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Two Plot Ideas "RP Revival"

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ray, Dec 20, 2014.

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  1. Just some real quick plot ideas I want to use again for the sake of roleplay revival. Hopefully a long term partner will come with this as well...

    A few simple requirements that I ask of my partner is that they know for a fact they can follow the 'adept' posting expectations. This includes high reading comprehension, a grasp of complex themes, and little to no "fluff" posts. I expect my partner to communicate withme thoroughly through OOC and offer up their own ideas and/or suggestions throughout the roleplay. I would also appreciate it if my partner would post at least once a week. That is the bare minimum. If you cannot post one week, let me know in advance. One last thing that I request from you is that I see a writing sample from one of your previous roleplays. If I do not feel we are compatible in writing styles, do not mope. It is for the sake of our sanity.

    The first one is more plot than sex. The second one is a balance. Keep in mind that while I will be submissive, this does not mean I won't let my character go away without giving her partner some courtesy as well~ ;)

    One is an incest pairing- half-brother x half-sister. They're both royalty and their parents just married- one from Bulgaria (my character and her father), and the other from Britain (your character and his mother). He'd be an heir, as would my character. This could possibly be something along the lines of a medieval-esque roleplay or just royalty. Anyways, the euphemisms for this, in order to make it "passionate-looking" this will be descriptive, but the euphemisms will be vague.

    The next roleplay is a generic student and teacher pairing. This will be an erotica rp, female x female, so be sure to focus on feelings ilicited during sexy times rather than the relationship. I will play the foreign exchange student and you'd be an English teacher. Euphemisms will be explicit.

    Further discussion can be carried out through PMs.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.