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  1. So I've been thinking about rps that I've done in the past, romance related and all that jazz. And I have two ideas if anyone would like to pick them up with me. I only do MxF and I'm horrible and playing female so yeah... I'm looking for a girl.

    One is from an rp I did a long time ago with a really dedicated person. It was one of the first onexone rps I ever did and I thought it turned out pretty cool but then managed to die off after a little bit. It was about a butler that comes to live with a family. Now this is no ordinary butler but one that has been trained as a soldier and guard. He is an almost peerless swordsman and has been set as the personal butler for a young woman. The heiress to her family's lands. Her family is a powerful one and a good family however the father has uncovered a plot of a rival family attempting a coup. He tries to reveal the family for what they are attempting to do but loses his own credibility in the process, this sparks a revolt in his own lands. The people storm the house kill the father as a traitor and burn the house to the ground. The last words of her mother are for the butler to promise to protect her daughter as she presses the signet ring into his hands. The rival family believes that they have been shut up but soon learn the daughter still lives as well as the butler. Both know the truth and so begins the hunt for them. The butler and the young woman must stay alive and garner support to restore her family name and protect the kingdom from the rival family. And of course along the way a romance develops...

    As far as setting on both of these I prefer a more Victorian era style but I always like throwing modern twists in there. Not like steam punk stuff but baths and modern-esque clothing. Really anything you want! lol.

    The second one is on a more personal note, I have always found faeries intriguing. The human-sized (if somewhat smaller) fey folk. This idea is much more simple. A wealthy banker is attacked by bandits on the road. Everything is taken from him, they almost take his life but leave him to die. He begins to pick himself up and wander into the forest trying to find some sort of help. Ends up passing out before a beautiful faery happens to pass by and see him. Taking pity on him she nurses him back to health and a romance ensues which I would imagine is not likely accepted by either culture...

    Anyways, any takers?
  2. Either idea sounds very intriguing. I'm not sure which one to pick.
  3. Lol, well I like them both... so I'll leave the choice up to you! Faeries would be fun this time of year. Though it's much more simple plot then the other one.
  4. I'm going to have to go with the second one. Faeries are awesome and who says the plot has to stay simple?
  5. I would have to agree... it just starts out simple! Now where would you like to go with it? We have a romance of two separate societies... Will they hunt the faeries? Will the human male learn magic? Will they quest after the magic goblet to heal her father? Lol. Those are literally off the top of my head. We don't have to do any of them.
  6. I have an idea, but I prefer to talk about rp ideas in private.
  7. Hey, I'm interested in the first one (: It sounds really good.
  8. Alright, I sent you a PM Writing Owl! Hope to hear from you!​
    And Puntii! Excellent! So yeah, would you like to move this to PMs as well?​
  9. I'll send you the PM (:
  10. Oh shoot!
    Looks like I was beaten to both plots, very well. ( ; u ; )

    If an opening comes up, please do let me know. c:
  11. me as well would love to rp with you love ^^
  12. Aw they're both taken :/ Darn. Well if you have any other rp ideas you want to try out pm me or something. You seem cool to rp with and your storylines are wicked.
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