Two Plots in One RP Request! (MxF looking for F, see inside for details)

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Plot #1: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" inspired RP


Alright so for those of you who don't know what this is, I'll explain:

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" is a film about a young couple who are engaged/plan to be engaged. They had a Romeo/Juliet experience as they fell in love: you could say they were destined for each other. However, there's two big problems with their relationship: the boyfriend (MC) hasn't met the girlfriend's (YC) family at all since they began a romance, and they come from two different racial backgrounds (in the film, the boy is white and the girl is black). Wacky hijinks ensue when they finally try to meet her family, trying to power by their highly conservative views on the obvious race difference to see that these two young people genuinely love one another and don't care about the colour of their skin or their cultural background.

If this sounds familiar, it's because the basic premise was used for "Meet the Parents" (a Ben Stiller and Robert DeNero film) and the original film (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner) had a modern-ish remake starring Asthon Kutcher, Zoe Saldana, and Bernie Mac that came out in the 2000's.

I'd like to try something similar, where I would play the male role and you would play the female. Like the movie (the original and the remake), I'm thinking they would have that divide in race and wouldn't mind trying out an North American Boy/Japanese Girl dynamic since the cultures are very different when you analyze it closely. Plus, it would make sense if her father didn't approve, using the whole 'he doesn't know our culture/he isn't Japanese' argument to reinforce his dislike of MC.

Anyways we can talk more about it when I find out who's into the idea, so post below if you're interested or shoot me a PM!

Plot #2: "How I Fell in Love with the Demon King"


Much like the first plot here, this story is also a romantic comedy, unlike what the title suggests.

This would be an anime-inspired original idea, which follows as such:

A young man (MC) attending a high-prestige academy in Japan has had a relatively normal life up until that fateful day. He had a large group of friends, he was on the student council, got good grades, and like many teenage boys reaching the final stages of puberty, for some reason he always had trouble with girls.

But one day during a club meeting that was running late into the night, (MC) and his friends heard strange noises echoing from down the hall. Quietly, they investigated the noise only to discover a group of demon-worshiping cultists praying around a pentagram made of chalk on the floor. They even had brought a young freshman to their worshipping circle as a Virgin sacrifice, presumably to summon some kind of demonic entity. While (MC) and his friends wanted to stop them immediately for their disturbing acts on school property, they knew they couldn't act without first getting proper help. So, (MC) ran off while his friends watched the door and found a nearby teacher, who immediately followed him to the room where the summoning circle was taking place.

Busting the door open, the teacher and (MC)'s group interrupted the ritual and grabbed all of the cultists, who began to change shape as soon as their hands touched them. The cultists began to morph in such a way that made their bodies look disfigured and horrifying, becoming sick and twisted abominations of nature; becoming Demons themselves.

Before the outmatched humans could escape, the demon cultists kept at them, viciously attacking those who had interrupted their ritual. Most of the human students managed to get away, except for (MC) and the teacher, who were cornered by the demons. Just as things were looking grim, a drop of (MC)'s blood fell on the pentagram and within moments, a burst of red light emerged from the circle. From it emerged two figures: the first one being of an ethereal orb, and the second one being a young woman about the same age as (MC), except she was completely naked, had small black wings protruding from her back, and curled black horns coming from the top of her ash coloured hair.

The orb instantly flew into (MC)'s chest, slamming him against the wall with such force that it created a small dent in the wooden frame. Then, a large black sword with a unique design fromed within his hands, created by some type of strange blue energy. The demons jumped back in shock as they saw the weapon in (MC)'s hands and immediately attacked, only to be countered by the naked demon woman, who quickly dispatched the monsters with a pure white blade of her own.

After the monstrous demons were obliterated, the demon woman turned to (MC), waving her hands over her body to create a long, black dress. Then, she explained that she was the 54th "Demon King" (despite clearly being a woman) and she was summoned to the Mortal Realm by his blood, making her bound to him by an unwritten contract (since his blood helped give her a human form to walk around in, she in turn is tied to his life and must keep him safe if she is to continue living in the mortal realm).

She goes on to explain that the demons did not intend to summon her, but rather her brother, the "Prince of Evil" (otherwise known as the Devil). The reason she interrupted the circle and took her brother's place is because the prince was vile and truly rotten, possessing a deep hatred for humans and everything that was good in the world. He wanted nothing but to unleash a literal 'Hell' upon the mortals and watch them suffer by his blood-hungry hands. She, on the other hand, believed that the proper way to go about living was to keep peace between the Mortal Realm and the Demon Realm, but there were obviously those who thought differently (as evidenced by the demons she had fought).

She also explains that those demons were only a small handful of creatures currently in Japan who were loyal to her brother's ideologies. They were led by 8 Demon Lords, all of whom had been labeled as threats against the monarch in the past and banished to the lower levels of Hell. But, somehow they managed to escape and be summoned in the Mortal Realm, which is bad news for the humans. If the demon lords managed to somehow break the Demon King's brother out of his inprisonment, then the Mortal Realm would be doomed.

Since she is bound to (MC) by blood, she makes him a deal: if he helps her eliminate her brother's influence in the Mortal Realm by killing the 8 Demon Lords (using his new weapon, which will increase in power the more he learns to use it), she will in turn grant him any wish he desires until the task is done and she must return to the Demon Realm.

So what I was thinking for this one is to start things off a little later in the story, perhaps a week or two after the night the Demon King (YC) was summoned.

She's pretty much invaded his life at this point: she's convinced his parents that she's an exchange student and must live with (MC), she is now the president of the student council (as the original had been a demon, whom she killed), and they even have the same class schedule together. Everybody thinks that they're dating, but (MC) just thinks the relationship is part of a deal. (YC) however, has seen the good side of (MC) that she's never before seen in any of her demon courtiers and thus, has developed feelings for the human.

However, since she's a demon she would be a little more 'flirty' than other girls (think something perhaps like Kurumu from Rosario + Vampire), often times referring to (MC) as her 'Partner' in public and getting clingy whenever another girl speaks to him (sometimes she'd grip his arm tightly to assert her dominance/control over him or sometimes she'd out right scream 'He's mine! Get your own!' while gripping his body). She would still be extremely embarrassed about her growing feelings for him (ex. If he held her hand, it makes her blush, or even when he's being nice to her she can't help but go red in the face, as nobody has ever spoken such sweet words to her before), but she's still the Demon King and doesn't act meek or shy away from conflict when it arises... It's just when it comes to things concerning love that she gets nervous.

So the general idea would be we can play around with them going about their daily lives and developing a relationship while also fighting off any demons that come their way.

I also had an image in mind for how I imagined the Demon King would look like, and I've also included an image of my character. I think it would be pretty cool if you used the image I provided, but you don't have to if you don't really like it. It was more or less a general concept.

Anyways, if you're interested than post below or shot me a PM and we'll get talking! Also, I'll explain the whole 'wishes' thing when we get into the OoC discussions.

The Demon King (if you want to use this, go ahead)


My Character

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