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  1. The cupboard door opens to reveal a rather angry young woman in a long-maid outfit. Her facial expression was far, far, really far from happy. Inside the cupboard was a certain white-haired man cramped up, barely fitting inside with the door closed.
    A few seconds of awkward silence let gravity take over as there was no longer a door to support him, the man slid out like an object from it’s package after removing one of the walls. Crashing into the floor on his side he let out a single cough as the woman lifted her leg to stomp him in the face.
    “Nice, stripes today!” he let out with a wide ass grin.
    The maid’s face went red as the foot was moved down and behind her instead, and with the power of a professional football (soccer) player on steroids she landed a kick in the gut of the prone man. Actually lifting him of the floor he was sent back into the cupboard, though even with the mighty quality of that which is an IKEA cupboard it fell to pieces alongside the man.

    Springing to his feet, makeshift wooden plates, cupboard door and shelves spread across the room from the movement.
    “Why did you do that?!” he shouted out holding his gut with his left hand.
    “You groped me! What do you think would happ*” she was broken off mid sentence.
    “No, that part is fine, but you broke my cupboard! Not that it was expensive but this is coming out of your pay!” Karax shouted at his maid.
    “Sadly, no!” she shouted out with a rather mischievous grin on her face.
    Taking out a laminated piece of rolled up paper from a pocket in her dress somewhere she handed it to him. “this is simply a copy, read the fine print”
    Karax was taken back for a second as he started reading the very, very small text on the paper.
    From everything on the paper there was one line that stood out. “--if it is a result of the master’s irresponsible behaviour all and any collateral damage will be replaced on the master’s own cost.”
    “.... how the fuck did you manage to get this on the contract?” Karax asked in disbelief. “This is not what I wrote...” he stated slightly annoyed.
    “No, it is not, but remember when my test-contact was over? I was given a new one to sign? Well, I took it home, scanned it and edited a few things here and there. After I signed it and took it back to you, you signed it without reading. I have the number of my lawyer if you need it” the maid stated with an almost glowing grin on her face.
    Simply plopping his body down into the rubble of the broken cupboard of notorious Swedish quality he read through the sentence again. “You crafty bugger...” he muttered to herself. No matter how he twisted his mind around this, since he had signed after her.... this was a legally binding contract and she was indeed right...
    “Well... you’re cleaning it up, at least!” he stated as his own wide and almost painful-looking smile grew back on his face. “Tomorrow we’re going shopping!”
    Strolling out of the room like nothing happened, small pieces of debris as well as a drawer handle fell off his clothes as he exited the door turning down the hall to his workshop.

    Poking a piece of metal on a wall besides the door a small spark jumped off his finger into it, a second later the sound of the lock opening could be heard as the rather simple looking door was opened Karax entered into a room decorated with tools, electrical components and computer screens. Sitting down on a fully metal chair with a short jump the momentum rolled him over to a computer with a black screen. Putting on a set of metal gauntlets he pulled out the left-pinky of the claws, showing a wire attached to it entering the indentation where the claw sat before, he pulled on the wire a few times to get some length to it before he plugged the claw into an odd looking connector on the computer itself.
    A few seconds later the screen turned on, a login screen showed itself but seemed to auto-fill itself as Karax moved away from it. Rolling his way over to a desk with soldering equipment and a lot of electronic components he picked up a soldering iron and started working on a large board filled with components. Even while at this other desk the computer he plugged the claw into was working on it’s own, screens upon screens of code were writing itself, schematics were drawn and it was acting like someone were there working on it.

    Hours later Karax put the soldering iron in it’s holder, the board he was working on was now infinitely more complex than when he started and resembled three motherboards worth of components spread on four boards which were screwed on five of the six side making up an odd cube the size of a handball. Connecting them together with a ton of colored cables, some singles, other a braid of cables ending in a plastic plug and many more. Connecting a last cable from a special power supply he flipped a switch. Nothing happened for a full minute, Karax sitting there looking at it like he had no worries at all, after which the thing he had put together started humming and glowing a dim blue from the cube in the middle.
    His grin grew again and it was clear that he was happy with what he had done.
    Kicking off from that desk he returned to the computer, the walls of code had closed down and saved, opening a software he began humming to himself as he pulled a quite thick datacable from his computer over to the cube he was working on, connected it and started a code-transfer script. It connected and calculated an hour to download.
    Yanking out the wire from his gauntlet into the computer the screen shut down but the computer was still working in the background as he left the room with a very satisfied expression.

    Meeting his maid in the hallway she had a look on her face like she couldn’t really care if he were even there or not, as long as he kept paying her.
    “I need you to get me some of that epoxy I tend to use, at least two kilos of it this time. Also I’m hungry!” he stated as he tapped her on the shoulder in passing, letting a static-charge discharge from him into her shoulder. Though she was somewhat used to it, it still had her jump a little.

    Much later that night Karax returned to his workshop, rounding the corner into the hallway taking him there he found himself taking a step that was not there, ending up falling in what looked to be a large tunnel of lights akin to what one could imagine an acid-dream.
    A blink of light in the distance came crashing into him at a speed faster than he could even react to, not that he could do much in mid air anyway. Finding himself with a young girl wrapped around him he would have found this much more interesting had this not just taken him from his hallway to... here.
    Not much time to think before a flash of light powerful enough to make the most devout sun-worshiper think himself a basement dweller leaving his room for the first time in week blinded him and it all went blank.

    Waking up an undefined time later he found himself in a tree, though waking up shifted his equilibrium forcing him to be acquainted with the ground with only a mid-stop due to a strong branch.
    Various phases of a choice selection of words reserved for such occasions left his lips as he half-heatedly got to his feet and limped around to what seemed like a clearing in the forest he was in.
    Almost tripping over something behind a bush he realized that the friend he made in the tunnel of lights were here as well, though she seemed to be somewhat unco*... wait... why does her ears look like wings?
    Karax forgot the things that had happened to him just now and squatted down besides the girl.
    “Heloooo~?” he asked with a low voice as he poked her shoulder, getting no reaction he moved over to poke the wing-ear. Looking like they were fastened to her ears he tried pulling one of them, only to realize that they seemed to be a part, if not her actual ears... Being dressed rather fancy she also had quite the armory with her, or at least in the sense of swords... Where she also eaten up by this portalthing? And if so, where is she from?

