Two Hearts Reunited [Mature]

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The night was beautiful and Alura knew it was wonderful idea to have gone out into the woods for a midnight stroll. Her and her family have just finally moved back to where they once lived. It brought back so many memories of when she was younger before they left when her father got a new job as a merchant. But after a few years of being away from this city, she begged her parents to let them return. And so here she was, back in the place she knew well and loved. As Alura wandered the woods she looked for the small meadow she used to go to with an old friend of hers. It was their special place, the one place they could go to when they just want to get away from the world. It was almost as if it was enchanted with how beautiful it was. The forest has grown since then though. But she somehow managed to find it still. A smile then formed on her lips as she looked at it. It seemed to have never changed. She picked up the bottom of her crimson gown a little bit to avoid stepping on it and walked in, seeing all the flowers she used to pick for her pale blonde hair. It was nice to be in a place that was so very familiar to her, only it felt so different now that it was only her...
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Ivan lay in the middle of the field, staring up at the sky. The stars were beautiful, and he was picking out constellations with his eyes. It wasn't hard. He had spent many nights out here with Alura, staring at the same stars. Ah, those had been the good days. They had often fled out here, giggling their heads off. No one had ever been able to find this place other than them. Closing his eyes, he drifted back to those days. It was unfortunate that he had never seen her again. Those times had been enjoyable, and he wished to live in them once again. So many things had changed, but this place remained the same.

Suddenly, his eyes flew open at the sound of nearby footsteps. Slowly, he brought himself on one elbow, barely keeping the top of his head above the grass. His eyes widened in surprise. It was Alura! Lowering himself down onto his hands and knees, he smiled to himself. This was unexpected! Perhaps things were turning for the better. Crawling with the stealth off a cat, he moved around to position himself behind her. Then, with a cry of delight, he leaped and tackle-hugged her too the ground.

