Two Possible RPs Here: JSRF-esque and Muv Luv

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  1. Alrighty, Crabby Claws here with two idea for you!

    1: JSRF-esque


    I don't believe I've seen anything about this game on here, so I'm totally unsure if there is even a want for it. Regardless, I would love to do something loosely taking the setting of JSRF and VeloCITY (Which, admittedly, is also inspired by JSRF) and mixing them with a few ideas of my own.

    Possible Rule Set: VeloCITY

    I feel like I should use a dice system for this or it would devolve into everyone trying to write out being flashier than the other person despite their characters actual ability to be able to or not. This could help less descriptive people (i.e. Me) feel like they're still trickster kings with their bigger roll pools.

    2: Muv Luv: Alternative


    I'm not too sure when in the universe I wish to do this RP. I'm leaning towards sometime parallel to the actual ML:A time frame or possibly Total Eclipse. To allow people to choose whatever TSF they want, it will probably be some sort of multi-national organization or another sort of test pilot base. It would really depend if we want more Alternative or something a little more like Unlimited or total Eclipse, where there was comparatively less danger.

    Possible Rule Set: Giant Guardian Generation

    I'm still a little iffy about using this to do the RP. I'm not too familiar with the types of Mecha trpgs out there, but the ones I do know of I don't necessarily like. I may just cut the dice for this one all together.

    Well I don't wish to get too detailed on two ideas that may very well be going no where, so here's what I have for now. Feel free to comment if you have any concerns or questions about either systems or settings. I'll be honest and say I'm still extremely new to the GMing sort of thing, so sorry if I end up not delivering as much as you expected.

    On second thought, I figured that expecting a group of people to want to read and learn these rule sets they probably never heard of might be asking for too much. Still, I would love to run either of the two settings dice less as well.
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  2. Hmm. I'm interested in the muv luv rp, but at the same time I'm putting one together on my site so I'm iffy on overextending to fast paced games.
  3. I'd be interested in your JSRF idea. I don't really know much about the other RP though.
  4. Muvluv? Interested.

    Did one way back in the day that ran off of Silcore. Also played with GGG before as well, so yeah.
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