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  1. [Rainbow]Warning!! Avatar Spoilers Below!![/rainbow]


    Story & Plot, lime
    It has been 80 years since the last Avatar, Korra, left this world, dying peacefully in her sleep. There hasnt been any signs of a new Avatar since. Though there was some hiccups, all the nations have been getting along well and so have the spirits too. Until 3 years ago to this day, suddenly new benders started popping up. I dont mean new Earth, Fire, Water, or Air Benders, I mean NEW, never before seen, benders. One of the 2 new bender powers is the power to control light, and the second is the power to control darkness. Now just because you control darkness doesnt mean your born bad/evil, and vise versa with light, not all light are born good/kind.

    At first everyone around the world just took it as a type of evolution, never thinking it could do much harm. But thats where it all went wrong. Less than 2 years after the first Light/Dark benders showed up, they started going to war with each other. The light benders made a small island off the coast of the Water Nation their home. The dark benders made a small mountain located in the Fire Nation their home. But no matter how hard the leaders of these 2 Nations tried, they just couldnt get along. Thus sending them into war, while dragging all other Nations into it as well.

    Thats not all though. In this time of great peril the Avatar has been chosen once more. The problem is, its twins, separated at birth due to their parents dying and different people wanting each one. One now resides in the Light Nation, the other in the Dark Nation. Now normally this would count as a good thing, I mean 2 Avatars cant be bad right? But what if one isnt a savior?....What if one doesnt want peace? Will this world survive this clash of light and dark? Or will the world break and sink into despair from this seemingly never ending war?

    Alright we will begin when each Avatar sets off from their Nation to travel the world, learning from each Nation to master the now 6 elements. Each Avatar will have up to 4 companions, whether you meet the Avatar on the way, or you know them from the start is up to you. You can start in any Nation you want but you must come in contact with one of the Avatar's within 2-3 days (IC time). If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the plot feel free to ask =)

    Elements/Spots, yellow
    Rane Cordan|Male ~ @Finhawk (Light)
    Isamu Tomachi|Male ~ @JusticeHunt20
    Ash Blazic|Female ~ @TheColourlessRainbow

    Sasha Rentaro|Male ~ Sonar (Light)
    Shakii Juni Losaki|Female ~ @Madeline (Dark)
    Normal - 1

    Ishi Manase|Female ~ @MiraiNikki021209 (Dark)
    Kyoryokuna Ishi|Male ~ @NorwayFOO
    Normal -
    Suteruso On'Nanoko "Soe" ~ @NorwayFOO

    Uze Dulong|Male ~ @TheGDeer (Light)
    Tachibana "Tachi" Kei|Male ~ @Lawkheart (Dark)
    Zafina Meizhen|Female ~ @Akashi

    Bad Avatar - Abaddon Volurum|Male ~ @CrimsonHorizons
    Benders - 1
    Normal - 1

    Good Avatar - Mahogany "Mo" Shikaku|Female ~ Sonar
    Benders -
    Kiara Shion|Female ~ @Lawkheart
    Normal -
    Siren Blazic|Male ~ @TheColourlessRainbow

    Bending Masters
    Light Side
    Dark - ??
    Water - Sasha ~ Sonar
    Earth - ??
    Fire - Jiasi[Jee-ah-see] Ya[Jah] ~ @Lawkheart
    Air - ??

    Dark Side
    Light - ??
    Water - ??
    Earth - ??
    Fire - Tachibanna ~ @Lawkheart
    Air - ??

    Rules, plum
    1. No OPing (overpowering) I understand everyone has different levels of skill but nobody is perfect.​
    2. Play nice in the OOC, if theres a dispute please settle it calmy or take it to PM's.​
    3. There will be typical anime violence in this, and some kissing if you want, but anything past that please take it to PM's. (Make sure your in the same age bracket!)​
    4. Follow all of Iwaku's rules.​
    5. To let me know you've read the rules please put "Boomju" at the bottom of your CS.​
    6. 2 Characters per person max, must be different genders.​
    7. I reserve the right to add to or change these rules at any time.​
    8. Post at least once every 3 days, if you cant post for some reason please let us know via OOC.​
    9. If there has been no activity from someone whether IC or OOC for more than 5 days (unless you've let us know you cant post for a certain time) you will get a warning. If you dont post by the 7th day your character will be kicked and your spot reopened. If the spot is still open you can however retake it.​
    10. And above all.....HAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN!! =D​

    Character Sheet (open)

    Appearance: (Anime only)
    Age: (13-20)
    Zodiac Sign:
    Nation: (Earth, Water, ect)
    Element: (What you can bend, if normal than leave blank)
    Weapon(s): (If any)
    Skills: (5 max)
    Pet(s): (If any)
    Location: (You current location IC right now)
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  2. Aeristaprotrate.jpg
    Name: Mahogany "Mo" Shikaku
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Zodiac Sign: Leo
    Nation: Dark
    Element: Dark atm - Avatar
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 122
    Scent: Jasmine & Pine
    Weapon(s): A 8ft long chain with heavy solid steel blunt spikes on the ends.
    Expert with her chain

    Pet(s): Baby Dragon - Amethestia "Ame"
    Location: Dark Nation Border​
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  3. Avatar isn't as much my cup of tea being a bit too open ended for my taste with more independent as opposed to interweaved. I'm picky like that.
  4. Everybody has their likes and dislikes =) You reminded me of Tenzen there tho lol
  5. I don't really get the reference.

    Anyway, more structure tends to be up my alley than stuff that can easily get to "These are the sides. Go." There are some exceptions where character background starts to get more important as well as delving in. Especially important to me when working with similar groups as is the case here.
  6. I'd be interested in being one of the Dark Avatar's companions :)
  7. Yay!! *glomps Lawk* wait do you mean my character or the bad avatar? =)
  8. Your character, lol.
  9. Yays!! Which element would you like to be?
  10. It' between water and fire for me. Hmm... I'll go with Fire in this case.
  11. Dokay, you can have 2 characters (just a reminder) =D ill reserve a fire bender for ya
  12. Oki doki, but I'm okay with one for now.
  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Tachibanna "Tachi" Kei
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Zodiac Sign: Aries
    Nation: Nomad (He never stays in one area for too long)
    Element: Fire
    Height: 6'0''
    Weight: 190lbs
    Scent: Cedar and warm honey
    Weapons: Black Katana and a simple dagger
    Skilled with his sword
    Has a knack for finding amazing hiding places
    Very strong
    More flexible then a normal male his age
    Plays the guitar
    Pet: A Shirshu named Koji
    Location: Fire Nation Boarder
    Extra: He has a tattoo on his chest, closer to his right shoulder.

    [Color Code #470e0e]

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  14. Awesome! Hes accepted! Do you already kno Mo or not yet?
  15. I'm not sure, it's up to you.
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  16. Oh an Avatar RP, totally in. May I reserve a fire bender on the light Avatars side?
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  17. I might be interested in joining. Would it be okay if I reserved the spot for an air bender on the light (bad) avatar's side? C:
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  18. May I join? And reserve a fire bender ? If not fire, then earth please.
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  19. If you wish I can play the Light (Bad) Avatar. If so I will have the CS in this spot tomorrow.
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