Two kingdoms come together...

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  1. Quickly the door opened, letting bright light flood the room. "Celestia! Wake up! The king is beconing you. Now!" A shrill voice yelled as she shuffled around the room lighting the candles so the room was not as pitch black as the sky. The lady hiding under the covers groaned and sat up, having not fallen asleep more than a fee hours ago.

    "What's going on? Why does he need me at this hour?" She asked, still not fully awake as she got out of the bed, dark brown hair a mess and flying everywhere as if just struck by a wirl wind.

    "There was another attack. They think its the same men who tried the assassination not even a month back. The king is calling in help from another kingdom." The servant looked the young woman and shook her head. "You signed up for this. So at least act like it. You are the kings head knight. Be proud of him calling you at such an hour. Deems you important." With no other words the shrill old woman left the room so Celestia could dress.

    Scratching her head and stretching the thin girl went to getting dressed. As per the kings request, she slid on her armour as she did every morning. It was bulky for a woman, but still sleeker and lighter than a man's armour. She quickly brushed her hair and pulled it into a tight bun, and dabbed purple lip stick on her full rosie lips to make them appear duller. Grabbing her sword she tied it around her waist and off she went to in a hurry to care if she looked as presentable as usual.

    Running quickly to the kings war room she went and stood behind him tall and at attention. Waiting and listening. The only thing that caused her to move was when she was handed a piece of bread, and she took it willingly. She ate slowly so that she did not miss anything.

    "You're highness, all the witnessess claim the same thing. Its the man from the posters. They all calim that it was him and only four other men."

    The king pounded his hand on the table in an outrage. "You expect me to believe that five men are responsible for more than 20 deaths in one night! That's outrageous! What have you heard back from our brother kingdom? Have they been getting attacked too? And are they going to help us to track down this man?"

    Celestia was confused as to what was going on, but knee better than to interupt. She would be brought to speed eventually.

    "Last I heard your majesty they were planning on helping. Though I know not if they are have encountered this man"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.