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Two Ideas Available

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gone for Good, Aug 31, 2013.

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  1. Okay, so two ideas. For now. Both are set in futuristic, holy-looking sky cities, as shown in the second picture.
    Talk to me here for the first one and PM me for the second one.

    Source of Idea
    A master thief has invaded the town, know only as 'Gem' because of her most prominent kind of thievery, jewelry theft. Why hasn't she been caught? Well, because there's one man keeping her out of jail: The king himself. Why? Because this thief is actually the princess, and she threatens to reveal her identity and completely ruin the family reputation. Where do you come in? Well, you're someone from the castle. A servant, a guard, a stable boy, just an average person from the castle. Well, you catch her sneaking out one night. What do you decide to do? Are you kind and just let her slip by with your curiosity, are you devious and let her slip by to use the information for blackmail later, or are you just plain mean and use blackmail right then and there?

    Source of Idea
    A young woman is married off to a military general for family and prosperity reasoning, but she hated it. The only good part about the marriage was that he did nothing. He was cold and focused on his work. Her release was his library, since in the marriage she'd moved to his expansive mansion. She could go there and just read everyday, and on the days he was in there she could take a book to the main living area and read on the comfortable couches. She just had to deal with waking up to his cold stare every morning, his cold personality at the three meals of the day, and maybe both the stare and words if she accidentally met him in the house. Now, your part of this story. You can either be the man, with either a truly cold personality or just your hidden emotions, or you can be someone from the outside. Someone who works with the man who wants to rescue her from the cold house.
  2. Is this request still open? If so, I'd really like to rp the second one with you. This is a very interesting plot you have here. :D Just reply or pm me when you get the chance.
  3. Of course the offer is still open! We can discuss the details here or in PM.
  4. Ah, excellent. I'd be interested in roleplaying the general from the second prompt. I also apologize for the late reply. I've had a lot of essays to write, but that's all cleared up now, so I finally have the time to commit to something.
  5. If this is still open -and you don't mind doing two rps for the same idea- I'd be interested in the second idea, as the general. If you don't want to, it's fine, as well!
  6. I'd be very interested in doing the first idea - could we make it girlxgirl?
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