Two Ideas for Roleplay, need Partners~ ;D

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  1. 1) There is a man about 23 years of age. He has just landed his dream job and can now finally settle with his Wife/Or Girlfriend (Can be either) and thier three year old daughter. The man starts to experience symtoms a couple of weeks after starting his job. One day after work he is headed home and some of the syptoms hit him harder than ever...he is in an accident due to those symtoms. He is rushed to the hospital and treated for his accident injuries. While he is there he is diagnosed with a Terminal Illness that allows him him three years maximum to live. Not too long afterwards they discover his wife is expecting a child once again. This RP spans from the time He lands the Job to the time a little after his funeral.

    2) There is a man (Will be either a Werewolf or Vampire) he is out one night hunting or something of the sort and discovers a child. Initially he tries to leave it and it either follows him home or he feels bad leaving it where it is. Either way it ends up in his care. Believeing he dosn't like children too much he starts to look for a home and mother for the child. Finally he meets a woman and at first pretends to like her so that he can dump the child off on her. But he finds himself starting to fall for the woman and starts to care for the child like his own.

    3) There is a Prince who is given a servent on his birthday from his parents the King and Queen. Someone who is considered lower than dirt in the society. Then unexpectedly his parents also arrange a marrige to a woman with whom he has zero intrest in. As he is forced to help plan the wedding he finds himself turning to his servent seeking someone to talk to...someone who he finds himself wanting to spend time with. Unexpectedly he finds himself falling in love with his servent...

    So I have a couple of Ideas here! I know there are three and the Title says two...there may be more coming.I like the Ideas and would like to Roleplay them with someone. Prefurably if you can offer me atleast 2-3 Paragraphs or more per post. If not then I won't be too picky. But I know that people on here are capable of that! Your All so Smart and Talented~

    For Idea 1: I need A Wife/Girlfriend for my guy character, Child can be played by you or I can Play the child. Though it might be easier for the Mother/ Wife or Girlfriend to play the Child. Could possibly be a small Group Roleplay if there is more than One intrested Party.

    For Idea 2: I need a person to play the Child and The woman he meets. Again one person can play the Woman and Child or It could be possibly be a small Group Roleplay.

    For Idea 3: I need a servent Girl! =3

    Send me a PM if your instrested, thanks ya~ ;D

  2. I like Idea 2, and can fit the requirements needed ^^

    I LOVE your Avatar~!
  3. Excellent! I Might be able to start it later tonight or Tomorrow after I get off work. ^w^
    I will try my best to get to it tonight!
  4. Awesome mate~
  5. I'd want to do idea 3 with you :'D
  6. I'd love to RP my 3rd Idea with you if you are still intrested. =)
  7. I am! ^^ -shall pm you now-
  8. If you are willing to do another #3 idea, I'd be happy to do it with you.
  9. I'd like that, thanks. ^.^

    Just a moment and I will PM you.
  10. I like number one ;)

    But number three is pretty hot and tempting.
  11. x3

    Well, tell me when you decide which one you want! >w<
  12. Wouldn't be too fair to make you do number 3 again. as kinky and awesome as the idea is... unless you don't mind.
  13. xD

    I don't mind at all! And I'm sorry! I'lll GEt to our RP ASAP! I have school and Work tonight so If I have anytime inbetween I'll try and make it first prioirty!
  14. No rush, hun. Take your time >3 I'm just happy that you want to continue it.

    And number three it is ;)