Two Different Worlds

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  1. When punk rocker Rain meet the new jock kid in school they begin having feelings for one another. Will these two kids from different univereses be able to make it work?
    -My Quick Character Info-
    Name: Rain Amber Nelson
    Height: 5'5''
    Looks: (Looking and wearing exactly this)
    -Story Begins-
    Rain let out a big yawn before heading into the school. Her an her band were up late last night doing anchors in a bar. The people loved them, so it was worth it! She shook her head a little bit hoping that that would atleast wake her up a little bit, then went inside.
    As she walked to class with her GIR backpack, the principle Mr.Crowly stopped her and smiled his odd smile at her.
    "Ah Ms. Nelson. You are just the person I wanted to see!"
    Rain blinked, "I am?"
    He nodded. He was a middle aged man that looked like Mr.Clean. "You are he said as he lead her to his office, "You are. You see I have this new student who could use someone like you to show him around. And since you are one of the best students in this school I figured you would be perfect!" He opened the door a little and poked his head in, "Hey I found her." he said then opened the door wide and they both walked in.

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  2. Character Info:
    Name: Niko Dillan Wilson
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'11"
    Looks: Fair skinned, though he does have a tan to him, Niko has an athletic build, though not that of someone who has a lot of bulk to his muscles. He's more so... Toned, in a way. He has dark brown eyes with equally dark brown hair that is usually styled in a bit of a faux hairstyle.

    Leaning his head against the wall that was situated behind the chair that he was currently sitting in, Niko opened his mouth and let out a yawn, bringing his hand up to cover his mouth. He blinked before rubbing his eyes, trying to wipe away the sleep that so desperately wanted to weave its way through his system and make him fall back into that blissful feeling of being swept into the dream world. But he knew he couldn't fall asleep. Not now anyway, especially not with this being his first day at a new school. Great, he thought with the roll of his eyes. Now he was going to have to get used to even more people, as well as a new team should he make it on the team. His chances, in his mind, were probably slim because of the fact that he was the 'new kid' in the school, but with that he figured that he just had to prove himself.

    When he heard the door open and the sound of Mr. Crowly enter the room, Niko tilted his head to the slide slowly before standing up, putting his hands back in his pockets, his fingers trailing over the tennis ball that he kept in one of them. He took a glance at the girl that accompanied the man, his brows raising as a lazy smile presented itself across his lips. "So this is her?" He questioned, tilting his head to the side.

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    She smiled back sweetly.
    Mr.Crowly nodded, "Yes this is Rain. Rain this is Niko. I trust that he is in good hands?"
    Rain looked at Mr.Crowly and nodded, "Yes he is."
    Mr.Crowly smiled, "Good. Now why dont you too run along."
    Rain smiled and nodded, "Of course." she looked at Niko still smiling, "Are you ready?"
  4. "Rain, eh? Weird name for someone." Niko shrugged his shoulders before his lazy smile turned more into a smirk. He bent down, then, and grabbed his backpack of the ground and slung it over his shoulders with ease, his eyes roaming back to the two figures that stood before him, though his eyes trailing over Rain's for a little bit longer.
    "Ready as I'll ever be," he commented with a sigh. He walked over to the door, bypassing the two people, and stopped before he looked out into the hall, a few kids walking past, chatting among themselves. "So where exactly are you going to show me?" He leaned against the door frame before he looked back into the office.
  5. Rain was a beautiful girl, she had a slim figure, long black hair that was put into loose piggy tail and had a skull clip on the right side of her head. She had fair skin which definatly suit her, high cheekbones, full pale-pink colored lips and deep purple eyes (they are not color contacts).
    Rain smirked back at him, "Hey! Niko is a weird name to. So I guess that makes us both weird." she followed him out the door and looked at him again, "I am showing you around the school."
  6. "Niko is not a weird name," Niko defended, the obvious hint of amusement hidden in his tone. He pushed himself off the frame, his smirk widening. "I'll have you know that it means victorious, something in which I am. Rain though? Most people associate that with something gloomy or depressing." He waved his hand off dismissively and continued walking beside the girl, his eyes trailing over her body once again. She was an eye catcher, he had to admit, though she seemed to have something different about her, something that he couldn't explain. Maybe it was the clip in her hair that threw him off? He wasn't sure, but he pushed the thought aside.