    Leaving her there for now he looked around for a few minutes, he couldn’t really see anyone or anything of interest besides a road ‘over there’ from where he thought at the time was east, at least based on the sun’s movements the last half hour.
    Walking back to the girl he surveyed what he had with him; Smartphone without coverage or any accessories, a pocket knife, his wiregloves and his clothes. Well... that weren't too much to work with.
    “Hey, girl” Karax stated as he nudged the teenage-looking girl unconscious on the ground. Waiting for a few seconds he grew tired and a mischievous grin grew on his face.
    He took off his gloves and fastened them to his sash, he then charged up a static charge in his right hand. “Last chance, or your butt is mine!” he stated ignoring how wrong that sounded with an underage looking girl besides him.
    To his glee there were no reply and he promptly lifted the armored skirt to the side and proceeded to give her butt-cheek a grab, the static charge being akin to a group of kids on a trampoline for half an hour condensed into one hand. Pretty far from actually damaging but it’d kick quite nicely, AND he got to grope someone; today was going to be an interesting day!
  2. It was quite an amusing sight really. The horse seller was obviously not taking his customer seriously or that he just wanted to amuse himself at the expense of the small Cheytan. Sitting atop a mighty and proud mount swung a tiny and petite figure. Sure her long pheasant tail headdress gave her some height, but her tiny body looked incredibly ridiculous on top of the mighty beast. It wasn't any more fun on Lyrnya's end either. The stirrups weren't properly adjusted, her legs ached a bit from the width of the horses body, it was difficult seeing ahead over the horses head and keeping balance was a real issue.

    Sigh.... I am sore and grumpy and I'm pretty sure the beast feels exactly the same as me."

    Doing her best haughty impression, lyrnya imitated what she thought the horse would be thinking

    "Harumph! Who is this imbecile on my back? Can you not ride me properly? Why is your leg so far up my flank? Nye nyenye...."

    It didn't take that long before the small teen got sick of it all and decided to take a well deserved break. After all, she was starting to not be able to feel anything below her buttocks. Swinging off the horse, Lyrnya led the black stallion by the reins to the side of a clear river. It wasted no time in forging into the current and cool itself off as it let the water run past its knees. Lyrnya cooled off with a small cypress tree and ate the Jackery fruit that she brought along. There was no rush to get anywhere. Her destination was as far as she can move on her own power. Lyrnya was more than happy to perhaps doze off under the shade when it suddenly got a lot darker. Before she could crack open an eyelid, a loud exhale of breath washed over her before she got nudged rather forcefully on the face, toppling her over.

    Huh? Wah? Oh, you wretched beast.

    Her horse has decided that that was enough for a break and it was time to move.

    What in the world is this? I'm the master! Why is it telling ME when its time to move?

    Before there was even another chance to be even more indignant, the horse gave another nudge and a snort.

    Good lord.... this is like putting the cart before the horse....

    There wasn't anything that can be done. Lyrnya knew she lost before she even begun. Resigning herself, Lyrnya made her way to the side of the horse when another dilemma appeared. The horse was quite high up off the ground. In fact, she only just remembered that she got on with a helpful boost from the not stable hand.

    By the Gods! CURSE YOU!

    Taking both sides of the saddle, Lyrnya strained to get one foot looped into the stirrup. This beast was truly a marvel of nature, but Lyrnya wasn't in a appreciating mood right now. After several humorous failures, Lyrnya used all her strength and shot herself upwards.

    ah HA! VICTORY! I WIN!

    Victory jubilation was short lived as she continued over rather than land squarely onto the saddle.


    The whole world turned upside down as Lyrnya tumbled over. Her hands made for a mad grab for anything for grip, but unfortunately, the action of taking the Jackery fruit from her bag has made her small travel pack loose. Instead of saving her hide, the pack slipped from the back of the horse, along with her Yari. It was quite a fall to be having from that height and being head first. As the ground rushed upwards, a sudden sucking noise below her could be heard and rather than eating dirt, she continued to fall. Her surroundings proceeded to get brighter and brighter before everything became whited out. However, just before fading out into unconsciousness, something big and organic rammed straight into her. It was a young man... of sort, but before anything could be done, the light became too intense and just as quick as it came, everything faded to black


    Only the Gods knew how long it has been. One thing Lyrnya knew was that the waking up part wasn't particularly fun. A huge jolt ran up her buttocks and her ruby eyes snapped open in an instant. With the agility of a back, Lyrnya back flipped away from the shock and faced who or whatever it was that attacked her, baring her teeth and growling.

    Grrrrrrr!!!! Who dares attack me?!

    Squatting over where Lyrnya was just squatting over at was a rather tall male with hair like that of snow. As pretty as it was, Lyrnya was still quite miffed about the sudden surge. Her yari was scattered across the bushes along with both her katana. All she had left was her wakizashi. Lyrnya wasted no time in drawing the short sword from behind her ponytail.

    What do you think you are doing, attacking me during my sleep?! You wanna die?!

    It was by now that she realised she did not recognise where she was. None of the nearby scenery looked familiar nor resembled any of the country aesthetics that she knew off. The lake she took a rest at and her less than ideal travelling companion was also missing.

    You! Suspicious man! Where have you taken me? Where is my mount! If you done anything to it, I'll gut you!

    As comical as it is to see someone so small threatening someone so big, Lyrnya meant it. Her physical prowess betrays what people see and she was indeed quite capable of following through with most physical threats she has made in her life.
  3. Karax was a bit taken back as the girl woke and in a single movement managed to get some distance between them, clearly indicating that she at least had some combat experience. Though Karax was a bit sad about it, though his plan worked in waking her it would have been more ‘interesting’ for him if she had still been asleep.
    She pulled a sword after gaining distance, something that was rather odd in Karax’s mind, after all guns are a tad more efficient than swords if you just compare their usability as a weapon, but with the swords that were not far from them, the one she pulled and her attire; they reminded him a lot about the feudal times. Did the portalthing take her from such a time?

    Spewing questions about logical questions didn’t really make Karax care much about what was said, but when she named him a suspicious man and asking about her mount his grin grew on his face. It was not really that creepy in itself, just more... odd.. seeming larger than what should physically be possible he seemed to hold it with ease.
    “Suspicious man? Is that how you speak to your GOD?!” he got up and spread his arms. “I brought you here to MY domain as you are the chosen one!” he went on spewing bullshit with a surprisingly genuine tone.
    “Your mount were not needed for my plans so I simply only brought you here!”

