Two Semi-Fantasy/Sci-Fi School RP Ideas

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  1. 1. "Svipul Reformatory School for the Gifted and Talented Youth" - It would look like any other exclusive boarding school were it not for the the 15 foot gates... This RP would take place in a boarding school on an enclosed campus somewhere in the European countryside. The school does not have an application process, but rather students are "scouted" from juvenile halls, orphanages, and mental asylums all across the continent for their unusual talents. Those considered outstanding are transferred from their old institution to elite Svipul. Svipul operates on two levels as a "reform school" which, essentially a nice prison, sets out to cure the "maladaptive behaviors" of its student-inmates in a bit more of a "homey" environment. And on another level, as a selective private school where every student has a remarkable mental talent in a certain field, a talent that will be fostered at Svipul.
    It sounds like a good idea, and indeed the state institutions that sign over the custody of their wards hail the philanthropy of Svipul's anonymous founder. However, something more nefarious is going on behind the scenes. This mass of brilliant societal rejects is more than just a body of students, it's a potential army of unparalleled ability. The food in the dining hall tastes a bit different this year for a reason. By secretly chemically altering the brain chemistry and genetic makeup of their genius students the puppet masters of Svipul hope to enhance their students to the level of mentally super-powered (psychoscopes, telekinesists, psychics, technopaths.) The students just don't know it yet...

    2. "Lucetdia High" Inspired by the fantastic webcomic "Evil Diva" ( A highschool for angels and devils where students learn to be harbringers of vice (devils) or virtue (angels) in a traditional educational environment with classes. Some are alignment-specific (i.e. possession, rebellion, curruption, black-magic for devils and inspiration, guardianship, miracles, immaculacy for angels). Others are general such as charm, history, choir, assimilating with humans, etc. which angels and devils take together. There's no doubt that the world would not function without both sides maintaining the balance but that doesn't mean cliques don't develop. They walk the halls together but, in general, angels group with angels and devils with devils. A newly admitted group to the school is the half-breeds who are in the taboo situation of having one angel and one devil parent. Both sides want to win them over and they have to choose their alignment by the time they graduate or they will lose all their abilities.
    Some notes on the setting: There are three realms. Limbo: Angels and devils live and some work here but their communities are widely of one alignment or the other. Similiar to how humans of different ethnic backgrounds occupy specific culturally-rich areas in big cities, angels and devils live widely among their own kind in Limbo though they do interact. This is where Lucetdia is. Earth: Our realm. Where some angels and some devils work. Hell: Where "bad" spirits are managed. Only devils work here. Heaven: Where "good" spirits are managed. Only angels work here. After graduating Lucetdia almost all go on to get a job in one of these realms.

    Input? Suggestions? (I'm not just saying I want your ideas, I mean it!) Anything sound interesting?
  2. I absolutely love the sound of the first idea and if it was a new RP I would definitely join up straight away. It sounds brilliant. I love the behind-the-scenes idea of people trying to essentially raise an army of biological weapons. I would love to see this as a private RP. :)
  3. Very cool. It could make an interesting private one. I'm game so if you're still interested let me know!
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  4. Definitely! Clue me in on that shit lol!
  5. Haha sweet. I'll get a thread up sometime.
  6. Awesome :) let me know when!
  7. Hm..I kinda' like the second one..
  8. Sweet. Did you have any ideas for it?