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Color is a powerful tool in writing. Proper description and hints at the coloring of settings and objects- and yes, even people- can set the scene with emotions that the writer wishes to convey. The proper combinations of colors can warn of impending disaster, show a character slipping into depression, or finish off a happy ending with a nice little bow.

The most common example of color association is black and white- black is often associated with night, darkness...evil, if you will. And on the opposite side of the spectrum, there is white. White is usually shown as being light, hope, and on the side of good.

So what is the purpose of this exercise series?

I want you to take a color that I give you...and twist it. I want you to take the common feeling of a color, weave it into your writing, and then shatter the preconception of what we thought it was. I want you to make an evil color good, and a good color evil. I want love to turn to hatred, and hatred to love.

...I'm sure you get the point.

The most important rule to remember is that there are no rules. The only thing you have to do is twist the association!

Post length- anything!

Setting, genre, style- anything!

Wanna write a poem? Sure. One sentence? Sure. A novel will be fine if that's what you wanna do.

Really, the only thing I ask is that you (a: twist the association and (b: tell me if you don't want me to give your writing a review.

Today's color is: PURPLE
Purple is often associated with power, piety, sanctity, sentimentality, tension, sadness amplification of other energies, wisdom, high ideals, spiritual protection and healing, psychic ability, and protective energy.

Happy writing, folks!

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Roleplay Invitations
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Philip stood after his valet had finished shaving his face and trimming his curling locks then using a leather tie at the nape of his neck containing the remaining length. He walked to the wardrobe closet and stood with his arms held out as the valet dressed him in the finest regalia that the closet contained. The deep violet vest and pants covered the white shirt beneath and all were topped by the fur lined velvet cape that hung from his shoulders to the floor and held in place by golden clasps. The royal appointments were added, a gold necklace with large diamonds glistening in an array that seemed to mimic the look of the sun's rays at the height of the day. Golden bracers clasped onto his forearms and boots of the same dark purple were placed on his feet and covered in gold adornments to match the other accents of the garb. The valet circled him thrice and then pronounced him ready.

Philip was terrified by this entire production. Surely anyone with an eye would see through him, even in this finery. But before his fears could gain a good foothold a hand clasped to his shoulder and he turned.

"You look like a King today, Prince Philip." The royal adviser said with a huge smile on his wrinkled face.

"My thanks Hector. I am glad you will be by my side today."

Hector huffed, "Where else would I be? I served your father while he lived and now i will serve you as long as I continue."

Philip nodded as they entered the cathedral and appeared at the front of the great congregation of people, nobles, and other dignitaries. The Chief Elder of the Church came forward and spoke a lengthy, and very boring liturgy of all the fallen king had accomplished and that the sustenance of the kingdom and their future livelihood would now rest on the shoulder of the Prince. Philip felt bile rise in his throat. Could he do this? Should he?

But again before any of those voices could get firm grip he was kneeling before the elder and a crown was being placed upon his head. He was now King of All Wexford. He rose and turned to face the people amid the applause and lauds. GOD SAVE THE KING, rang loudly in the cathedral and he felt the force of the shouts hit him like a physical blow but he stood and acknowledged their praise, and well wishes. He left the building in exactly the same manner and was led through a series of underground tunnels back to the palace where he was to address another group of people who had not been at the coronation. He stepped out onto the balcony after a herald had announced him. The same deafening shouts were heard and again he nodded and received them. He spoke briefly of his acceptance of the reign, and his sorrow over the loss of his father. The people hung on every word, and erupted with applause when he finished speaking and retreated back into the castle.

He could not wait to get to his room and tear off that entire get up. Once in his room he let the cape fall to the floor and started to tear off the gold and the the rest of the purple garments. The valet was mortified, "Sire...let me help you!" Philip sighed and allowed the man to undress him and then sent him away. He pulled on a pair of black pants and left the white shirt. He went barefoot to the adjoining room and pressed a brick next to the hearth. A scraping noise filled the room and he waited until the stairs came into view before grabbing the torch and walking down them. At the bottom was a single cell. He moved over to it and held the torch aloft. "Well brother," he sighed, "It is done as you wished. What will you do now?"

A smile lit the other man's face, "I can never thank you enough Jacob. I go to Lina...and make many fat happy babes."

The keys rattled the cell door and it gave a loud squeak as it opened. "Are you sure?" the younger brother asked, "I am not sure I am cut from the Kingly were trained to rule not I."

"My dear Brother," the elder said in a confident caring voice, "I was never cut of that cloth. Be both know it. I am not a fighter, or a diplomat. I love the land and working with my hands. will do well and keep the land safe."

"But Philip.."

"Shhh...I am Jacob...YOU are Philip."

A long sigh filled the space between them, "be well then, Jacob. Bring those children to meet their uncle will you?"

"I will do so." And with that the elder brother ran up the stairs and escaped into the night.

The younger man looked at the cell and frowned before turning to take the stairs slowly. He went out of his rooms and found the captain of the guards and gave orders.

"My brother has escaped his cell. He is guilty of treason. Find him and exact the sentence upon him."

The guard departed with his men, edict in hand. It did not take them long to find him in the arms of his fiance. He was shocked at their appearance thinking something must have happened to his brother, but the guard's face told another story.

"Jacob, younger son of King Gerar and brother of King Philip. You are accused of high treason, for acts of dissemblance against the kingdom of Wexford and are sentenced to immediate death. Have you anything to say for yourself?"

"I am Philip! What treachery is this??"

"Nay sir! I have only just left King Philip in the palace. Your lies will not save you now." The guards fell upon him as one and dragged him out of the house amid Lina's screams for mercy. They tied ropes to each arm and leg and then tied the ropes to their horses and ran in for directions. The horrible poling of dislocated joints was heard by all who witnessed the execution. Philip screamed in anguish but did not die. The captain of the guard drew his sword and stepped over to the man, who was being held nearly a foot off the ground by the tension provided by the four horses. "I was sworn to make you suffer, but it is enough." He held the sword aloft and brought it down swiftly severing the right arm and then the right leg followed the left arm and leg. Philip lay there bleeding to death as the men left. Lina ran to his side sobbing.

"I will avenege you Philip...."

His eyes closed and his head shook, "Live your life...find love..." were all the words he could manage before his lifeblood flowed from him.

Lina however looked at him and reaching her fingers up to shut his eyes felt iron close over her heart. "He will pay..."

The guards returned to the King and gave report and were dismissed. He smiled as he returned to his quarters and looked in the glass. It was lucky they looked so much alike. "I told him I wasn't fit to be king...he should not have abandoned me here." The image in the mirror looked completely different then, "He was weak and foolish. You had to kill him. What if he changed his mind? You are strong, never doubt that! YOU are KING!" The weaker looking face appeared once more, "But he wouldn't have...he was happy to go make babies and be a farmer. He shouldn't have died." Again the formidable face appeared in the glass, "Shut up Jacob...Philip is in charge now and he is staying in charge."