Two of a Crime, or, Hush Hush

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  1. RULES:
    1) At least five-seven paragraphs per reply. Don't insult yourself with giving less than you got!
    2) Interesting and dynamic characters are a must. I know it's a violent RP, and people want characters with sob-stories as a biography... But why can't your character just be evil because they like it? Their mom can die, but they don't have to seek the person who killed them.
    3) If you plan dipping *ba-dum crash* out on me, give me a heads up!
    4) The plotting is entirely 50% on YOUR SHOULDERS. I can't give all the idea it's thought!
    5) If you're older than me, and plan on getting hot and bothered, I got bad news for you pal.
    6) I can write an entire essay about why I think queer dynamic couples are more interesting, but I can respect someone who isn't comfortable.

    In this RP, I envisioned a couple. They both keep to themselves, and they don't put themselves out there too much. Hell, they might not know eachother too well! Maybe they don't know eachother at all!! But maybe your character takes an interest in mine. Maybe vise versa. They get along, sure, the first date is amazing! Everything goes so swimmingly.

    But they don't know eachother's secrets, do they?
  2. I would like to do this with you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.