    He held this seriousness to let her react to it for a short while before he broke down in laughter, all his lies became too much for even him. Slipping his gloves on in case there were to be an attack, he was merely preparing himself.
    “I’m sorry. That was a lie...” he kept laughing with his trademark smile.
    “If you don’t know this place either I would say that we are both brought in here. I don’t know what happened to your mount and I’m not as suspicious as I seem.” he grinned wide at her. Though that statement might have made him seem infinitely more suspicious.
    “And as for attacking you, I was merely waking you from your... sleep? I tried shaking your shoulder gently without it working, so I chose another way I find to be more effective.”
    The last sentence there made him sound like a notorious pervert, something not too far from the truth but she didn't have to know that, at least not yet.

    Standing perfectly and relaxed upright he looked at her with a serious sharpness to his eyes, still sporting the sheepish smile.
    “Are you sure you wish to fight me?” the confidence was reeking of the man. He might not look it, or rather, he really doesn’t look it almost regardless on how you look at him. But Karax had quite the skill in combat and he was much smarter than his appearance leads you to believe. The girl was sporting metal weapons and seemed to be quite swift, odds were not in her favor at the moment if this were to become an actual fight.
    “Or do you prefer to get to understand the situation first?”

    Without really trying to hint it, he was sort of hoping for a fight, it's been a long while since he were in a proper fight.
  4. This man was obviously delusional. Sure, his grand gestures and confidence in his words put forth a convincing case, but this man has no idea of her Gods. It was almost laughable to the point that Lyrnya stopped and thought again whether she shoud lunge and skewer him. Perhaps this man is mentally ill or sick? It would be a sin to murder a man who has no control over his actions. Her pity got even worse as the man cracked into hysterical laughter

    This man truly is sick.

    Really... not suspicious you say? Trying to wake me up you say? Sure. Thats a good man. You did real good.

    Lyrnya smiled at the man. She didnt intend to, but her pity was plastered all over her face. It was something of a social responsibility to help the needy and the sick. Lyrnya couldn't just leave him there. Every line he spewed forth was further damning evidence of mental deficiency. Any sane man would use a more appropriate method of rousing one from slumber.

    There there. It is ok. EVERYone makes mistakes. Don't beat yourself up over it. We wouldn't want you to get too emotional.

    After all, i don't thin i ahve any medication that will stabilise an excited mentally ill child.

    And of course i won't fight you...

    Better hunour him.

    That said, the current situation hasn't changed. This man was clearly not a local either, which made it worse. She was now dragging along some demented soul. Thats essentially one person looking after two. Her efficiency has been halved. As the small warrior peered both ways, seeking for any sign of life, she caught sight of an ever so faint line of smoke. Smoke meant fire and since this trail was quite thin and uniform, it was most likely a controlled fire. That meant life. Dropping off from her little raised spot, Lyrnya picked up her small pack and her scattered weapons and began making her way forward before quickly turning back to her new companion/ deadweight. Putting as much as she can as if talking to a child, Lyrnya tried to get the man to follow. Hopefully, the next town or village had a doctor.

    Come. Lets head towards the smoke. Theres people over there and a lot of fun stuff for you to do.

    This type of soft and doteing talk was new to Lyrnya. She was a warrior and never had to do any of this. Perhaps its because of this, her tone may be slightly exaggerated. It was less talking to a child and more a toddler at this point.
  5. Karax was a tad taken back, the way she spoke to him what that of demented old people or young children. Though he shared many traits with the mentioned it was all a choice or a part of his humor. His smile faded and he was actually a little hurt, not only were he vastly underestimated but he was looked down on... Did... Did she think him an idiot? Or were she just like that towards everyone?
    Her forced-looking smile, her face stating that she’d prefer him not to speak any more and the tone on how she wanted them to walk towards the smoke after she had picked up her stuff.
    She did, she bloody did!
    Though Karax was fine with making a fool of himself for the sake of funny, or to to validate a lie if needed, his ego had problems being looked down on like this, at least without a good reason.

    “Listen here, little one-” he started, his smile shortening to a more serious face. “-though I might have my own ways of doing things, I’d prefer you not talk to me in that manner... Or I might have to punish you!”
    He really wondered if he should show his power, but decided that should there become some hostilities between the two he knows more about her than she does about him. At least in theory...
    “I agree with the destination, but I’d prefer you treat me like the adult I am!” his sheepish smile grew back on his face and he again looked much less than smart. “Now, onwards to the place!”
    He started strolling ahead past the young girl.

    “So, what kind of world are you from? If you are brought here like I am I wonder what happened to you. I was rounding a corner in my hallway and... fell into a hole of lights... Through a tunnel, crashed into you then woke over there” ending his sentence as he pointed back to the rough area that he fell from the tree, specifically making sure not to mention he fell on his ass down the branches.

    A trigger word has been said. There was nothing that pushed Lyrnya's button as much as her complex about her height. So bad was it that she tends to exaggerate what she actually heard and put meaning in words that was often innocent in nature. right now, fire was spitting from her mouth and daggers flew out of her eyes at lightning speed as the man waltzed ahead. So fuming that Lyrnya forgot her previous goal of working out where she currently was, but mindlessly follow after him while her stare drilled through his back. Of course, the man didn't really notice and continued throwing questions at Lyrnya, oblivious of her mood. She was tempted to jsut ignore him, but that was too rude, even of she was angry at him. Through gritted teeth Lyrnya replied.

    I am more inclined to believe i am still on Laurasia...but i cant say i recognise this region. I fell off my horse and continued to fall rather than hit the ground. Thats why i asked whether you ahve seen my horse.

    With her mood a bit better after staring extremely hard, Lyrnya tried to take charge again and strode forward past the man. Perhaps it was where it was from, or the air, but surprisingly, the source of the smoke wasn't that far off. In fact, after a single turn, Lyrnya saw the origin of the smoke. A small campfire with a couple of what appears to be warriors sitting around and having a meal. It was perfect. The duo could just ask them for instructions rather than guessing.

    We can just ask those warriors sitting by that fire.

    Without any reservations, Lyrnya marched forward and when she reached the foursome, she coughed politely to get their attention. The conversation they had were cut short as four heads simultaneously turned upwards.

    Afternoon. If you don't mind me asking, where exactly are we? I am... i mean, myself and my companion is a bit lost so we were wondeirng if you could point us in the right way?

