Two Hearts, One Body

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  1. You love the holding hands, the kisses, the intimate touches. You love the nights spent snuggling in bed, walking together, going to do chores with one another. Nothing could compare to the way he smiles at you, laughs at your jokes, makes you feel... happy.

    But very slowly, things started to change. He flinches away from you, turns away from you in bed, sometimes even going as far as to stay at a friends place. Lately he doesn't seem to talk strait to the point, starting conversations then leaving them unfinished, hanging unsteadily in the air. Lately.... he has bruise marks in places you don't understand, cuts appearing in the middle of nowhere.

    You would have never thought you were the cause, but there could be no one else. How did you though? Who was this other side of you? How do you make them stop hurting the one person that made you feel complete in your life?
    Your character is a person who has two different 'personalities' while my character is his lover. One personality would be completely unaware of the other, while the other personality has complete awareness. Long ago when your character was a child, he was tested with a handful of others in attempts to create the multiple personalities in hopes that they would prove to improve military functions and improve people's performance on the battlefield. Thinking that the experiment had failed, your character was released back to his parents, unaware that the personality wouldn't surface until later in his lifetime. All three (your character with the two personalities and my character with one personality) have to learn to peacefully find balance, or risk having their whole worlds torn apart.

    Looking for a dominant willing to developed plot with me. Just want to put characters through hell and mess them up. This is meant to be a angsty roleplay for fun.
  2. Ooh I'd be interested!
  3. Awesome! Message me with a character sheet when you have time please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.