Two Military Roleplays

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  1. As always, I shall begin with a hello and thank you!

    An idea has been stirring in my mind for a while now, of a semi-futuristic military squad roleplay! I have a few ideas for how this will play out:

    Verge of Destruction
    It is the verge of WW3, tensions between nations are already beginning to break. Talk of war is common, and armies are on the move. We will be taking the place of a squad in the early battles of the war.

    Washingtons Operating Lethal Force. A task force unknown to most of the world, even to the FBI and the CIA. This squad is elite, made up of various soldiers. We are charged with various task, such as escorting the president or taking out a cartel.

  2. Reading the two, Verge of Destruction seems more interesting. Kinda worn through on "elite" squads.
  3. Agreed, Can we get anymore interest for Verge of Destruction people? :D
  4. I'd be interested.

    Can also play multiple characters if needed.
  5. Awesome! I'll start working on the OOC tomorrow! I'm sure we can find a few more people by the end of the week end!
  6. Sounds good, if you need any assistance in formulating a plot do send me a PM, more then willing to help.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.