Two Edenities

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  1. Lovers meet once again in this new world...
  2. Name: Selynn Judd
    Age: 18
    Race: Half angel/elf
    Appearance: gray-blue eyes,long light pink hair,below average-height,
    Power: Healing,telepathy,kinetic based powers
    Personality: undefinable
  3. even tho they havent seen each other in a long time the feelings they have for each other are still the same
  4. Selynn was eating her breakfast a the dinning table.It was peaceful and quiet.She was happy to be home after a long days work.She was tired of hearing her boss complain.
    "Bastard,should go see how it feels to be one of us..." She mumbled to herself.Suddenly there was a knock at the door.No one never visited on a Sunday disturbing her.Must be an emergency she thought.She ran to the door and open it slowly,peering out to see who it was.Then she saw the familiar face.It was that special person she hadn't seen in years.
    "T-T-Toby?!" She asked shocked.
  5. s-selynn is that really you? [toby is shocked as well to see that one person he has been looking for. for a long time
  6. Selynn pulled back the door immediately and ran to hug him.She squeezed him firmly but not so tight he couldn't breathe,even though she wanted to.It felt nice hugging him again.
    "Toby!What brought you here?How did you find me?"She asked.She had so many questions to ask him.But she knew it would be answered in time.She gestured him to come in to her home.
    "Would you like some tea?" She showed him to the couch in the living room.
  7. Toby "blushed" as he put hes arms around her at that moment he said to him self "she has changed soo much".as he let go from her toby said yes u must be wonding what im going here ''as he rub the side of hes neck' after we got spilt from each other from the orphan i knew i had to came and find you i had to see you as he ''as he walks inside". your not a easy person to find it has taken maney years toby said in a clam sadly voice
  8. Selynn looked down as she poured him some tea.She was sad he went through all this trouble to find her.She was also sad she was separated from him.But she hoped he would stay around this time.She nodded "Yes,you always did suck at hide and seek." She laughed to herself,remembering the memories of them playing together."Thank you for finding me,Toby." She served him the tea and sat down with a cup of her own next to him.