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    Carter Kline
    The icy, dense air swept through the streets of the town as the sun made it's final descent from the sky. Carter repositioned the cashmere scarf around her neck, careful not to expose any of her skin to the bitter cold wind. The streets were lined with the members of society that she was forbidden to associate with under any circumstances. They stared at her with curiosity, angst, and resentment to be sure. Although she tried dressing down as much as possible, even her most plain of clothes were worth more than any one of the on lookers could afford. Looking to the ground she hurried to the nearest intersection. The sign read “6th Street.”

    There was no turning back now, as she was already far from home as it was. The house, no mansion, from whence she came felt more like a prison. Walls filled with things, yet nothing at all at the same time. Lifeless, emotionless, people glided trough the halls day in and day out. It had felt as if her life would just float on by without her. She found solace in one person, Maria, who had been born and raised from the wrong side of town. Maria was one of the maids who tended to her portion of the estate. It was she who sent her here in search of her brother. Maria had assured her that he would be able to discreetly get her out of town and away from this whirlwind of a life forever. Though she had not seen him in over two years, she heard rumors of where he was staying.

    So here she was, a privileged, headstrong, rich girl at the corner of 6th and Main. Reaching into her pocket she felt around for the poorly scribbled directions she jotted down on a scrap piece of paper. A sickening feeling reached her stomach as the note was not where she was sure she placed it. Quickly she patted down all over her pockets to no avail. For a moment she considered going back home to her comfort zone, however quickly pushed that out of her mind. There was no turning back now, and she was fairly certain she could find this apartment from memory. Just a few more blocks away.

    Turning right at the intersection she walked for what seemed like an eternity. None of the street signs rang a bell in her memory from Maria's note. She looked to the left, and then to the right. Nothing. The night began to darken it seemed, if that were even possible. Though she hadn't realized it, more people had come out into the streets over the past thirty minutes or so. More diverse people, with harder looks on their faces. A few yards ahead she spotted a side alley just off the main road. She took a quick right and leaned against the cold brick walls. A figure stood up from far back in the alley where he had been sitting. “And what are you doing around these parts?” he grunted. “This isn't the kind of place for you.” Carter sharply turned her head to the dark silhouette. Her words were caught in her throat, so she stared at him wide eyed, and afraid.

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  2. As the chill of the night swirled into the alley, several more shady characters closed in around the well-dressed young maiden. The one was directly in front of her with a cheesy grin. “And what are you doing around these parts?” he grunted. “This isn't the kind of place for you.” He slipped a hand from his jacket pocket to reach up and touch her face but was halted by a larger man. The big fellow grabbed the wrist of his cohort. “Not now, Juice. We got business.” His tone was hushed and he was walking away as he released his grip.

    The big guy lumbered over to a parked car and opened the back door. He began to pull out several black duffle bags and dropped them onto the slick pavement. The two men who were lingering around the fresh piece of hotness in their territory eventually decided not to push the issue. The one who spoke took a step back and turned away only to stop and move back next to the scared girl. He grabbed her wrist and started leading her towards the car with a strength that seemed too large for his body. “C’mon girl, you’re gonna warm me up after we make our deal.”


    The sound came from nowhere and everywhere. The three men were surprised and reached for their respective sidearms while looking around. Their gazes met upon a shadowy figure at the entrance of the alley. He was average height and build wearing a heavy trench coat that was gray or black and went clear to the ground. His head was covered in a black derby hat and those were the only things that could be discerned at this point. He lifted his face in the direction of the young woman. “No need for those gentlemen,” he motioned towards their guns. His voice was nondescript as well. “I have a lucrative proposition for you in regards to the girl.” A silver briefcase dropped from the coat between his feet. The goons all heard the clump of the case on the ground. The big guy came around the corner of the car and narrowed his eyes at the stranger. “Go on, Slick…I’m listening.”

    The man must’ve liked that response and he kicked the briefcase forward. “Fifty thousand dollars for the girl.” He lifted a gloved hand in motion to silence them. “Before you decide to do anything foolish like rob me, I want to let you know I work for very dangerous people.” The stranger took a few slow steps towards the girl. “Take the money and hand Ms. Kline over to me.” He extended a gloved hand towards her jacket. Nothing could be seen on his face except the corner of a very disturbing smirk. The big guy reached down and lifted the case. He opened it and saw several stacks of cash. “Deal. Juice, hand her over.” To emphasis his point, the big guy tossed a banded stack of cash to his associate. Juice, as he was called, released the girl to catch the cash.
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