Two post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fantasy RP ideas.

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Which would you prefer?

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  1. No1; Terra Azura

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  2. No2; Fina, The City of Light

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  1. No.1 - Terra Azurra

    It was nearly two hundred years ago, when the object hit Earth.

    The civilization lies in ruin.
    Mana runs rampant across the world.
    The bastions of civilization fight a desperate battle against magic.
    The victory of magic is so close.

    Full backstory (open)

    It was nearly two hundred years ago, when the object hit Earth.

    In the year of 2032, an asteroid of significant size was spotted on a collision course with Earth. However as the predicted impact zone was central Africa. The nations of the world, stuck in political meddling over the remaining resources refused to waste any money on intercepting the object.
    The following year the asteroid struck, the already fragile economy of the countries of Africa fell apart, the continent descended into anarchy as the rest of the world continued their own bickering.

    The few scientists interested in the object took over five years to reach it, escorted by UN forces they finally arrived in 2038. What they found was astonishing. The area around the object seemed unlike anything on Earth, the object itself was made of a strange blue glowing substance. The area around it seemed to show traces of the same substance as plants and wildlife seemed to adapt to it.
    Before any further studies could be preformed however, the UN expedition, small in numbers was pushed out by the local militia.
    Over the following fifteen years the requests of scientist for a second expedition fell to deaf ears.
    Unknowingly this was UN's biggest mistake.

    On the 1st of January 2053, the nations of Africa announced that an alliance has been formed, the United African Nations then expelled the UN forces from its few remaining bases on the continent in South Africa by force.
    The UN attempted to reason with this new alliance, however the UAN, fuelled by years of hate from the colonist treatment of their lands, refused any peace treaty or diplomatic contact. The European nations urged for a war, threatened by an alliance overseas, however their proposal was denied by the remaining nations of the UN.

    Fifty years passed in relative peace.

    Until in 2103, an unusual substance was spotted by a mining crew near the Suez canal, scientists were called to investigate, and what they found was the substance carried by the meteor over sixty years ago.
    Mere days after this discovery, the forces holding the canal were attacked, not by an army but by mere individuals, using what the garrisoned forces could explain only as magic. The EU branch of UN forces was forced to retreat, entrenching deeper in the Sinai peninsula.
    The scientists soon discovered that the substance, so willingly ignored for sixty years spreads almost magically, favouring biological substances, and nearly stopped firm by metals and glass. Using the experience by the military forces attempting to stem the UAN advance on Sinai, the scientists dubbed the substance Mana, stopping its advance became the UN's primary focus since its discovery.
    For this purpose, a massive steel wall, going as deep as two kilometres was built on the Sinai peninsula to stop the advancement of mana. As soon as the wall was completed, the UAN attack seemingly stopped, and the UN forces retook the peninsula.
    A large number of surveillance satellites were deployed over Africa, and the spread of mana was catastrophic, over 90% of the continent was affected in some degree, while the area around the landing site literally glowed blue from the concentration. At the same time the scientists were baffled by the substance, unless present in another element the pure mana was nigh indestructible, and no weapon or tool could destroy it. No sort of tool would detect the substance, it completely ignored the scientific advancements of Humanity.
    Once these findings were reported to the public, the UN finally fractured. European nations, Russia, China and Japan advocated a war with Africa. They would push into the continent and destroy the asteroid, in hopes that would stop the tide of mana.
    North American countries continued their research on the substance, hoping to find some way of destroying it, while secretly developing their space program, in case they would have to retreat to space.
    The rest of the nations still hoped for a peaceful solution, and with that, the political gears ground to a halt, accomplishing nothing by stagnation, it would seem that nothing but the seas and the wall of Sinai blocked the advance of mana, even though the latter had to be thickened constantly as mana eroded the steel it was made of.

    Only for a year did this situation last, as the African nations struck once more, this time sparing nothing, hundreds of cruise missiles launched towards South America, targeting remote locations all over the continent, seeding mana rich rocks and organisms all over the continent.
    At the same time a massive army struck at Sinai, easily overrunning the defences the EU put up there. The year 2104 was later marked as the "end of technology".
    The following ten years were marked with constant warfare, the Eurasian forces fighting a loss after loss, sacrificing more land each time, at the same time, under the spreading mana, more and more countries in South America collapsed, only to join the African alliance, which renamed itself to "Azure Collective". North and Central American countries prepared themselves for war, unified after years of bickering.

    However nothing could stop the collapse of the UN, as the organization finally fractured in half, from its ashes rose the North American Alliance and the Emergency United Nations, also known as the Anti-Mana alliance. the EUN would bring the battle to the Azure Collective.

    And for the next one hundred years, the EUN kept fighting the Azure Collective, losing battle after battle, losing country after country, at the same time the NAA, unfamiliar with fighting the Azure Collective would lose significantly more ground. The North American continent was deemed lost by the EUN by 2130.
    However the US managed to establish several massive stations in orbit, they would join the EUN once the NAA collapsed.

    Most of Asia fell by 2146
    Contact with Australia was lost in 2151
    All territory south of Denmark was lost by 2186.

    It is the year of 2190, the Azure Collective holds all of the world except the British Isles, Scandinavia, Siberia and Iceland.

    However unknown to the EUN the Collective collapsed ages ago, and the rest of Humanity has regressed to a medieval level of technology, using magic for their convenience.

    The EUN has fortified their positions, "bastion cities" were established, heavily armed, surrounded by concrete and steel walls. Protocols for fighting the Azure were established, and free use of tactical nuclear weapons is commonplace.

