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  1. Looking for something on the more smutty side, while still having bits of casual story exploration. As my title indicate I am looking for female RPs for MxF pairings(Me as M). I normally only post once or twice a day, depending on stuff irl. I write about 5 lines to a paragraph. (Worth 200+ words). No one liners, please.

    I fancy the two pairings below, where the first one is slightly unusual. Let me know what you think/want!

    Male Dom Pet x Female Sub Pet
    Plot idea: Bonus for nekos, but is not required. Furry also accepted.
    We are the property of a rich gentleman in a world where it is perfectly normal to take humanoid pets. However, we are the only human like pets in the mansion, and we have only known each other for a few months. There is literately no security inside the house either, so when our owner go on a business trip leaving us behind, someone else take charge...

    Male Dom Vampire x Female Sub
    Plot idea: With focus on erotic blood sucking.
    I actually haven't done a real vampire RP before, so this could be fun.

    It's a classic 'vampire rule all' setting. Humans are doomed, and men or women disappear all the time. Our rich vampire character lives in a large mansion, but due to business has yet to pick a human female to live off. Thus, your character enter the picture. Either as a maid already working in the house, or as new comer.
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  2. I like your second idea. :)
  3. I might like the first one.
  4. I'll send you both a PM and we can take it from there.
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  5. If you are still open/ interested please PM me :3 i like the vamp one!
  6. I am interested too, if you are still interested in new people. I like both of them, but especially the vampire one.
  7. Sorry, already signed up for a good couple RPs. Perhaps another time =3
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