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  1. @x_minibit_x wants to follow you!

    And to recommend following @verylonelyluke, @getoffmyhan, @leia_organa and @kylor3n

    Because hilarity.
  2. I haven't used twitter for so damn long I forgot my password to my account...
  3. @WhiteGenocideTM

    It's all the rage apparently.

    All I have on my Twitter is Nathan Fillion anyway since I don't use it.
  4. @actual_static

    I prolifically post once or twice every month.
  5. @diananotacat

    But I never ever ever use it o_____o
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  6. 2014, 2013, then a bunch of 2009. Sick.
  7. @kayz_zeminer

  8. The only twitter I have is @ShiaraRashiale

    And that's a group twitter account I made (and now dropped) with 4 of my friends when we wanted to see how well we could pull off being a SJW and have people buy it.

    Tricked Brianna Wu into favouriting one of our tweets the first day. XD
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  9. I haven't used a Twitter in a couple of years ever since I forgot my last password

    Well, I used to have a Twitter roleplay account (for Memoirs of a Geisha), at that, but I also forgot the password for it~
  10. I had a twitter... But never used it. Can't remember the username o_o Skype was boring, confusing and with limited letters! The multiparagraph poster in me did not like D:
  11. @ArcadiaLumina

    I need more followers. Twitters just my thang to use to talk to celebs XD
  12. Follow me @Goddess__ (2 underscores)
  13. My Twitter is always in my signature, though I'm too much of a lazy bum to actually use it anymore. Maybe I should do something to rectify that...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.