Two Moar Spots for a Sci-Fi Romp

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  1. Let the Stars Fall Down OOC

    Sup. So. There's like two open-ish spots in the RP. Read up if you're interested, I guess.

    But if it's TL;DR...

    Basically, freelancing kiddos in mechs, flying through the solar system and having fun missions, jobs, and plots! Naturally, they shouldn't be super stronk, because we already have a bunch of strong people ICly, and because they're rather new to the whole thing. Also, Railguns/Plasma are the stronkest weapons around. Particle Accelerator cannon things don't exist.

    RP level is that of...if you can post two paragraphs per post, you're golden. Quality over quantity, really.

    Try posting once every three days, or imma hafta smack you.

    Then kill you.

    Like I did with two people in the RP recently.

    Wonder why there's two open spots... :3
  2. Oh had my interest, but when I saw the OCC and IC in all its glory...and you captured by attention.

    I'm at a loss for Rps at a moment ( have non that im participating in at the moment), so this looks just perfect.
    I'm definitely willing to join, but I won't be able to get anything done till morning.
  3. From the look of things, we'll probs need a female character. So yeah, make something along that line.

    Also, I hope your grammar and spelling are good when it comes to IC posts, cause I'm sorta semi partially anal about that.
  4. Hmm, never played a female character before, I'll see what I can come up with.
  5. I actually do not have the ability to join this RP any longer, other things have started up and I can't juggle a new rp right know. I'm very sorry for this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.