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Two N00bs getting Antiquated (The_Dark_Rebel and TheAstroBot)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by TheAstroBot, Oct 5, 2016.

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  1. //Gladitorial Ministory between myself and the bud.

    //Please forgive us if any posting is wrong, as we're both newbies to the site.
  2. Brief CS-

    Character Name is Astro, a Douche-y Space Mercenary type character.

    Gender is Male.


    Equipment is a Combat Knife, Thruster Pack, and Semi-Automatic Rifle. Gauntlets have a Blade in one, Grappling Hook in the other.

    Has a Special Ability of Firing Three Explosive Darts from his Thruster Pack.
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  3. My cs
    Name: Arleck
    gender: male
    race: human
    looks: white hair, black eyes, scars covering entire upper body(except face), white, lean, 5'9
    equipment: energy gauntlet (lets him throw energy spears and create a shield) an old revolver
    special ability: he has the ability to close his eyes have complete awareness (kind of like daredevil)
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