Two Iwaku roleplays are getting published!

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  1. Myself and @Tegan are going ahead with Ilium and Khroma as published works.


    Most of you are familiar with Ilium - the mass roleplay that tells the story of a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. We'll be rebooting this as a FREE serial novel.

    Fewer will remember The Chromatic Vampires - a short-lived vampire flick in which colours are living beings. The original roleplay was lost in the server crash. :(

    We're gonna push, polish and publish these bitches as best we can. So come check us out.

    Not only will you be doing us a favour, but we'll be putting Iwaku on the map. What better way to promote the forum than prove that our stuff can be mass-marketed?
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  2. *slaps @Diana around*




  3. D:< If I do it for you, I have to do it for everybody!
  4. dude i would ship it
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  5. If anyone asks you, just refer them to me and I'll tell them to fuck off.

    *smiles back at the cameras*
  6. *Pushes Asmo down the stairs*

    What Asmo is trying to say is that we've been brainstorming for the past few days and we have realized just how much Iwaku can work as a writing platform, the raw untapped talent here, and most of all, how much we want to give back to the community that fostered our ideas at such an early stage. So expect a PM from us soon, @Diana and the other admins in regards to a possible affiliation between Deadbeats and Iwaku that will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

    *Smiles at the cameras*
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  7. An affiliate button can be done easy peasy. 8D
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  8. I'm looking forward to this, guys! Best of luck to you both. ^^
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  9. Will definitely be keeping a look out for this.
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  10. Congrats to you.
    Clap here.
    Clap there.
    Clap everywhere.

    I can imagine it now!


    Deadbeat Books© 20XX
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  12. This is awesome, good luck guys!
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  13. *Inserts more support and enthusiasm*

    Getting things published is a dream shared by many of us, I'm sure. Thus, I wish you the best of luck with this.
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  14. This is like a dream of mine.

    I'm so happy for you guys and I'll happily support your endeavor!
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  15. The key is to just post it to the internet for free. Which will be happening veeeeery soon.

  16. Wait.

    So how do you get paid for your services?

    I dont.



  17. *Shakes her change cup*

    Jingle Jangle!

    *Presses a manuscript against someone's windshield*

    Ghostwrite your auto bio, sir?
  18. Huh, would this basically be following something like a uhm... web comic concept platform. Revenue by ad-support? So you'll update your stories bit by bit on a schedule? Then, I imagine if you so wish you could probably do a kickstarter or go through some company to get it published and have the option for readers to buy it compiled in actual novel, either digital or physical, copies? If I assume correctly.
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