Two plots inside!

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  1. I've had two ideas come about recently and I would like to do something with them! Very open to modding them and getting people interested!


    • A person has been recently hired to be that of a what one would possibly call a butler/maid to someone that has been a high prestige sort of being. The company is well known and the name carries weight yet it isn't without a doubt that the A person is something of a mystery. Person B is skilled at their job, but find themselves highly curious to whom their employer is as they have actually never met him or her. A late night devulges that person B mistakenly runs into person A in the home or office coming face to face with a being that is suppose to be something of legend (Could be vampire, gargoyle whatever really just something mythic) things ensue creating a deal that must be kept between the two, that person B cannot leave knowing the secret of person A, such events follow and eventually romance.

    • Paladin and a god. The war god has recently been cast into the mundane realm forced to live the very life in which he looked down upon. It is new and modern in comparison to the old timey tales and the god unmistakably has a run in with the other that is part of a shrine that has been known for decades to practice the techniques often attributed to that of old. Granted they are something akin to that of a priest(ess), the shrine does well to keep it's feats hidden. Everyday life must continue. Recently finding themself with that of the paladin high schooler, they have every urge to return their god-om to themselves by any means necessary, using the help whether they want it or not of the paladin to find ways to return themselves to that higher plain. Comedy, Romance, Action so forth
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  2. I'm interested in the first plot!! Just PM me and we can discuss everything!