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  1. Friday nights was the night Club Blur was really amazing. Drinks every where, loud music pumping into your eardrums, people dancing. It was like everyone became one in that club. After a long week of slaving away at work, it was a nice change to get away from the constant roaring of reality, and the reminders of how life sucks. But at Club Blur, you forget that for a little while. You become stress free, and you become happy for a few hours. But the next day? Everything that happened is usually a blur. Which is why the club is named Club Blur. All you really remember is how much of a great time you had.

    That Friday, like most Fridays was where Milo was heading. Milo was a huge fan of the club. Even though it's a twenty one and over club, he's able to get in. He's cool with a guy who knows how to make awesome fake IDs. So Milo spends most if his Friday nights at the club, and he's the life of the party. At the moment he was walking into that very club, his dark shades covering his ice blue eyes. He looked around, running fingers through his hair as he headed to his usual booth, grinning at people who were friends with him.
  2. In that very club, stood near the bar, were a selection of rather prominent figures from around the city, essentially local celebrities, though all -surprisingly- were waiting, rather than be waited for. And the person they were all clearly eager to see arrive just happened to be Leora; a woman known throughout the city for her expensive, envious lifestyle and her love of easy living... as well as her beauty.

    Striding in fashionably late, every inch of her being drenched in perfection, she happily greeted the collection of people at the bar and graciously took the champagne from one of them. She didn't trust people, but that didn't mean she was going to refuse their friendship if it meant being able to go to a popular club and have fun.

    Easing up onto a seat and pushing her curled hair behind her shoulder, she did peer around simultaneously as the younger boy, and whether it be coincidence or not, she did smile to herself once her eyes landed on him. That being said, Leora never approached a person. They could be the most attractive man on the planet, but she much preferred to be chased and adored, rather than do the chasing herself and look desperate. Hence why, despite liking how Milo looked, she turned her back and simply laughed among her friends sipping daintily on her champagne with a smooth leg crossed across the other.​
  3. Seeing her caused Milo to pause a moment. She was....breathtaking. She was gorgeous. The most gorgeous woman he had seen in a while. Smirking, he ran fingers through his hair and walked over to her easily, and easily leaned on the bar next to her, easily moving a guy who was flirting with her out of the way. The guy glared at Milo, not that Milo even cared. "And good evening to you beautiful~" Purred the young boy, winking at the woman.
  4. Sipping the rest of her drink down, it was a long few seconds before she even turned to acknowledge the other's presence, eyeing him quietly before a slow smile graced her lips and simultaneously lit her eyes and the deep dimples in her cheeks. "Mm, how very brash," she drawled in her continually rich posh accent - she had lived in America a while now, but her rich London accent had ceased to disappear, alike her graceful, dainty tendencies.

    "Not that I think that's a turn-off. I like honest men," she continued, finally making it obvious that she was equally as interested in him as he was her, if her long glances down his body and easy flirtation had anything to go by. "Would you want to buy me a drink? I'm awfully thirsty, and a man like you ought to buy me a drink if you want to flirt with me some more."​
  5. Smirking at her long glances at his body, he too indulged in looking at her body. His eyes drank in her lovely curves, her flawless skin, those perfect lips. She looked amazing. "Course hon, whatever you want, I'll get bit for ya." He smirked, before finally looking in those doe eyes of hers. "The names Milo by the way." He easily sat down into the chair next to hers, before grabbing her own chair and pulling her closer to him.

    "And your name is?" He asked, unable to take his eyes off of her body. Damn she was hot. He a wanted to see what was under her dress.
  6. "I want some red wine," she decided thoughtfully, easily drinking in the lustful looks. She was -egotistically- used to being stared at, but it was always a great feeling no matter how often it did genuinely happen. And it did help when the other person just happened to be some handsome young man-- not that she realised how young he was, though. In her eyes, he was a year younger than she was, if not the same age as her. The dark, dim lighting did help to disguise his age, and besides. This was a club - she didn't even entertain the idea of a teenager managing to get in.

    "My name? Oh, come on now, sweetheart," she laughed musically, "do you think I'll give you my name just like that~?"​
  7. "I was hoping you did baby girl." He purred, before ordering her drink for her. "I mean, I gave you mine. Tell you what, if I make tonight one of the best nights of your life, you promise to give me your name?" He asked with a smirk winking at her.

    He didn't think she was that much older than him. Maybe twenty two. Hell, even if he knew her age, he would still want her. He didn't care. But he wasn't going to tell her his age. Girls tended to have a problem with dating younger guys. Especially when they were way younger than them. He never got why.
  8. "And how will you make it the best night of my life? I've had several exhilerating nights, darling," she responded with a playfully innocent smile, practically ignoring the group she had entered the club specifically to hang out with, especially one of the men she had been expecting to sleep with that night.

    Until Milo came along and completely obliterated the other from Leora's memory and recognition, that was.