    Lyrnya was no stranger to odd stares. After all, Cheytan armour were extremely unique in terms of styling and aesthetics. While she hated to admit it, she was also quite short. So when paired with her extremely long pheasant tail headdress that made her well over 2.5 meters tall, Lyrnya expected some stares. Except, these stares weren't of curiosity. It was more of shock and a bit of fear. There was a few seconds of silence before Lyrnya was taken aback by them suddenly jumping up. It wasnt to greet her, that much she could tell. One does not usually greet someone with shouting and attempting to draw their weapons. Lyrnya knew aggression when she saw it and she ehrself leapt backwards and levelled her Jumonji Yari at them, quickly scanning their gear. Their swords were a very typical straight, double edged cross guard long sword and oddly, they all had the same white tunic with red cross emblazoned across their chest. However, that was all the time she got as the closest warrior swung down at her. It wasn't so dangerous as the yari's crossguard caught the blade and Lyrnya threw the surprised warrior leftwards. There was no time to rest as his companion screamed incoherently about witch and monster before he charged at her from the right, forcing Lyrnya to send the stiff shaft a roundhouse strike against the man, catching him in the gut. The blunt force went straight through the chainmail and dropped him temporarily to his knees. The last one, Lyrnya kept at bay with her long polearm. The general consensus was that it took three times the effort to fight someone with armed polearm than it does with an opponent armed with a sword. Her breathing room was very narrow however and she knew it, so she took the initiative and launched her own counterattack with a series of rapid thrust, trying to force him to split away from his friends.
  7. Based on the sudden outburst regarding the little girl’s height it was clear that she had some problems with she being short, something Karax took a good mental note of.
    One could almost feel the pressure only her aura caused due to anger, but nothing actually came out of it, which was a good thing. Though she might be outdated weapon-wise, she might be very skilled with them... And a sword will still mess you up something hard if you are on the wrong end of a sword’s edge.

    She did eventually simmer down, a good thing as she could have become quite a handful if she were to be angry for a longer while regarding something so little. Though she finally answered his question after cooling down. Laurasia... Somewhere that Karax has never heard of, and using horses as transport, she must be from somewhere that were still in the earlier times compared to Karax’ own world.
    All that said, he really took this of possibly being thrown into another world rather easy, though him having powers himself did aid him in having an open mind but there was still something way too easygoing about him, even enough so to surprise himself.

    Karax nodded with a ‘sure’ as confirmation to her idea about talking with the warriors around the fire. Something that didn’t go quite as planned.
    Though the little one’s questions were polite and to the point, the men sporting a very templar-looking outfit thew slurs about witch and monster at her as weapons were drawn. Karax’ suspicions about her speed being a large point of her combat seemed to be true, but she also showed some tactical choices in there. Though, he did put notice to her kick landing with more efficiency than he thought for her frame... She must be trained.
    Though having a sort of impasse at the moment, she was outnumbered and Karax didn’t really want to see the only one in the same situation as him fall to death due to him not helping when he clearly can take care of the situation.

    “We only need one to answer, right?” Karax stated as he charged up energy in his own body, even if one weren’t energy sensitive it was not hard to find out what he was doing... Or it might be depending on your knowledge about the ‘supernatural’ if this was that kind of world.
    The little one seemed to have good control over the one in front of her, but the ones to her side might prove a problem depending on their choices as a group.
    “Girl, don’t move!” he shouted, though he wanted to call her a little one this was not the time.
    Clapping his hands together once produced a powerful spark, drawing them apart revealed a powerful electrical arc similar to that of a large city-level power generator. The odd smile was on Karax’ face since the moment when he asked about the amount of survivors they needed and was still present as he pointed his hands towards the men to the sides of the girl sporting the halberd.. spear... thing!
    Powerful and bright as fuck arcs of electricity jumped from Karax’ hands and few as straight streams of lightning into the torso of the men to the girl’s side. Not much more than a grunt let slip of their lips as center-mass located muscle made one final contraction before everything in that part of the body was reclassified as charcoal.
    Though the lightning itself was over in the matter of a split second the electric air remained for several seconds after the arcs had left this world with only a retinal impression and two bodies remaining.
    The man in-front of the spear fell down backwards in rather logical surprise which was later exchanged for fear and panic, crying and whimpering.
    ”Sooo...” Karax stated as he walked past his companion, stepping over the very dead men, walking to the last remaining ‘templar’.
    “I believe the young lady asked you a question” He grinned, though his sheepish smile as there since always, the actions he had done and the strangely serious eyes made this for a very strange, eerie and threatening situation.

    The man broke down in tears and started trying to speak through this it was far from understandable.
    “Listen...” Karax stated as he sat down besides this now rather unarmed man as the sword was over there somewhere. “I prefer not to harm you, but for me to let you go home, to the bar or wherever you want to go, you need to give us something in return. Now, where are we?”
    The man looked at Karax, this demon, witch, monster with the power of the heavens though his lens of tears and tried to answer the best he could.
    “Thi... th... this is Vvv---v- V’ida.” he managed to stutter through.
    “V’ida? Odd sounding place... what is the name of this world?”
    The man looked at his captor with even stranger eyes... did he really not know? “L... Lisica...”
    “Ok... this is not a place I know..” Karax stated as he smiled at his spear-wielding companion.
    “Oh!” Karax broke out, enough to make the poor hostage jump. “Where and how far is it to the nearest city, town or village?”
    The man pointed along a road “half a day...” choking back tears.
    “Good boy!” Karax stated as he patted the poor man on his head just before getting to his feet before walking over to his companion.
    “Could you just... walk to that tree there and wait for a minute” Karax smiled as he was still walking, stopping near the little one with his back towards the hostage.
    Speaking low he didn’t want the man to hear what he said.

    “This is clearly not my world, not sure about you but I’m considering... sadly.. Killing him... If this world is not one that can.. handle me.. I mean, my own world hunts and kills my kind, we might.. I might want to keep myself hidden for now... What do you think?”
    It was clear that he was concerned, at least a little, his large sheepish grin had lowered itself to not even a smirk. The tone of his voice stated that he had seen these situations before, and indeed mages weren’t really taken in with open arms in his own world.

