Two Eternal Enemies

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  1. There was a werewolf in the area. Lewi could smell him. He narrowed his eyes as he walked and followed the stincking scent that invaded his nose and made him want to gag. He hated werewolves. They had killed his one and only true love because she was a vampire, his sire. And he had sworn revenge. If he didn't get killed in the process. But he wasn't going to go down swinging.
  2. In a darkened alleyway Yomi stood with her friends. She wore simple jeans and a black spaghetti strap tank top exposing the dark brown tribal tattoos that coated her arms and back. Around her neck she wore a silver necklace with a silver wolf pendant. Although it was cold out she felt quite comfortable due to her increased body heat thanks to being a werewolf. Tonight her and a few buddies had decided to pick on some vampires for a bit of fun, Any vampire would do really.

    “hey, I think were about to have some company” one of Yomi’s friends, said with an apparent smirk on his face. Closing her eyes and sniffing the air Yomi finally caught the vampires scent. When her eyelids slid back open her eyes changed to a piercing yellow-gold color. Her lips parted in anticipation, this could be quite fun.
  3. Lew finally found the source of the werewolves scent, trying quite hard not to gag. He saw three werewolves hanging arond an alley, two males and one female. He rolled his eyes and kept walking past them.
  4. Not missing a beat, one of the male wolves let out a chuckle as he headed for the alley exit “hey, where ya goin?” he called in a taunting voice. While Yomi enjoyed toying with vampires from time to time she never really looked for a serious fight or a fight that could put her in danger. And like any other wolf, she went out in numbers to keep herself safe. Fallowing the male who was clearly the ‘leader’ of their triangle of friends she peeked around the corner at the vampire who passed by. Her short messily spiked brown hair rustled when a small breeze blew by.
  5. Lewi ignored them and just kept walking, not really in a fighting mood. He just shook his head the slightest bit, his hands shoved deep in his pockets. Like the werewolves, he couldn't feel the cold either, even though he was wearing a black hoodie with the hood tossed over his head. He made his way, not even giving a second glance to the werewolves.
  6. "hey, im talkin to you!" the males voice switched from a taunting tone to something rather harsh. he didnt like being ignored and he made it clear. leaving the alleyway he began walking after the man.

    "stop it, why dont we just leave this one alone hm?" Yomi said without much thought. she hurried after her friend and grabbed his arm to stop him. her grip didnt stay on him long though since the wolf easily pulled his arm free.

    "don't touch me Yomi." he growled at her. when he was irritated he had a problem of getting himself worked up far more than he needed.
  7. Lewi didn't even give the man a look and continued to ignore them. He kept walking, his hands stuffed in his pockets, not caring whether or not what the man wanted, though Lewi's eyes did flash to red and back in irritation that he couldn't just be left alone.
  8. "shut up, youre acting like an ass!" yomi snapped back at the man, not hesitating to growl. her temper was rising quickly, she hated being growled at so naturally she would argue back. "just let that one go. he clearly doesnt care so what fun would it be anyway, you know what just... you do what you want. im going out alone tonight" yomi continued, ultimatly deciding not to stick around she headed off behind the vampire. since he didnt act liek a threat she didnt care they were going the same way. she figured they would take diferent directions shortly anyway.

    "fine, get the hell out of here Yomi! im not coming to save your ass if you get into trouble!" the male called to her from where e stood.
  9. Lewi rolled his eyes and shook his head. He kept walking, still ignoring them, at least for the most part. His body had tensed, sensing an attack soon. If he had to fight, he would, but for now he just minded his own business and did nothing to provoke him. At least not purposefully. Although, at the moment, everything seemed to be provoking him. Stupid werewolf, he thought.
  10. keeping an eye on the vampire infront of her as she walked, the silence seemed to drag on. Yomi felt like saying something but what was there to say really? sorry? why should she apologize for her friends actions. she was right there next to him looking for trouble herself if the vampire had been willing to fight. still, the silence bugged her. with cautious steps she quickened her pace, closing in on the distance between the two. "excuse me" she spoke up in attempt to catch his attention. her tone wasnt cocky or rude, rather it came out sounding like she was a bit nervous.
  11. His eyes began to turn red in his irritation. Why couldn't they just leave him alone. Lewi wondered. He turned to her though. "What?" He asked, trying to keep his voice as pleasent as he could.
  12. locking her eyes on the man, Yomi continued to speak. "How come you ignored us back there? Every other vampire we have encountered has lashed out at us in an instant. most of the time we dont even have to say anything to them" she spoke honestly. maybe she was a bit curious about the vampire before her.
  13. "Because you're a waist of my time." He said simply, and turned and started walking away yet again. There was only one werewolf he was after in particular, the one that had killed his Sire, his love.
  14. yomi frowned a bit at his comment, brows furrowed. "well alright then, asshole" she muttered under her breath. hand reached up to scratch the back of her head. if he wasnt going to give her the time of day then why should she? watching the vampire continue on his way she turnd to go down another path, heading for home.
  15. By the time Lewi finally made it to his destiantion, the beach, he had calmed down some, though he was still irritated. At least his eyes weren't red anymore. There was only one werewolf in particular with whom he was in the least bit interested in. Lewi walked down the length of the beach, stopping every now and then to look out at the lake that tried to get his feet wet with every step. Stupid werewolves. Always looking for trouble. He rolled his eyes and pushed the teenage group from his mind.