Two ideas for school rps, help me decide?

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  1. Hello, everyone! Tonight I come to you with two ideas for two type of school rps. While this is a some would say overused genre, it is an addictive one, and I hope to bring a new spin to things. Know that both of these could be tweaked, and that each have a Cooperative version as well as a Competitive one.

    Now, let's get to the slightly more traditional plot, shall we?

    First Idea - Star Squad Students
    This one is quite simple, each character will be partnered to three others in squad, their achievements and strength helping all four, yet their weakness and failures bringing them down as well. Will they be able to form a well rounded team and ascend from the lowest available study plan of the Imperial Academy to the coveted Elite Privilege Schedule? It only is a matter of teamwork! Can be that each roleplayer has four characters competing with other teams or that we have two teams of players battling it out academically and athletically with both the other squad and other NPCs.

    Second Idea - Teach Me!
    We are each new teachers and caretakers sent to the join orphanage and elementary school called Camille's Refuge. It is in bad shape, will we work together to make it so it become great and get more funding or will we bicker for better positions and pays among each others?

    There you go, is either of these ideas of interest to Iwaku? Do let me know!
  2. Never played as the faculty before. I'm in, for idea 2.
  3. Idea 1 sounds good to me
  4. Idea 1 is intriguing to me!
  5. Awesome!

    So that means, so far:

    Idea 1: 2

    Idea 2: 1
  6. For idea one would it be 8 players so every person has a character and then you divide it into the two teams? I'm just assuming these would be group rps. I'm not sure though.
  7. Yes, those are both Group rp ideas, and I will start the first idea who get three interests, actually, so it hopefully will mean that one of these two will become real.
  8. Well that's mean idea 1 would only need 1 more person to get it's Sing up thread~
  9. I dea 1 Is a great! I want to ask something about it but it sounds great!
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  10. Idea 1 it shall be, then! What is your question :)?
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  11. Well do we have to make the other three people can we all just be one group? or do you want the drama of each of the characters being in diffrnet groups? or did I read everything wrong?
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  12. The all take a whole group was the Competitive option, but now we have enough to make a squad each with one character, if we want. The squad per player is really just a lone wolf option, so don't worry about being pitted against everyone if you don't want to. :)
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  13. i like that we make 2 characters each for the separate squads
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  14. That's certainly an idea! We'll see how much interest the whole thing get, and then I'll see if we can make a separate character each or not.
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