    OOC: I set this in my own fantasy world, makes shit easier for me to find out things.
    If we follow the road he mentioned we will arrive in Hineld after a while. A "city sized city". To call it something.
  8. Most people tend to do the opposite of what they're told. They look down when told not to or they run. Lyrnya was not one of them. She was a trained warrior with immense discipline. She recognised that voice being the man and while she found him immensely irritating, he had no ill will towards her.... at least, none that would warrant him to wish for her death. So when he called for her to freeze, she did just that. It was lucky that she did. The man intervened with some bright and fantastic lightning bolts that shot from his hands and essentially fried the two opponents she had left alone. Even though the lightning disipated as fast as it appeared, Lynrya had an odd aftertaste that was present after every storm. While Lyrnya thought the man to be an idiot, he was a serious threat to contend with. Anyone with enough power to fry two armoured warrior in an instant surely cannot have just that under their sleeves. As quick as can be, the situation has reversed and the man broke down into a wreck. Rather than instantly skewering him right now, Lyrnya wanted some answers. Something the man was willing to step up and try to extract from him.

    Through the stuttering and whimpering, the duo managed to extract their current location's name and direcction to the nearest civilisation, but not much else. With all the information wringed from him, the man came towards her for a short discussion. She didnt have a good gut feeling about this and she was right. The man suggested eliminating their captive. Lyrnya was absolutely confused. She had no idea why they attacked her, but they called her a monster. There was racism in Laurasia, but nothing so far as to be called a monster. Maybe those in this area isnt as welcoming as those at home. His face was suddenly more grim and serious than his "fool" face that he had. The manw as serious.

    I.... i...Do what you will.

    She could not stnad and watch the now defenceless man be executed, so she marched further on up the road, out of sight to wait for her companion. There was no honour in killing him and the fact that she isnt stopping it was killing her on the inside.
  9. As the girl left Karax and his corpse to be with an uncertain agreement to what he had decided, it was painfully clear that she didn’t approve his idea. And who could blame her, though she might have seen her share of racism, hate or whatever her race got in her world, there was bound to be something negative in there.
    But Karax doubted she had been hunted, as in actually hunted both as a sport and as a manhunt. As the people in his world realized that there were people of his kind... bad things happened, people died, on both sides. Though, mostly on the human side as they were vastly underestimating what they were against.
    Though, information he had obtained stated that the hunters were no more, or extremely few left. Their existence weren’t made public but it didn’t change the fact that the human race weren’t ready to take in Karax and his kind, those with so called supernatural abilities.
    Inhaling deeply and exhaling he turned towards his newfound friend with his strange smile.
    “Good news!” the white haired man stated as he walked towards the captive.
    “You’re going home today!” he carried on, the man became a little more at ease as his worst nightmare were walking towards him. “Just ignore my friend over there-” Karax put his arm over the shoulders of the templar. “-it’s just her time of the month” he whispered to him afterwards.
    “She gets a little moody” he grinned to him.

    The local seemed to become more at ease and as he relaxed a bit more a single sudden spasm and he died instantly due to a powerful current introduced into the base of the skull. At least he had some easier thoughts at the time.
    “I’m sorry about this, guys...” Karax stated as he rummaged through their bags and pockets, finding a few golden coins, as well as a few silver and copper ones. Taking them he left the location with a deep sigh. This was for the best, as sad as it was to kill people over a misunderstanding, and though Karax’ ego would love to be recognized as a god, this was the best solution for them all; mainly for Karax and the little one but still.

    After a short while he came out to the girl with his huge grin, seeming that nothing had happened at all and everything was fine.
    He assumed this would weigh heavy on her conscious, at least based on her reaction as he mentioned killing the unarmed man, so changing her focus might be the smartest.
    Starting to walk towards the way that the man spoke about he started talking.

    “So, what’s your name? I could go on calling you ‘little one’ if you prefer, but that might not be... Good?” his grin was clearly there and his tone was clearly meant to trigger the buttons about her height problem.
    “Name’s Karax, Karax Loren, and I bet you haven’t seen one of these before!”
    Taking a huge gamble that she hadn’t seen what he was about to pull out he wanted to refocus her thoughts. She might be a fighter, have discipline or whatever, but she was still a kid!
    Pulling out his smartphone he found some funny cat-videos he always had stored on the phone’s memory and showed them to her.
    He revealed it with the great words “Funny cats!”
  10. While the man got on with what the execution, Lyrnya occupied herself with staring at the army of ants that travelled in a line towards their nest. Sometimes, Lyrnya envied these simple beings. One minded and nothing complicated with its life. There were moments where Lyrnya want to escape free from all shackles of life and just do whatever she wants. Maybe escape to a far corner of her hometown mountains and live a solitude life. The moment she thought of home, reality rammed itself back into her head. She was in some random country, mostly far far away from Takahata Peaks.

    Sigh... i miss home....

    Just at that inopportune moment, the man suddenly turned around the corner with his ever so cheerful smile plasered across his face. It was disconcerting, considering the fact that he had jsut murdered a man. Still, Lyrnya could not judge. She did let him do it without opposition. Glumly, Lyrnya followed along with him silently until he broke silence, asking casually about her name. Of course, the man took this opportunity to mock her short stature by calling her a flea and a tick, but Lyrnya was so deflated it didn't do much to her.

    M'names Lyrnya en Dius Meo oz Soleire YEqejyu.......... you can call me Lyrnya

    The man gave his own introduction, calling himself Karax and in an odd chain of event, he seemed to be trying to raise her spirit. From within his body, Karax pulled out a small flat piece of what appears to be something made from a cross of metal or rock. She has never seen such material before. Even more odd, there was a slab of glass atop on one side. Curiosity was one of her flaws and Lyrnya subconsciously peerd forward at the small object when all of a sudden, it flashed with light and live moving cats appeared on the glass. Her first action was to grab for the cats, but her hands instantly shot back up and covered her ears whilst she herself backstepped. Lyrnya loved animals. In fact, she had always had her red panda, Titia travel with her. Thankfully, cousin Clyuue had her right now. Otherwise, poor Titia would be in the same mess as her. The one issue with cats specifically was that they liked going for her winged ears. They were playful, but she didnt like it.

    Ever so slowly, Lyrnya inched back towards the small object before she was a mere foot from it and lightly poking it with the end of her spear. When nothing happened, she "grabbed" (more like snatched) the small glassy thingy and squeeed out loud. It took a good few seconds before she realised just how childish it was and with a quick loud cough, Lyrnya straightened herself out, but very conspicuously kept holding onto the small object.

    Ahem. Well, yes. Interesting. I must hold onto this to investigate more. Very well, Mr Karax. lets keep moving. We dont ahve all day.

    As Lyrnya strode ahead, she lifted the small device again and to her horror, it has turned back black. Shock and horror washed over the small girl as she turned to Karax with an accusatory finger.

