, he was from the Agni Kai Triad. "It's quite alright little miss, why don't we have a nice cup of tea. I know a great shop just down the street." "Eh-he. That's alright." She took a step back but he pursued her retreat. "I'm late, you see, for this... thing." "Oh, really? You know these streets are awfully dangerous for a small girl such as yourself. Perhaps I should walk you there." "That's alright, really." She raised her hands in front of her, "I'll be fine." "No, no. I insist." She noticed a smirk growing on his face and suddenly she was surrounded, "We insist." She became flustered quickly after that, her head lowered and her arms went flying. Each thrust, even without her trying, was precise and though she didn't strike very hard, it left the three men who were bedeviling her to fall limp to the ground. "S-sorry." She whispered as she quickly made her get away. Indeed, this city was no fun at all.
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  19. Tachibanna "Tchi", #752424 The male shook his head as he hopped down from a top a large boulder, landing beside his companion. It was his marker to know they were right on the boarder. They included him and his good friend, Mahogany. But it was rare he ever called the female avatar by her full name. He preferred to call the dark bender, Mo. With all this war going on, it'd been harder for Tachibanna to go anywhere with his other friend, Koji. But Koji was a Shirshu and somewhat disliked considering his more, vicious tendencies... and how all poachers wanted his nose. So the shirhu had a severe hate for humans, but not Tachi or Mo.

    "Time to start our new adventure, Tachi!" Mo's voice caused him to look down at the female, smiling at her lightly. "Yeah it is, but are you sure your ready to leave home?" Tachi prodded, like an older brother making sure his young sister was comfortable. Before she could answer he turned away and whistled, waiting there a moment and watching as Koji came out from his hiding spot and ran towards them, stopping in front of them, drooling slightly. "If your sure then we've gotta get moving," he began climbing onto Koji and leaning down offering a hand to help Mo up. "It's gonna be a long journey to see the fire bending master I told you about," he mentioned, offering a smirk as he finished, still holding his hand out for her to take.

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    Kiara, #231d99 "We will have to confiscate your Eel Hound to use as a mount for the war," a group of soldier's of Ba Sing Se surrounded her as she gently pet her Eel hound. "No," she said simply, her voice calm and even. "Miss, you have no say in the matter," the soldier said, taking a step towards the hooded female. "Milo... they want to take you away from me," she said to the Eel hound who suddenly snaked its head around and snapped at the soldier, hissing loudly at the male, forcing him to jump back. Suddenly the area around her began darkening. "Milo is mine... and he will not be used in the war," she said, looking back at the group of men, her eyes blacked out completely before the eel hound and herself and everything that was their's was suddenly engulfed in shadows and in a blink of an eye, they were gone.

    Right on the wall of the large glorious city was where they ended up being teleported to, but the young female leaned against her eel hound, tired. It had been a long time since she teleported and it took a lot out of her. "Milo... let's get out of here..." she whispered tiredly, before she was hoisted up onto the eel hounds saddle, her hood falling and revealing the long locks of white hair. With all the strength she had left, she held onto Milo as the eel hound began running down the wall, it's claws digging into the stone of the wall until they reached the ground.

    When they did, Kiara sighed, sitting up and pulling her hood back on to hide her hair from view. "Don't stop until we reach the fourth town away from this place," she whispered to her mount Who nodded his head and quickly took off, running at an even speed. Enough to be faster then most, but slower then its highest speed. This war was starting to bother Kiara. It was time she did what she was trained to do... find the Avatar.

    [Color Code #231d99]
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  20. As Isamu leaned on the railing, he saw Rane come down from flying, he knew his good friend loved swaying through the air, and he constantly was late but he was use to it. The boy smiled as his best friend flew down to the ground. Isamu and Rane were good friends for a while, which had Isamu getting used to his peeves. The boy grew a gentle smile as he landed, he greeted him then pushed his left hand in his pocket pants.

    "Gah, sorry Mumu, I was kinda...Distracted. I didn't mean to be out so long, I just lost track of time."

    "I told you to stop calling me Mumu"

    The nickname hadn't grew on him yet which got him a little annoyed, the boy raised his eyebrow trying to get the point out. The boy looked in the air, breathing the nice, beautiful air through his mouth and nose. The boy smiled knowing that he would have to leave the temple and go fight for one of the sides. He then stopped leaning on the railing and faced the boy.

    "It's alright i'm not in a hurry, but what were you distracted by, a cute girl"

    The boy walked over beside him, nudging the boys arm with his elbow. He gave a synthetic smile trying to be playful, he always played around with his friends with sarcastic jokes such as that. The boy then walked over to the sidewalk looking at all the mountains, he had always wanted to travel and see the world other then just the temple.

    Isamu waved to the boy to follow, he pushed his hair off his face with his right hand then kept walking. He walked down the path to the lowest peak, he sat down on the edge with his legs hanging off. He gave a short smile looking down at all the mist through the air, he looked over at his friend motioning him to sit down.

    "So we are getting older, and soon will both not see each other for a good amount of time, so i want you to have this"

    The boy yanked his necklace off of his neck, pulling it into his fist. He closed his eyes, trying to resist something. The boy shut his eyes forcefully, his face quite determined and pretty serious. The boy inhaled then exhaled, biting his bottom lip, his hand still in a fist. He opened his eyes focusing onto his hand. He looked over at Rane, he grabbed onto his wrist and opened his hand, dropping it into his hand then closing it.

    "It was my brother's necklace, since i won't be here to watch over your little schemes. So take care of it okay?"

    The boy inhaled, he hoped that the boy would be okay and not get hurt. He smiled at the boy, patting his back then standing up. He then stood up, stretching his arms then cracking his neck. He took his wooden bow off his back, then moved his finger to take out an arrow out of his quiver putting it in the bows string.

    "Well let's go practice"
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