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  1. Alison and *character* have been best friends for what seems like forever. They know each other's secrets, fears, pet-peaves, thoughts, actions, and allergies. *character* has been in love with Alison ever since he could remember, but he never told her, instead he kept it buried deep down inside of him.
    After a horrible breakup, Alison gets a call from her favorite aunt and uncle who offers her the chance to come visit them for the winter and help her aunt with Christmas and New Years parties. Knowing that her aunt and uncle loved *character* like family, they let her invite him.
    Spending the entire winter in a small cabin with a couple and the girl he's in love with, *character* faces a lot of decisions. Can one month change everything between these two best friends? Will Alison fall in love with *character*, or will something split them apart, making *character* fall out of love with her?

    Anytime it says "*character*", replace it with whatever the name of your character, if you want to role-play with me, is. I don't really expect a post every two minutes, because I usually can't post until later in the evening, but I do want for you to at least try to one post a day. I know not everyone is going to want the exact same plot as this one, and that's fine. I'm open to new ideas on it, the only thing I really want to remain the same is the two best friends falling in love. Also, if you don't mind, I'd prefer to play boyxgirl instead of gay/lesbian role-play. Also, the only role that I'm really good at is female, so it would really help if you can play the male role... Message me if you'd like to role-play or discuss other plots. Thanks!
  2. Joseph walks thru the front door into the cabin door freezing because he forgot his jacket and also from the massive winds and snow and say "Hee-eee-yy guys, chilly outside ain't it"?
  3. Alison nods and shivers, pulling the soft, warm cover up to her chin and scoots back into the couch. "Maybe just a little bit,"she says jokingly and laughs.
  4. Joseph takes off his shoes and smiles at Alison and laughs back. Joseph decides to sit on the chair and says to Alison "So how are you doing"?
  5. She laughs and says "well besides the fact that I'm freezing, I think I'm alright. Wbu?"
  6. Joseph says " Oh you're freezing? I am the one who drove up here without air-conditioning and without a jacket!".
  7. "Hey, it's winter... I didn't think I'd have to tell you to bring a jacket," she say laughing and tossing him a blanket.
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