  11. [BCOLOR=transparent]Karax had to stop and mentally process that name... How... what...[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]What was that... 15 syllables? But, good for Karax she seemed aware of the motherload of sounds that was her name and had a shorter, or at least a simpler thing she accepted being named.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lyrnya... Lyrna... Lyra! She was going to be named that from now on, at least in some cases.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Though his plan worked wonders, he was a tad taken back to her reaction of the phone, especially the ‘trapped cats’. Poking the screen with her spear Karax was a tad glad that he went for the extra strong glass before the screen itself, still retaining it’s capacitive nature but hard as balls to scratch.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Snatching the phone it was all good, she seemed to like the cats and she acted her age, so to speak. Though, suddenly there was a rather accusing outburst as the screen had turned itself off after the video was done.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Breaking out in laughter he had problems containing himself for a longer period than he’d like to admit. Well... She was clearly from a low-technological age... He pondered how he should explain this to her...[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I didn’t do anything to the cats. There are no cats, or at least no real ones. It was just a video... Think of it as a moving painting, made of technology..” this was harder than he expected..[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Look, if you do this.” he took back the phone and pushed the lock-key, activating the screen. “then you drag your fingers in this pattern”, it was a simple pattern and main reason for it was to keep the phone from accidentally activating in his pocket.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Then you touch these small pictures like this” Taking her hand he used her finger to poke one of the other videos, it loaded and started playing a cat failing to jump a small distance, falling down in-stead.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“When that goes away, you can choose the others. You can drag the list like this...”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]He used a few minutes to show her the basics of how to navigate the cat folder on his phone, which was far from unfilled. He had tons of different clips stored on the local folder.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“When it turns off and you cannot wake it again, give it to me and I’ll fix it.” that was the easiest way to explain how the battery had run out when time came.. He tended to recharge it himself, after all; this was a phone of his own make. With some nifty features of it’s own.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]They walked along the road for quite some time, Karax didn’t really end up talking or asking as much as he’d like due to a slight paranoia and deep thinking. He might really be hunted in this world if his powers were discovered. And he had no idea of what Lyra was capable of, did she have some powers besides speed? He’d have to ask her later. And what brought them here.. why.. Similar things as well as simply having a keen eye on his surroundings made him rather silent unless the little one asked him something.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Finally they reached a rather large city, the buildings seemed to be primarily made of stone, or a stone-sand makeup, something akin to medieval concrete. Though there was a wooden frame and studs stone still seemed to be the main makeup of things there. The layout of the place was rather hard to see from this distance but unknowingly to the duo the layout was rather nice and simple. It had a circular layout where there are wider roads going to and from the town square, as well as the main circles outwards. Like a circle within a circle... Naturally there were a plethora of alleyways and whatnot but that was the base layout.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Strolling towards it Karax had to stop and think for a second. Turning towards Lyrnya.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Lyra... I just realized... We stick sort of out, don’t we...?” Karax might be the lighter dressed of the two, but his hair might not really be that common.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Even worse was the getup of his companion.[/BCOLOR]
  12. Lyrnya squinted hard in absolute concentration as Karax guided her through the procedure of getting these "moving paintings". It was magic. At the very least, the small object was magical. With a single gesture, the glass moved on its own as if it had life and the cats came on again. This time, a small little fluffball attempted a jump in which it failed spectacularly. It was absolutely darling. So much so, Lyrnya let out a small squeal at the moment of its fall. She didnt even mind, or more likely didnt even register, when Karax took her finger to direct her. When karax mentioned that should the object turn black like before, she was to just give it to him and that just reinforced that it needed its magical energy recharged. Now armed with knowledge of how this worked, the duo continued on and the time just flew by. Before long, the duo, or rather, Karax, saw that they had arrived at a rather sizeable city. Reluctantly, Lyrnya looked up from the device.

    Oh.... a city.... Reminds me of Tritis.... just... several hundred times smaller in scale. Oh well. Lets go in then.

    Before Lyrnya could take another step, Karax pointed out that Lyrnya wasn't particularly subtle. That and he called her Lyra

    Wah? My name is Lyrnya and what is wrong with my appearance? This magnificent armour is tailor made to the highest degree in our house smithy. The embroidery and the craftsmenship is second to none.

    Despite the massive complex the meter plus pheasant tail headdress gives Lyrnya, she was proud of her culture and to be part of that family. If anything, Karax's outfit stood equally out, if not more. Indignantly, Lyrnya shot back, with her ears instinctively folding in to show her mood. A very child like action which most Cheytans her age has learned to control subsoncsiously.

    My armour may be odd and exotic, but as we have seen, those warriors earlier on wore armour as well. Your outfit hardly classifies as normal civilian clothing.
  13. Karax couldn't really say much there, he didn't really look normally dressed but he was even stranger in his own world.
    Though he had to take her naïveté to mind, the other guys they took care of did indeed wear armor, but compared to the flashy nature of what Lyra wore they could be considered muddy people in brown overalls compared to her golden and gem encrusted masterpiece.

    “Listen here, in a world such as this, flashiness is often considered a noble-thing. You might be noble at home but it might not be smart to be mistaken for one around here. And besides, I think it’s smart to lie low for now...”
    And oh God it hurt to think about that... Karax’ ego was rather fond of being inflated and if he was the only one, or very few, that could use powers to his extent then he could be considered a God!

    He let out a deep drawn out sigh. “Besides, you look quite too young to be walking around with armor and weapons like that. At least based on what I think about this place.”
    He did sound at least somewhat convincing, he had read up on history and seen some shows based on the medieval times. Sort of where he got the idea for his own attire. Based on what he had seen so far and what he saw in the village the odds of them just being able to waltz in without any reactions were... slim.. at the very best.

