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  1. Idea 1:

    Bowson Town is a quiet, small place that hardly ever makes the news or is even known. Until a 13 year old boy is arrested for apparently murdering his mother and father in cold blood. The town was shaken since the family was seemingly extremely happy and the parents were active members of the local church. For three years he was the talk of the town, everyone making up stories about how he killed them, why he killed them even what happened to him after he was taken away. However like all news it became old and everyone moved on. until six years later when Kye Lockhard returns to the small town for his senior years. The young 13 year old boy who murdered his family was living in his old house and attending high school now. The community was furious and scared, people lashed out at him and tried to get him to leave. But Kye is adamant on staying despite the hell he is put through by the community. It seemed everyone either hated him or was scared of him except one boy. He was new to the town when Lockhard returned, and he knew all the stories; but, when he saw him that first day at school he just couldn't believe that someone with eyes such sad and kind eyes could ever kill someone in cold blood. So he promised himself that he would try and befriend him but he could never get the courage to do it. One night he went into the city to go to the book store for a book that wasn't available in the local library and as he was cutting through an alley he was jumped by a large masked man with a knife. He thought for sure he was either going to die or get seriously injured then out of nowhere another man appeared and fought off his assailant. As things settled down he immediately recognized his savior as none other than Kye Lockhard. Thus begins their confusing, strange relationship.

    ((I have some details I want to go over with this one so PM me if interested))

    Idea 2:

    ______ and Bryant have been best friends since they were in preschool. _____ was this shy nerdy kid that would sit in the corner drawing with his crayons while Bryant was the fun outgoing kid that liked to talk to everyone. So when he saw ____ all by himself he went right up to him and introduced himself. From then on they were attached at the hip. Everything was perfect until the murders started. Woman in town would go missing then show up dead three days later and the FBI was called to investigate the serial killings. ____ was walking to Bryants house when he saw police cars and ambulance outside of his best friends house. It turned out that Bryants father was the killer and his last victim was his mother. For a year the friends were separated as Bryant was taken into social services and they tried to find a place to put him. Eventually his aunt who lived in town stepped forward to take him in even though she knew that raising a child of a serial killer who watched his mother be murdered was not going to be easy. When Bryant and ____ were reunited, ____ knew his friend was different now but they still stayed close. Everything went back to normal or as normal as it can be. They became the outcasts of school people constantly teasing ___ for being friends with a murderers son.

    Then just as things seemed to be looking up everything came crashing down. Bryant was informed that his father had a psychological disorder that was hereditary and it was very possible that when he hit his late adolescent years that he would suffer the same mental ailments. So he was put on medicine that was supposed to help him and was given a therapist that he had to see every week. _____'s parents heard of this and told him to stop hanging out with the Bryant boy but _____ refused and outright told him parents that he would never leave his best friends side. So all through middle school they stayed close friends and Bryant tried to protect ____ from the teasing kids. When high school hit so did the Bryant's first symptoms, he began to hear voices soft whispering at first but it is steadily getting worse. He would often break out in violent fits when sleeping and sometimes black out complete when he got angry.

    This was easily fixed with more medication or that's what he wanted everyone to believe. As they hit their junior year _____ began to notice how reserved and distant his friend is acting, he also noticed how he got more violent with the kids that would bully them especially if the bullying was towards ____. Then the disappearances started again, only this time it was teenagers who were well known around the town and they were kids that often bullied ____ and Bryant. And just like last time they turned up dead a few days later. ____ refused to believe that it was his friend but it was hard to deny that his friend has been acting strange and distant. Of course the other people in town were not so reluctant to point fingers. As time went on and no one was caught ____ became more and more suspicious of his friend. (insert events that would cause him to be suspicious) Finally one night Bryant is banging on the others window, and police sirens are wailing when ____ opens the window he see's his best friend covered in blood sobbing saying how he doesn't remember anything that he never meant to hurt anyone and ____ has to make a decision. Turn in his friend since kindergarten and lose the only person that has ever loved him or take his best friend and run away to protect him.
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  2. I like your idea, what is your second idea?
  3. the second idea I am still working on
    but It would essentially be a boy with multi-personality disorder/ schizophrenia and his best friend
    there would be murder and running away
    I have done it twice before but the first time the person kept writing one liners, sometimes they weren't even a full sentence.
    and the second person just stopped responding when we got to a slow part in the plot
    so I am trying to tweak it a bit
  4. Okay once you the details for it let me know, but i also like the plot you already have listed. Its up to you which one you would like to do the most
  5. right now I really want to do the first one because it's new and fresh in my mind but if you prefer we can do the second one once I write up the plot ^^
  6. That sounds fine with me :)
  7. Hey ^^ is the second idea still open? It sounds really interesting :D
  8. yes it is ^^
  9. First plot re-opened ^^
  10. ME?! I love the first plot... and I think it would be fun to do it... though Im not sure what you would want to have the new kid be like.
  11. totally! I should of offered to do this with you but I honestly didn't think you would be interested XD
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