Rolling them over so that she was on top of him, and facing him, he smiled. "Hello Alura!"
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Alura was greatly caught off guard when she wassuddenly tackled to the ground. But when she saw who it was that had done it, she couldn't help but to feel rather relieved. "I didn't think I'd be seeing you here." she said as he rolled them over. She put her arms around him and hugged him gently. It's been so long since she's last seen Ivan and she had always wondered if she'd ever see him again. Soon though she became quite curious, seeing him here. "Have you been living in this city all these years Ivan?" she soon asked just before getting herself off of him and laying beside him in soft grass of the meadow. She looked around as well, and it really did seem as though it hadn't changed a bit. It didn't even look like many people have come here besides the two of them, which made her happy.
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"I wasn't sure that I would see you here, or anywhere!" Ivan replied with a delighted tone in his voice. As they hugged, he smiled. It had been so long, and he was so glad to see her. His eyes sparkled with joy. "Yes, I have stayed here. Perhaps I was waiting for you to come back." As she lay there next to him, he couldn't help but remember. She looked so... grown up now. Long had he waited, hoping beyond hope. If only she had come back sooner... Shaking that thought from his head, he turned on his side to face her, supporting his head with his palm. "I was beginning to wonder if you would ever come back..." A sad tone crept into his voice. "I've... been meaning to tell you something...," he said, then fell quiet.
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Alura looked to him when he spoke. "I know, I didn't think I'd see you again either." she said. "I've missed you and this town though, for so many years I've been trying to beg my parents to let us return but they kept refusing until just recently." she added. As he turned on his side to face her, she smiled at the first thing he said, until she could hear the sad tone in his voice. That worried her.
She moved closer to him after that, always hating it when she heard any hint of sadness no matter how small it was. When he mentioned that he had been meaning to tell her something, she got curious as to what it might be. "What have you been wanting to tell me?" she asked after he fell quiet.
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"Well... its more like there's something I wanted to give you," He said cautiously. Reaching into his right pocket, he pulled out a small golden locket. Engraved on it were four small initials, the first two letters of both their names. "I.... was afraid to give it too you back when you left. I wasn't sure what you would think of it." He vividly remembered the day she had left. One moment, they were playing, and the next her parents were taking her away for what seemed to be forever. Gently, he opened the clasp of the locket, revealing the picture inside of it. It was the two of them, sitting together on the lake. Instead of a photo, it was a small, detailed painting. Whenever Ivan looked at it, he remembered that day. It had been his best memory of their time together.
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"Give..?" She thought to herself. Now she was a little more curious as to what it was. She knew she'd like whatever it was he wanted to give to her. She liked everything he gave her. Soon Alura watched him reach into his pocket and pull out a golden locket. She saw the initials engraved on it, knowing it to be the first two letters of their names. Already she liked it. She didn't respond to what he said just yet and watched as he opened it, wondering what was inside. That's when she saw the picture, of a time she remembered the most. She then sat up, and took the locket from him to look at the picture better. It was more a detailed painting of that time, and she didn't know what to say. "It's beautiful.."
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Ivan sat up as well, not quite sure what he was supposed to say. Looking at his hands, he smiled to himself. Reaching over, he pulled Alura into a tight embrace. "I wanted you to remember that time, and out friendship, wherever you might go," he whispered into her ear. His face reddened slightly. "I... just... oh Alura..." Gently he laid her down, with him on top of her, still tightly held. "Theres so many things I could say. I missed you more than you could imagine."
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Alura smiled when he suddenly pulled her to him and held her. It did come a little unexpected but she like it nonetheless. She closed the locket just as he laid her down while still holding her. "I've missed you a lot too." she said, and she really did. She never stopped wondering when the die would come when they be together again. Where she used to live, she didn't even bother trying to make any new friends. She didn't need them. All she needed was Ivan and she was happy. "I never stopped thinking about you Ivan."
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"I thought about you every day," Ivan whispered in reply. His heart was pumping, against its nature. She never knew he was a vampire. But, unlike what most people though, vampires weren't undead. They mearly took sustenance from blood instead of food and water. As well, vampires did not need to feed but once a week. Suddenly, he realized that day was today. His eyes grew wide. However, he could not bring himself to break their embrace. It hurt too much to even think about letting her go now. "Alura...," he continued. "You are the only woman that makes me happy... I will never give you up again!" With that last word, he brought his face to hers and kissed her in a streak of fiery passion.
Alura was glad to hear that he still thought about her even though she was gone. Coming back seemed to really have been the best desicion she has ever made. At first she wasn't sure how it'd be when she got here. But now that she was back with Ivan, she never wanted to leave again. Next time her parents might decide to move, she was going to be sure to stay here and not go with them. Suddenly Alura started to blush, feeling his lips on hers in a passionate kiss. Her heart started to race and she returned his kiss. This was something, she would never had thought he'd do.
After what seemed like an eternity, he finally broke the kiss. Even he, a vampire needed to breath. Laying on top of her, he gently caressed her back. Looking her in the face, he smiled. "That was something I've been wanting to do for a long time," he said, still out of breath. Slowly, he raised himself on his elbows to get a better look at her. She hadn't changed much. Certainly, she had grown into a fine young woman, but her same features remained. Lowering himself to her again, he gave her another kiss. The passion had faded to a more tolerable level. Suddenly, unwelcome thoughts came to mind. His face clouded over in despair. Then, he shook those thoughts from his mind. Cradling her cheek with on hand,, he said, "I love you Alura. I have for a long time."
Alura did her best to try and calm herself down enough so that she would breathe and rid herself from the embarrassing blush that was still on her cheeks when he broke the kiss. She did smile though, hearing him say that that had been something he's been wanting to do, for she couldn't deny that she's been wanting to do the same exact thing. She's had feelings for him for quite awhile now, but was never sure if he had ever felt the same, until now that is. She returned his kiss once more before leaning into his hand a bit when he spoke to her. "I love you too Ivan." she said to him quietly.
Descending on her like a hawk, Ivan locked lips with her again. He could feel blood coursing through his veins. It would not be much long before he would have too leave. So, he was determined to make the most of it while he could. Gingerly, his free hand descended to her as well, rubbing her on the buttocks. His lips continued to press against hers with a certain urgency. Suddenly, he could stand it no more. Withdrawing from her, he smiled with strain. "I am sorry my dear, I must go. I promise too come back to you soon. So please remain here." With that, he ran into the night too feed.
Alura could sense a bit of urgency in his kiss as he kept his lips pressed against hers. She thought nothing of it though and just enjoyed this moment with him. When he pulled away she was a little light headed but in a good way. "Hurry back." she then said, starting to feel a little uncomfortable with him being away. While he left into the forest Alura sat up and put the locket around her neck.
In about twenty minutes, Ivan was back. He was out of breath, and bending over on his knees. Looking around, he caught sight of Alura. Walking unsteadily over to her, he smiled. "I'm sorry. There was something I needed to do." Indeed, his hunger had been satisfied. Luckily, a local cab driver had been passing by. Ivan hated the taste of the man's blood. It was still in his mouth. Carefully, he sat down next to her, and embraced her once more. He wasn't going to try to kiss her again any time soon. She would taste the blood in his mouth, and he didn't want her to find out, not yet. Once again, he pulled her on top of him, but not laying down. Instead, he sat her on his lap, smiling.
Alura started looking up at the stars while she waited for Ivan to return. She really hoped he'd return, for just being away from him for even the smallest amout of time made her remember the lonely days she had to spend without him. She frowned at those memories and started to picked out the blades of grass from the ground out of boredom. After waiting a couple more minutes she turned when she heard something. A smile returned when she saw Ivan coming over to her. When he then embraced her once more and sat her in his lap she hugged him before laying her head on his shoulder. "What have you been up to while I was away?" she then asked.
"I had some buisness to attend to my dear, nothing you need to worry about," he said in reply. Finally, he felt the taste of blood recede. He proceeded with caution however. Reaching up, he caressed the back of her head, running his fingers through her hair. Looking into her eyes, he saw the longing there. "However, now I will remain with you as long as you desire." With that said he lifted her chin, pecking her on the lips. His smile widened as he descended upon her once more. To him, she was the most beautiful thing in the world. Laying down with her on top of him, he kissed her feverishly.
Alura was glad to have him back, but knew she wouldn't be able to stay out for too long. Her parents will start to worry. When she returned his kiss passionately, all of that didn't seem to matter to her anymore. She wanted to be with him out here all night. She moved herself closer to him, pressing her body slightly agaisnt his as she slowly deepened the kiss. She wanted to really distract herself, make her forget all about having to return home tonight.
As the night deepened, so did the passion between the two of them. His caresses became smooth and flowing, with his hands never leaving her. He knew that what they were doing wouldn't be approved by either of their parents. But, he didn't care. All he cared about was her. As they lay entwined beneath the stars, his soul flew too new heights. It felt so goo to be with her again. He could barely restrain himself from giving everything to her. But he knew that their love was too knew for them to go that far. Instead, he opted to show his love for her in every other way possible.