    RP Info

    So, how many of you would be interested in an RP in a world ruined by magic? For this RP a second poll would be put up to see if people wanna pick the EUN or the magical Humans, this is a very flexible setting, but it would most likely either focus on the ultimate victory of magic, or the EUN's attempt to destroy mana and reclaim the world.

    No. 2 - Fina - the city of Light

    Shortened Ver of Backstory
    Nobody remembers how it happened, why did the civilization of old collapse, even fewer are the people that remember it.
    In its place rose the Three Cities, the most majestic and powerful being Fina, backed by the most powerful "light" mages, the city holds unrivalled power, ruling over the remaining two cities, Ententa and Palai.


    In this world exist four types of magic, two of which are so rare they are myths
    Common magic comes from emotions, and are relatively common, appearing in every tenth person.

    Light Magic - Magic powered by positive emotions
    Dark Magic - Magic powered by negative emotions

    The user of these types of magic can either use their own emotions, or the emotions of their opponents or allies. The former is much more powerful, however the user will start inhibiting the emotion more and more, if not controlled leading to the person becoming an embodiment of that one emotion.
    While Light magic is endorsed by Fina and many schools and teachers exist for its training and use, Dark magic is shunned. Dark mages often start by utilizing others' emotions, however must seek more power once they become pursued by the mages of Fina, because of this most Dark Mages have to inhibit their emotions even though they are not inherently evil, and live in reclusion from the world. The spread is 50/50

    A person with magical capacity will usually show three to four emotional capacities at the start, the others fade out as they decide on one direction. In extreme cases a person can inhibit two at full capacity. Out of the possible emotions it is almost certain that both "dark" and "light" emotions will be present.

    Rare magic are borderline mythical, while a grey mage appears every fifty of so years, often bringing a time of calamity with them, true mages have not been seen in hundreds of years.

    Grey magic - Magic powered by resolve
    True Magic - Magic powered by knowledge

    RP Info
    This RP has a much more defined plot, the players would be playing a group of mages to be, heading to Fina from their villages in order to receive training for their skills, of course, fate would have other ideas.
    There is no full backstory for this not because it doesn't exist, but because it is one of the crucial parts of the plot, and as such would be spoilers.

    Other Technical Info.

    This will most likely be a medium-high requirement RP, with a minimum of one paragraph unless circumstances force less.
    While I am not a native English speaker I still expect a certain level of English grammar, spelling and punctuation.

    No 1. would be a mid-large sized RP of 5-10 players, No 2. would be a mid sized RP at 4-6 players.

    In No 1. the number of playable characters would be unlimited so long as I find it appropriate and if you believe you can regularly post for all of your characters, however No 2. would most likely be limited to 1-3 characters.
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  2. Hey. Hey.

    I am rather keen on encouraging you to pursue option number two.

    But regardless of which idea comes to fruition, I would love to join. Either one seems like a fine and jolly enough idea to roleplay.

    I do, however, have a few questions.

    What are your posting frequency expectations and what is your posting level requirement? Furthermore may we play a multitude of characters in this particular RP? And, oh yes, what is the maximum number of accepted RPers?

    Thank you for your time.

    Yours truly,

    The Boo Girlie BoomBoom.


    For sure. Yay. Yuh. Tilde. Tilde. Circumflex. Circumflex. Exclamation point. Exclamation point.

    Colon. Number three.
  3. I suppose I'll add the posting expectations and other information in the OP, though this is just an interest check.
    And well, I usually never go past that phase.
  4. Thanks for answering^^! kay but sooooo wait.. Wut..?

    So like when you say: "I usually never go past that phase."

    Do you mean you usually never actually start up the RP?? O.o??
  5. I've never actually achieved enough interest on an interest check to start an RP, no.
  6. Aaaaaand still you came back. you are awesomes^^!! Awesomes with a Capital~BOOOOOOOOM!!~ yayuh! ;DD

    Kay so like, here's hoping interest picks up right?

    ~channels positive thoughts and rainbows and airhorns~
  7. Well I'm interested, count me in for either option, although the second one is more geared towards things I've already done while the first seemed like a rich territory to develop new ideas in.
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  8. Two people, amazing I guess.
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  9. Three people^^!!! Know what? That makes it amazingzing.


    Oooooohhh.... And know what else?? Fina still in the lead ;DD
  10. Well with one more we fulfil the minimum requirements for Fina
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  11. Yeah~yeah^^!! ★★more positive rainbow airhorns ★★

    Kay but like for serious now..

    What ages are the new~mages~to~be? Like not little kids right? Like I'll still join but just wanna know^^
  12. Of course not, most mages start exhibiting their powers when fifteen or older (Exceptions exist).
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  13. I'd be up for taking that last spot.
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  14. Well its not a last spot, there's room for two more. We can start with 4 players + me though.
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  15. Why delay? Call now to receive your free RP, complete with extra players! Remember, there are only 6 of these deals left and they are going fast!
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  16. Well I am delaying because once this RP starts, it will be very difficult for additional players to join in.
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  17. Kay but like maybe we can start on charries while we wait? Oh and we can edit out appies for approval too?? Cuz also you never know who may be moooore willing to join if they see what kinda charries there are to RP with?? Maybe? Idk getting the boomboom brain to think up ideas... ^^

    Oh! Oh! Oooohh! Me me meee! I'll take one... aaaaand a unicorn in the side. Extra rainbows please. I like to splurge every so often nom'sayin? ;DDD
  18. I would be up for either rp. If you would have me that is.
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  19. I guess I will be tagging along as well~
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  20. Well that's a full set, you can expect the OOC/signups some time today.
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