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Two romantic plots inside...

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by CrypticWriter, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. The Heart Does Go On:
    Girls like her spent their entire lives waiting for someone like him to come along. Girls like her painted pictures of men like him on the dusty floor beside their broken beds, saw his face in the water stains that grew and grew as the April downpours of London released their fury on the crumbling buildings. He'd lost something, she could see it in his eyes, but she wasn't there to fill the void. No, she was a revenge tactic, a last minute decision, a very bad idea. But girls like her dreamed of him, didn't they? He was giving her freedom, wasn't he? Or was it simply a more expensive noose, tightened around her neck? But girls like her...they dreamed of men like him. And so, without another moment of hesitation, she blurted out a quiet "Yes."

    This plot is centered around your character and his life, so it's VERY open to change. The basic premise is that he's a wealthy heir to some company, and his father had set up an arranged marriage for him in America. At the same time he writes him of the news, he also informs him that his mother has died. Heartless, cold, uncaring, your character cannot believe his father's audacity. In a fit of rage, he writes that he has already married the love of his life, and the two of them will be arriving in America soon. How will they get there? Titanic. Of course, we all know where that leads. There's also a slight problem; your character is not actually married. In a moment of panic, the day before the ship leaves, he walks into a brothel and meets my character. She's one of the higher end prostitutes, the sort trained in etiquette should a rich man wish to have company at the opera before he has company in his hotel room. That said, she's not entirely thrilled with her situation. He explains the situation, and promises her a life of ease if she'll tell a few lies and become his wife. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, so she agrees. The two are married one day, and they board the Titanic the next. Where it goes from there, well, we'll see. I don't want this to be a rushed sort of romance, or a love at first sight sort of thing. It's a business transaction, nothing more(at first). Think Pretty Woman meets Titanic.

    Forever Bound To You:
    He is a 900 year old vampire, still searching for his one true love, who was reincarnated into a twenty something female. When he sees her, how he feel? Will the female regain her memory and love for the male? We'll just have to see.

    The second one is a vague plot but causes for a great roleplay. Now, whoever is interested, I will be playing both of the female roles, so the other writer would have to play the male roles. I would really love to do these roleplays. Also, I would like for the writer who is interested to post longer posts. Thanks and I hope someone or people are interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.