Two different worlds neighbours

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  1. The streets of Murcoff were slowly starting to fill again for the day ahead. The sun rose in the east and pushed the old night time air away, across to the other side of the world were night time was drawing for them. Murcoff was a modern city for all kinds of folk trying to make a living. The city had been bred and built for human and mutant kind. It was a place a person or even thing, could take the weight off their shoulders and take refuge.

    A young women in her early 20's sat on a roof off a shop. A small, but brisk wind pushed her red locks into a small frenzy. Her long slim purple coat also danced in the air for half a second, until the wind lost its force and stopped once more.She wore a huge gourd strapped to her back. Calm Turquoise eyes surveyed the market place down below. ((See profile picture for what she looks like) Even though it was only 7am ,stall's were being rebuilt for the day again. Orc smithers were already banging away at their metal for their clients, advertising lights danced in an array of colours trying to draw shoppers in, food was being cooked for hungry folk, shops getting ready for opening up. A usual day in the city was blooming.

    Sky had been in the city for a day or two now. It was her job to meet the major's conditions, so money would be provided for her home. For escorting a high ranking general to Murcoff, the mission had been an B rank. It had been fairly straight forward, just acting as a bodyguard for him. Apparently the city had experienced a bad "argument" as the mayor had put it. A neighbouring city called Dueoff was experiencing difficulty accepting the city was so friendly towards mutants. They didn't want to be allied any longer, and the situation almost looked as if Dueoff would attack. But that had been a week ago, and no problems had arisen....Sky sighed gazing out into sun rise. One more day left and she would perhaps head off home. It was always a risk being nearby to a Human city, especially one so cold and arrogant like Dueoff. She always targeted and on the radar. For what she was, it would mean it was hard to have a lifetime of peace. It was hard to escape sometimes, which was why she blended in so normally in a mutant city like this one.
  2. Sheaia was a shopkeeper. Everyone she knew well called her Shea. Like Shea butter. She had golden hair, and pearly white teeth. Her blue eyes sparkled as she glance up at Sky. At this time she didn't know Sky's name or even anything about her. "Poor gal. She doesn't know what she's gotten herself into," she said to no one in particular as she flipped the closed sign over. Her flower shop was open for the day. Business was booming now a days. Or blooming as she liked to say. It was now or never to strike it rich. The city wouldn't be in peace for much longer.
  3. Tanwen was unlocking her bakery when she saw her neighbor Shea opened shop as well. She then remembered her first day moving here.
    Tanwen was half Phoenix and was deemed unsafe to her family in Whales, she was shipped off here. It was then that the town gave her shop and told her to do whatever she liked with it. So she decided on a bakery. On the bright side she didn't have to pay for working stove or oven.
    "Morning Shea!" Tanwen called over.
  4. For a little while, she sat on the same roof top surveying the sun slowly rising. The warm lushes heat, massaging her skin as she kept an eye on the market place. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into an hour, and during that time the day was peaceful without any cause of concern.

    A huge golden set of eyes slowly awakened inside Sky. The beast slowly awoke from his slumber stretching his black claws. A yawn escaped his mouth, a dark bold almost demonic voice followed as he shook of his slumber. He flapped his wings, stretching his muscles like a cat bathing in the sun. Now awake, he surveyed the sun slowly watching, gazing through Sky.

    "What does the day bring us?" He said in his natural dark voice, speaking inside Sky.
    "Well, we've only got one day left. I was just gonna keep an eye open on the city. No telling rumours have reached the folk about Dueoff." Sky said, replying to him in her mind.

    "Hhmmm. I'd keep an eye open on the mutants and humans. With the stir rising over the past week, it may cause conflict in the city. I've seen it so many times...Hundred's of years ago there was a city which was built in the clouds. Though no one has ever found out who, or what created that city. Some used to say it was the god's trying to make another heaven. Others say aliens created the city, trying to live on our earth. But the atmosphere killed them...The city was a place were mutant and human kind lived together. For hundreds of years it stayed that way. But a similar conflict such as this one arose, creating conflict between people and mutant kind. The city fell into battle, both kinds destroying each other. Each kind trying to take the city for their own. But unfortunately the battle was so horrific the city exploded. People and mutant kind on earth used to say that a beautiful neon glowing rainbow appeared that day. They said that the god's painted the neon rainbow, happy with their people. I'm afraid it was never like that...The cities explosion caused the neon rainbow to appear. People on earth were witnessing thousands die, homes destroyed creating a rainbow..." He stopped a moment, remember witnessing it that very day. He was so old now, but the memories always remained.
    "But ill tell you one thing." He said, continuing his experience."Some say if you watch the sky on the day the city fell, at the exact time. You can see the city shaped in the clouds, the neon rainbow over the city." He said, smiling at the idea."It's as if the spirits claimed the city, rebuilding it for themselves."

    Sky listened to his story, gazing up at the blue Sky, wishing she could see it.
    "I better keep an eye open then Narak." She said replying to him.Enjoying his story. Though couldn't help but feel sad for the millions of lives lost.

    Standing up, she jumped from the building to the ground. The jump having no damage effects upon her body. For she was a shinobi, and as a shinobi, a ninja. They were born with amazing reflexes and speeds. Her turquoise eyes now slowly turned towards the market place. Watching the many normal faces busy pottering around, minding their own business, enjoying their lives. It seemed strange that conflict seemed over the horizon for this city, for everything seemed normal and peaceful. Well..For now it seemed normal....