    "Listen, hon, I'm a pretty busy woman. If this is just going to be some innocent flirtation that continues until I leave for the restroom, and i return to find you kissing the face off another woman, then you can jog on right this second. If you want to spend the whole night with me... maybe I have some time for you to execute this plan of yours."​
  9. "Oh hon, no woman can compare to you. I wouldn't waste my time in another woman, I'm all yours tonight, babe." He smirked, and gave him a wink.
  10. "Is that right?" She pondered aloud, a critical glance cast at him to ensure this wasn't just some hugely elaborate prank, just to get at her wealth. She was happy to indulge a blatant gold-digger for a while, but even she had her morals, and one of those happened to be completely ignoring the people who wanted to use her for her money. That, in her eyes, was pretty low.

    Though thankfully, her opinion wasn't that of Milo. In her view, he was pretty genuine-- and hell, just pretty too.

    "...My name's Leora. You can have that, just for being a total gentleman~"​
  11. "Leora? Beautiful. I never heard of your name. Unique, much like yourself." He whispered in her ear, his lips softly brushing the shell of her small ear. Milo had no idea she had wealth,he just wanted her. And her only. She was the most perfect woman he had ever seen.

    His long cool fingers slowly traced shapes on her bare shoulder, as he looked in her eyes with a flirtatious smile. "Leora, what brings you to Club Blur tonight?"
  12. Biting her bottom lip quietly, on the verge of blushing herself (even if she tried to constantly prevent such a thing, wanting to be in control rather than be led by bashfulness) though at least managed to prevent it just long enough to cast him a smile. "I like to get around the best clubs in the city, hm? And some friends suggest I finally try this place out. Good thing I did, really, or I wouldn't be sat here with you now, would I?"

    If he was going to play a little, then why couldn't she? It was that very mentality that led her to rest an arm around his shoulders, easing in just a little closer so her own lips rested near his ear, her breath easily resting upon it. "Although, I do bore dreadfully of clubs. I have far better alcohol back at my place~"​
  13. "Then what are we still doing here?" He smirked, chuckling as she played along with him. He was liking how bold she was, and how she wasn't like other girls. He liked her personality. Standing up, he helped the woman up, smirking at her. "Lead the way."
  14. Okay, so perhaps this, even for her, was rather quick.

    Usually, she would spend an hour or so chatting and flirting casually with a man before she even entertained the notion of leaving, and even then, she would more or often always insist that they leave to the other person's house and never her own apartment. But frankly, she was taken with Milo -his confidence was attractive, mostly- and as such, she couldn't care less that they would be going to her place. As long as they got there and had fun, what was the big deal?

    Clutching his hand in her own, she gave a flitting wave to her friends before giving her undying attention back to Milo. "Do you have a car? I never drive. I have a driver, but I assume he left. Didn't expect me to spend five minutes here, I suppose."​
  15. "I have a car hon." He whispered, and smirked before kissing her cheek. "Just give me some directions." Milo wrapped an arm around her waist, taking her to his car as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. This too was quick for him, but he rather liked this Leora. She was different from most girls.
  16. "You know Moone Avenue, the apartments there? That's where I live," she drawled, blinking just a tad at the unfamiliar feeling. While it wasn't exactly great, she wasn't used to leaving a club completely sober. She was used to being tipsy, even drunk, so to head out without the emphatic sense of drunkenness, she was having to adjust to sobriety.

    Though, of course, she planned to get drunk as soon as she reached her apartment, or it just wouldn't feel right. She wanted a fun night out, and hell, what fun night out ended sober?​
  17. Kissing along her neck, he helped her into his car, before getting on the other side. He easily pulled out of his parking spot and began to drive
  18. "I like your car," she said politely - sure, it was miles away from the sort of transport she was both used to and enjoyed, but that didn't mean she was just going to be rude. She would easily tell people what was on her mind, but she hardly wanted to upset him and ruin what they were clearly leading up to doing.

    Saying that, however, she would blurt out whatever she felt if she was drunk, so perhaps that was another good reason why she was mind-numbingly sober.

    "So, what do you do? Where do you work?" She asked finally, applying her lipstick and questioning him to fill the silence. "I bet you have an awesome job~"​
  19. Well, he was still in high school, his senior year, but he couldn't tell her that. At least not now, she might just leave.

    "Hmm, if I told you, you just might leave. I could be a famous drug lord.' He teased winking. "Just kidding. No I'm working a lot of things."
  20. "Do you do drugs then?" She asked casually - while she would never ever go near drugs, she had been with men who occasionally smoked weed. But if it was anything harder than that, she knew herself that she couldn't go near them. It just wasn't something she felt she could really deal with - weed was practically all she could stand her lovers to be on.

    "I mean, it isn't my business, of course," she quickly smiled, twirling a strand of hair around her finger with a shrug. "Still, I hope that was a joke?"​
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