    “Not to mention your ear-wings..” he just sort of snapped to again, realizing he had not yet had a chance to properly investigate them. “Which I’m rather interested in myself”
    Karax walked towards his underage-looking companion aiming to prod and inspect her very odd ears. Though he would without a doubt come out as creepy and weird it was not his intention, he was genuinely curious about what the deal with her flappy-wing ears were.
  14. [BCOLOR=transparent]Lyrnya looked down at her armour. Sure, she coudn't deny that it was a tad bit colourful and bright, but the Royal Guards from Tritis always looked so nicely dressed. That said, that was the capital city and that Tritis was a super power, so smartly dressed soldiers was to be expected. Karax also made logical sense with lying low. They did just kill a few uniformed men. The suspicious ones are always the newcomers, especially if they were weird like Karax. Just as she was about to concede to his suggestion, Lyrnya felt her vein rise up in irritation. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Who'se the on that's too small that she looks like a baby!?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lyrnya continued to grind her teeth, shooting trademark daggers from her eyes before she was placated by his interest in her ears. Chest puffed out in pride Lyrnya basked in the admiration. She was extremely proud of them, with its fine brown and white feather and down and its magnificent shape.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hmph, at least you have good taste.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The prideful boasting was interrupted by Karax suddenly making his way closer all of a sudden, rather creepily at that. When he got close, it was clear that he had the intention of poking and messing with her ears and with rather quick reflexes, Lyrnya folded her wing back and slapped the oncoming hand before staring at him with suspicious eyes [/BCOLOR]

    Alright. Fine. I'll dress down to a less conspicuous level.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Her pheasant headdress came off first, then her armour chest piece followed by her gauntlet and then her wakizashi. Her armour was packed into her pack, which was now almost bursting and her wakizashi was slipped behind her. The rest of her weapons were shoved into the pack as well, but was sticking out. Sure, her keikogi and hakama was stilla bit out there, but that would be fixed with a cloak of sort. As for her ears, the large scarf in her pack was big enough to wrap around her head and ears (folded) to appear as if a headscarf.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Well, any other improvements? This the best i can do.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
  15. Though the little imp had a complex with her height, it was interesting to see how quick she bounced back when something good was mentioned to inflate her ego.
    She then proceeded to undress down to a much simpler outfit, even hiding the ears with great ease; it was almost as if she had done this before. Though her backpack looked like it would explode if you put another marble into it.

    “No, that should do it” Karax answered to her question about apperance. Though her garments were still rather high class, if he should judge by what he saw in the city a moment ago, but it was still fine enough that it would be considered a medium-range commoners best outfit.
    Karax on the other hand, looked like a slob with a malfunctioning wardrobe, just as he liked it! Though he did take off his gauntlets and fastened them to his sash, his hands looked more like hands than weaponized claw-gauntlets and should aid at least a little.

    Considering to aid Lyra with her backpack he saw she had a much greater ease than he expected, she might look frail and slim, but she was either stronger than she looked or her armor was made of styrofoam.

    Starting to move into the city he realized that he was rather happy that the language worked both ways, still not sure what made this happen he let it slide for the greater questions.
    Entering the main gates they weren’t stopped, questioned or anything, a good thing really as he had no idea what to actually say if he were to be asked something fancy. Lying was always an option and depending on the ego of his companion it might have gotten ugly.
    Although... he started thinking.. Depending if this world had common knowledge of magic or similar powers, Karax might be utterly powerful. He knows the extent of his powers and how they work on the human body and to be honest; he was even rather powerful in his own world.
    If shit hit the proverbial fan this could be interesting, even considered that he had no idea what his friends’ abilities were she seemed to at the very least have some sword and spear skills. They should get some sparring or training done, if nothing else at least talk about their abilities in case their situation goes bad.

    “So, Lyra-” he clearly stated her name wrong, it was now a nickname for her in his head and she had no choice but to accept it. “-What should we even do here? It’s not like we can just waltz up and go ‘hey, we’re from another world, do you know how we can get back?’. I’m sure people would think us mad..”
  16. Lyrnya. And no, of course not. Don't be ridiculous. First things first is to actually find out WHERE we are, even if we dont know WHERE is. A map or maybe some sort of paper of some type might help.

    If all else failed, Lyrnya had a few hidden trick up her sleeve. Bribery. Sure, she didnt have local currency, but who needs it when you have something expensive... or at the very least, appear expensive. Between the two of them, they MUST be able to pull out something that may appear of worth. If they really cant, then asking the local beggars may yield results as well.

    As for getting back to where we came from, I must admit that that would be way out of my league. Magic is one of my weak suits. Ask me to butt heads and i can go for days, but if you want me to conjure up something, you might need to wait for a while.... wait a second, why are you asking me? You are the magic guy here!

    Lyrnya then remembered that Karax was a powerful mage, capable of commanding the odd black device, probably made that too. He was clearly someone adept in the magic department, so HE should be the one in charge here.
  17. Karax had to chuckle to her comment about bashing in heads, though all things considered she did have a small collection of points. He also wondered about when she stated that magic was her weak-side, how powerful was she and by by that; how skilled were she in physical combat. he had barely seen her fight shortly after arriving here but that was far from enough to estimate her abilities. Could she take out several men? A small army? Could she take him in a fight?
    She was correct about Karax being a magic guy, but his knowledge was extremely limited to his own abilities and yes, while he was strong enough to power a small modern-day village over a short duration he had no idea how this space-time rape happened. He only had ideas and vague mental explanations based from watching Sci-fi shows.

    He decided to come clean and explain it rather than it to become a problem later, and besides; the details he planned to share now would only make her reconsider attacking him rather than giving her any advantage. Should such thoughts become a thing.

    “I agree on a map, or at least information about our location. Also, I’m afraid I’m not as skilled in magic as you might think. I’m quite powerful, but I lack detailed knowledge outside of my own type of magic. So if you have any questions about how electricity or lightning works, I can answer anything and everything. But for what brought us here I only have speculations from stories and the like. So if you ask me to take out a village of people that can be done, but anything outside of this I don’t have much.”

    Though he did leave out details that he would most likely fall unconscious from strain to take out a whole village. Scratch that, he would definitely fall unconscious with possible hangover for days after that, but a mixture of ego and logic made sure he would not let her know this.

    “Also, anything electric, like lightning, is very beneficial to me!” he added with a hugeass grin.
    And it was true, stepping his testing up further and further during his testing days he realized that he could literally draw power into himself from a wall socket, or even better; a high voltage cable.

    He motioned for the little girl to take lead in a rather gentleman-ly motion, although his grin was still present and ruined any mental images of an actual gentleman.
  18. Lyrnya's shoulder sagged a bit at the revelation. It meant that escaping from this world just got quite a bit harder. Of course, Lyrnya should have seen that coming. Karax was just too scrappily dressed and did not have a shred of sageness and wisdom that came with being a master mage. That said, he did say he specialised in electrical powers and that if he wanted to, he was able to wipe out a village... not that that was of any use.

    Fine. Do it. Show me your moves. We got a village here.

