Two Sentence Challenge #1: Death

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  1. We've all seen what can be said with a paragraph. You can raise and cull armies, destroy civilizations, and save the world. But what if you could inspire emotions in people... with only two sentences? That is the challenge today, to attempt to, in a concise way, right a powerful, two sentence post on this week's topic:


    I look forward to seeing your posts!​
  2. What do you, Barack Obama, Stephen Hawking, Vladimir Putin, Derek Jeter, and Queen Elizabeth have in common?

    Your future.
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  3. As she fell before him with the sword buried fast within her ribcage, the expression that crossed her face was not one of anger but of pity for the man who thought that he could cheat death. Death would come for them all and she would not spend her final moments cursing it but rather chose its embrace and find a solace that he would never know.​
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  4. Pain sparked through Rare's body and she felt her consciousness fading as rapidly as her vision turned dark. Her head dropped, and she could feel as each of her limbs slowly disappeared, though her eyes saw them merely lying still as the electrical signals through her nerves dampened to nothing.
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  5. They usually say that losing your livelihood, money or girlfriend is not the end of your world. They are quite right, as I learned, you should be much more worried about having the lower half of your body blown off.
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  6. If we're allowed to cheat...

    "Dying is an art, like everything else. I do it exceptionally well." - (don't remember who said/wrote it)

    Now for something original!

    "Daddy got a new job with a blue uniform and Mommy was so proud of him when he left for his first day at work. I didn't understand why Mommy began to cry when Daddy's friend in a blue uniform showed up at the door that night, holding a cap in his hands."
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  7. Many people think a knife to the chest, a bullet to the head, some falling speed or a few dangerous poisons are the most notable ways one can die. Truth is, a lot of words, attitudes, mere poses, or even solitude have much the same effect.
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  8. I let a thousand moments pass me by, unfulfilled.

    I always thought there would be a thousand more.
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  9. "I am so tired, and the fight has been so long. It's time... for this soldier to be relieved of his duty, and from his post."
  10. Why is time what brings us all together and apart? Because the sheer existence of time puts something else on the table, the end.
  11. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you," she said as she stared into his eyes. Her fingers trembled as she felt his weight lessen, and his body crumbled into dust as he told her it had been his pleasure to meet her.
  12. The light that once filled her lover's eyes was extinguished, still and glassy in all shades of blue. She wept into her neck, cries on her lips, begging her to come back.
  13. She was told death was a natural part of any living being's existence, for without death, what value was there to life?

    Yet as alone and as lonely as she was, Naoki couldn't find it in herself to finally say goodbye to the world.
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  14. His last ragged breath whispered out the words, "I love you," as he slipped off into eternity. She held his hand until it was cold in her own wishing to hear those words again.
  15. When you are a dealer of death, death becomes the only goal worth pursuing. So why was he so cowardly that he could take others', but not his own?
  16. I looked at her life support monitor and watched it beep as I held her hand. The second I finally let go of her hand, she flat lined.
  17. He saw the distant plumes of smoke and flashes of light, heard the shouts and alarms, the enemy were going to bombard him and his comrades' trench with the thunderous fury of a wrathful deity.

    He ducked down and prayed for delivery from this infernal scar in the ground, this insufferable Hell on Earth, and the answer to his prayers... was an immense pillar of fire.
  18. When I was a child, she told me I wouldn't be alone when she was gone, that she would be in the puddles, and in the rivers, and in the lakes, in the creeks, in the snow and the sleet and the rain. I guess that's why I love to dance in thunderstorms.