Two Ideas(FurryxFurry, Celtic/Old Times)

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  1. FurryxFurry Idea: We were rejected, animals born from a human's body, we are part of the first generation of animal-like human's born to human women on Earth. We were so rejected though that they opened a path to the Underworld of the Earth and threw us in. We grew up at the knee of demons and other such creatures. As the seven of us grew up we became marked by sins of the Underworld. Lust, Pride, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Sloth, and Gluttony. On top of that we began to be abused in the world we had lived in for so long, because that is what demons are wont to do. We began to search for a way to leave and we found it. None of us hesitated, we escaped and left Earth expanding out into the universe to find we were not the only ones who looked this way. We arrived at a place called Galea's Sanctuary, who has been working to have the humans of the universe see that we are just like them but humans are fearful of the unknown and so we fight and live and love who we are. Our story takes place in Galea's Sanctuary...what shall we create?

    Old Time Celtic idea: In olden times the world was ruled by barbarians and others who take from the innocent. The girl's name is Aednat Duffy, Aednat meaning 'little fire' and Duffy meaning 'black' in her language, she is a fiery tempered beauty with black hair and emerald green eyes, her voice is like an angels and singing is her life, she is the only young maiden in her village so not often do barbarians come near her home village. When one does though he will meet with a fiery tempered little witch who's beauty could be sold for a fair amount of coin.

    Generally this is the idea behind the Celtic idea; I want to do both, so I'm looking for two partners, want to work with me?

    Also what each contains will be up to us.
  2. I may be interested
  3. Oh? In which one?