    "Right, the school... How is this place anyway? As cracked up as it's said to be?"
  7. She jokingly rolled her eyes then smiled, "Whatever you say Mr.Victorious." she looked him over hoping he wouldnt notice. He is cute, she thought to herself. However it wasnt only his looks that attracted her... she didnt know what else attracted her to him... she couldnt quit put her finger on it.
    When Niko asked here a question she looked ahead of her and shrugged "Its an alright right place. I mean there is drama every now and then but that is normal for any high school.
  8. Niko puffed out his chest a bit at the little name she had called him, his smirk widening before he set himself back to his regular posture. He kept his head straight, but turned his eyes to take another glance at her, only to see that she was looking right at him. It brought a swell of pride to his chest, and though normally he would have called someone out on that, he decided to let things go with her. For now anyway.

    "Fair enough," he said, shrugging as he became somewhat disinterested in hearing about how the school was just like any other, especially with the drama. He tried his best to stay out of it, if only because hearing others fight and complain about things tired him out and just about bored him to death. Unless it was about something interesting that is. "What about the sport though, if you know anything about any of them, specifically the tennis team?"
  9. Like Niko, Rain tried staying out of drama, she just hated it and wanted nothing to do with it.
    Crap! She thought, he did see me looking at him! She felt her cheeks burn slightly. She knew she was blushing a little bit but acted like it was no big deal.
    When he asked her about the sports at school that made her stop walking for a second. She thought about it and said, "Yes we have all sorts of sports here. And tennis just happens to be our best sport in this school."
  10. Hearing that the sports here were relatively good brought a smile across Niko's lips, but upon hearing that tennis was their best sport only made the smile widen. He hadn't even realized that Rain had stopped walking besides him as he looked up towards the ceiling. "Good to hear. At least there's one thing I have to look forward to while I'm here." He nodded to himself before he looked back down, only to stop when he didn't hear the girls footsteps beside him anymore. He turned around to look at her, giving the girl a skeptical gaze as he furrowed his brows. "Why'd you stop?"
  11. His speaking made her loose her train of thought and she looked at him, "Oh sorry I was just think." she laughed a little and rubbed the back of her head slly embarrassed with herself. She actually blushed pink and started walking again.
  12. His furrowed brows stayed put as he waited for Rain to come back to her senses, his eyes blinking as he watched her. When she finally started walking again Niko waited for her to catch up before he started walking, too, staying silent for a few minutes before he remembered what she had said before. "Thinking about...?" He was probably prying, but he couldn't find himself to care. Besides, if she stopped like that just because he asked something sport related he wondered if her thoughts were around the activity.
  13. She giggled a little bit, "Dont worry about it. Its not important."
  14. "Right," Niko responded, drawling out the middle of the word as he slowly nodded his head, tilting it back so that he could get another look at her. "So if it's not important, and if you spaced off that deeply, you must be an airhead." He chuckled a little. "And here I thought I was in responsible hands. Guess the principal was wrong, though I do have to admit that you don't exactly look like the 'model' student of a school." His tone was teasing, though he wondered how she was going to take it.
  15. She tried scowling at him but couldnt help but smile. She slapped his arm playfully, "Hush you!" she said laughing, "I will have you know I am not an airhead. And I am a good role model.. even though I dont look like it." she laughed a little again.
  16. "Hey." He laughed a little louder after being hit in the arm, the noise dying down into a soft chuckle as he rubbed the side of his arm. "I was just kidding. Take a joke, geeze. But still, it'll take a lot more convincing on your part to get me to believe that you're a model student." Niko looked over her appearance again, his eyes locking onto that skull clip. Yep, that was definitely the thing that threw him off. "I always figured model students were preppy brats who dressed in bright colors and made straight A's. Not had skull clips in their hair and hit people." Or at least that was how the 'model students' we at his old school.
  17. Rain laughed with him,, shrugged then said, "Yeah I know I dont look like it. But according Mr.Crowly I am."
  18. "Hmm... But he seems odd too, so I wonder just how good his judgment is." Niko shrugged as he rubbed the back of his neck, the smirk he had before changing into a bored expression, one that he usually sported on a daily basis unless he was concentrating on something.

    As they continued to walk through the halls he noticed the stares he received from a couple o the students. He raised his brows before his lips would lift slightly in the corners, though he never directly looked at another person, though he could hear the beginning of whispers entering into the vicinity. "And here it goes..." He muttered, sighing.
  19. For 10 minutes Rain showed him around the school then finally said, "Can I see you schedule?"
  20. Her voice surprised him a little since they hadn't spoken much during the course of the last ten minutes. "Uh? Oh, right." He dug in his pockets before bringing out a the folded piece of paper that was his schedule. "Here. Why do you want to see it though?"
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