Two RP Options (1 fantasy, 1 science fantasy)

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  1. Hello again!

    I post an awful lot of these partner requests, and today I am making my prettiest yet, and hopefully most interesting. Below are two collapses, each with information about a setting—an alternate history future, and a science-fantasy world that is hopefully very alien to prospective partners. Both have very open plots, but only one accepts characters from outside settings (the science-fantasy, Pehl-la).

    I have included musical options inside the collapses for each plot, and my preferences are under the third collapse. Any questions can be directed to me by PM for clarification.
    The Invisible Woman

    Hidden Away​


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    2006 C.E. Earth, a teenager named Biocybera has conquered almost all of the world with an army of stolen children in the span of only four years. Despite her ruthless tactics of conquest, she quickly established worldwide human rights, healthcare and education reform, economic reform, and more to the countries she ruled. Technology boomed as she not only relaxed laws pertaining to scientific research, but also pushed new laws that forbade wasteful or dangerous business practices.
    After seventy years of peace enforced with an iron-fist and tough laws, company owners finally had enough of her dedication to safety and the environment cutting into their profits, so they used the media to turn the public against her, then armed the rebellion, while the "Mistress" as she was called did nothing to stop the rising tension. Fighting broke out the first day, and then Biocybera's forces surrendered under orders from their superiors, and a cryptic message was relayed: "Biocybera is tired. She has decided to go home."
    Ignoring the message, the people stormed her bases in search of her, but she remained missing.

    The three years after the 2076 C.E. uprising were filled with turmoil as the people struggled to find order and head government. Heads of companies earned massive profits and fought for control of three continents until in 2079, they crashed the world's economy. Five years of struggling led eventually to the internet finding a viable government, and a union of nations formed in a similar pattern to the previous, however each followed most of Biocybera's laws and policies until big companies rose and started to rally against them.
    Current Events
    Now, on New Year's Day, 2301 C.E., the world is alive in festivities as they celebrate the new year's coming and the passing of the last with fireworks, gifts, and drink. It was 12:15 AM GMT when government scanners discovered activity in one of Biocybera's long-forgotten bases. They are on their way, but what if someone else finds out first and arrives before they do?
    OOC Notes
    I am looking for someone to not only play in this world, but to discuss with me possible technologies, events, politics, and more..


    Ambassadors to Pehl-la​

    The world ripped apart and you fell through the gaps.

    Daily life—boring, exciting, tragic, fun—it's interrupted. A tiny sneeze that sounds both utterly distant and right in your ear. The world around you goes still, and reality ripples, each wave throwing you about, until the waves become larger, and tears appeared. Your arm fell into one and wouldn't pull out no matter how you struggled, until the rip swallowed you, and sent you falling through a dizzying void filled with particles tinier than you can see.

    A lack of sensation leaves you almost alone with your thoughts as your stomach, aware this is wrong churns painfully, trying to vomit, but unable as sparks shoot across your retinas.

    A million years pass in a moment, and you land on something soft and large. It's warm again, and the particles stop dancing across your eyes. A dark room surrounds you, you can make out a curtain hung from a single point above you, but not its color.

    It's hard to move, and harder to think, and it is a struggle to control yourself as your stomach churns violently.


    • Availability
      • I am available every day from 2PM EST to 4AM EST. I do not object if my partner is in a different time zone or their online times differ greatly from my own.
    • Frequency
      • I try to post twice a week minimum per RP. I have been known also to take thirty minutes at the shortest to two weeks at the longest. These frequencies may lower in November, but I will not stop posting.
    • Skill
      • Advanced or adept partners who appreciate flexible post lengths (three sentences and up) are welcome, and I will do my best to impress.
    • Information
      • My partner and I are not in competition. If we are to craft a story together, we must work together. If I am GMing, I may withhold certain details if I do not know my partner well yet, but I will be up-front if asked about them.
    • Age
      • I am twenty six years old. I play best with partners of similar or higher age, with 20 as the lowest limit.
      • All plays will take place in Libertine, even though they may fit other genres. I do not want children reading my roleplays.
    • Sex and Gender
      • I am able and eager to play male or female characters with varying gender identities and sexualities—provided the character fits the plot.
      • My partner can play either sex an any gender identity as long as the portrayals are not sexist (though the characters may be), and the character fits into the plot.
    • Contact
      • Potential partners should contact me by PM and keep open communication throughout the roleplay's duration.
      • I will ask first if something confuses me, or if I feel the need to time-skip or take (minor) control of my partner's character.
      • In the event that I cannot post or think I may be unable to post, I will post a status and contact anyone who I cannot reply to in more than a week.
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    The problems I'm seeing, are simple questions, there just isn't enough information on Pehl-la

    And then of course, the question as to how a teenager managed to conquer the world with an army of 'stolen children'
  3. Answering you by PM since (as I stated twice in my post) that is how I prefer to discuss things OOC.