    It was more snark resulting from frustration than anything. Wiping out the village would have done nothing for them, though it would give them substantial amount of resources without paying. Essentially, they would pillage the town. Regardless, Lyrnya wasnt sure of how stable Karax was and just in case he missed the sarcasm, Lyrnya quickly added in that she was joking.

    I was just jesting. Well... nothing to do but to head to the most impressive and authoritative building in sight then.

    It didn't take long. These smaller villages tend to expand outwards from their central governmental buildings. In this case, it was a sizable double story building made of wood on solid stone foundation. It looked like it has seen quite a few seasons, but has somehow remained rather well kept. The guards helped a bit as well. Without hesitation, Lyrnya approached the building, but right before she could walk through the double door, a burly arm chopped down in front and blocking her progress.

    Halt! What business do you have in the High Office of the Lord Mayor?

    Lyrnya couldn't help but snicker slightly. It was quite a high and mighty title for such a humble building. Despite it being well maintained, it sure as heck did not deserve such a title... and Lord Mayor? Quite an exaggerated title for such a small town.

    What are you laughing at, kid? If you're just going to horse around, go play somewhere else!

    Who are you calling a new born baby, HUH! WANNA GO!?

    In a show of readiness to rumble, Lyrnya pulled up her sleeves and began to TRY and get into the guards face. Of course, this was a bit more difficult than anticipated as the guard stood well over a few heads taller than Lyrnya
  19. Karax raised an eyebrow to the challenge, that could be interesting. It’s been quite the time since he went all out, and a village this size he could easily take it out with one charged attack, though that would drain him hardcore and he’d be useless for a while as he had to blanket a rather large area with electrical current, and enough to kill a person. Though it was very little current that was needed to properly kill a person, one Ampere was considerably more than needed as long as it passed through the heart. Though that amount was of little problem to create for him, and it would not really charr a body, it was not powerful enough to create a proper spark or Lightning. Meaning it would not jump by itself like his normal forms of attack does.
    He inhaled and opened his mouth to make a joke about him actually doing this but he was cut off by Lyrnya calling her own joke rather than to cause misunderstanding. That would be one hell of a misunderstanding though it would set them off with some interesting wealth.

    The town itself was not that fancy, stone and wooden buildings in a semi logical pattern extending from a town square of sorts ending up in a rather half-assed circle. Most likely due to the layout of the land but was still a simple layout.
    Following his little companion he wondered what her story really was, she seemed to be honest enough about her emotions or at least regarding to the ones that came by themselves in form of reaction. So taking base in her reaction with the smartphone and videos in general seems to actually put her in a rather early timeframe... She really was from a different world.
    Though this only made their situation worse... If they were from different worlds and this was a third one, how many others were there and how hard would it be to get home?

    The train of thought derailed into an abyss of reality as his female friend had found herself a sparring partner! Although the situation was far from optimal. Karax toyed with the idea of letting her have her go but if they were to extract any information then fighting the guards were not the smartest approach.

    Stepping forward and picking up Lyrnya he flung her over his shoulder, picking up her bag if that fell off he simply put on his normal sheepish grin.
    “Please ignore my sister, she is a tad touchy about being vertically challenged” He made sure to hold onto her and prepare to be beaten and bitten should she be that type, though he did try to say it in a way for her not to notice... Time would tell how that went.

    “We are wondering if we could talk to the Lord Mayor, or someone with knowledge and power.”
    The soldiers looked far from amused by this. “What is your business here? One does not simply enter the Lord Mayors office”

    Karax chuckled a little at the wording used, but he did understand the logic, someone of his stature would most likely have a schedule and whatnot.
    “My business is information and perhaps... Selling our skill?” Karax’ explanation was far from proper but he did like the idea of being able to use his abilities proper and not be afraid to be shot around a corner by someone.
    “I’m afraid the Lord Mayor is incredibly busy” one of the men stated, but ignoring that Karax got an idea.

    Fumbling in his robe’s pocket he took out a few coins and flicked one of the silver ones to the guard, bribery in broad daylight!
    Though... He had no idea what the value of these coins were. Perhaps a silver one weren't enough, should he try with a golden one?
    “OH! It seems I was mistaken, the Lord Mayor will gladly see you, please come with me and I’ll introduce you!” The guards were suddenly very on his side and for some obscure reason incredibly helpful. Money makes the world work, apparently... Though he could not stop wondering how much he actually gave the man.

    Entering a rather simple but lavish waiting room of sorts they were told to wait in here as the soldier were to announce their arrival with the Mayor. The room was, shiny, to use the word. All wooden surfaces were polished and buffed to a reflective shine, paintings of a few rather fancy looking people decorated the walls as well as a few of a forest in front of a mountain.

    Karax nodded to the soldier as he sat Lyrnya down on the floor, finding himself a place to sit. Seems like taking out the Templar earlier gave them some decent money to start with.
  20. Lyrnya would have replied as usual in anger.... if she didn't have her mouth full, gnawing at Karax's shoulder whilst pummeling his back with her fist. Both of her legs were flailing around in anger as Karax carried Lyrnya around like a sack of grain. At most, all one could really hear was

    MRGHSAFH! Asjfnfajfnaskn! AMFGHFTRGHR!

    While Lyrnya was wriggling around, she did hear Karax apply some charm to the guard, lubricated with silver. The common language across all worlds and barriers, the coin. Lyrnya was still furious, but at least she didn't have a slug fest with the guard and get thrown into gaol (cuz fuck you, im proper Australian). It was also fascinating to see how fast the guard did a 180 degree spin at the sight of money. By now, Lyrnya had released Karax from her bite and had calmed down substantially. She just hung there limp as they made their way through the building before Karax plonked Lyrnya onto the floor like a sack of potatoes whilst he took a seat. Shooting to her feet Lyrnya confronted Karax indignantly.

    Hey! I am not some small toy you can just put down wherever you please! I was perfectly capable of coming down on my own feet. That said, i must commend you on getting us an audience. So... where is this pompous major?

    Harumph! So this is the one who requested an audience and his bratty sister?

    Lyrnya couldnt be more right in her mind. This man oozed incompetence and pomp. Rotund with a benedictine monk haircut and a oddly curly mustache draped in garish purple silk, Lyrnya swelled with disdain. Deciding to grit her teeth and play along, Lyrnya stormed off and stood behind Karax. The less she had to see this fat man, the less likely she would subconsciously sock him in the face.
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