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  1. Long days do not always seem to have a purpose. As Ty left from work, he saw no purpose in how late his part time job had kept him. He sighed as he left the restaurant. It was his last day working there and that had to mean something. He walked out of the building and looked back at it from his car parked out front. A smile crossed over his lips as he read its glowing sign. He had no need for the part time job anymore now that he was taking a real job at the fire station. He would no longer be just a volunteer. The idea was wonderful as he climbed into his car.

    As days grow longer, many times people start to get angry at the world. His car would not start holding him up yet again. It took him another five minutes with the help of a fellow employee to jump off his car. He was just glad he had his jumper cables. He rolled down his window with the engine of his old silver taurus whined. "Thanks," he said softly with an awkward smile. The female who had helped him laughed at him. "Ty, you would have drove back up here just as you got home to do the same for me. We have worked together for three years. Stop being so awkward with me and have a good night. See you around," she said with a smile waving to him. He waved by and pulled out of the lot.

    He turned on his radio and watched the road carefully with his tired pale green eyes. The way back to his house was a long one. He thought about his day and wondered why it had been so long. He had missed dinner with his sister passed through town today because of the day. He could see any reason for it to have been a good thing. His optimism kept telling him to search for a reason for it to have been necessary though. He was about half way home and on a less traveled road when he saw it. A broken down car crashed on the side of the road. Fire just starting on it. His mind had no thoughts in it anymore. From that moment on he was instinct.

    Quickly, he pulled off the road and went to the drivers aid. It was young female who he could tell was in bad condition. He immediately called 911 and starting to pry open the door. He told their location and the situation. Carefully, he pulled her from the car as he would any victim such as her. He took her away from the car fearing it might explode from the fire on it. All his training in first responses told him exactly how to deal with her. He kept her breathing until they arrived to take her away to the hospital. Her car was completely consumed by its flames by then. He watched her off and it hit him. Those moments just then were the reason his day had needed to hold him. He needed to be the one to find her. No one less would have known what to do.
  2. Alex wasn't sure what time it was when she had woken up, but she was glad to have woken up in the first place. She didn't know what was going on before any of this, she look a look around the room. She was in the hospital that's for sure, but she had no idea why. She grabbed the remote on the bed next to her and called a nurse. A woman, who looked to be in her late 20's came into the room. "Oh hi darlin' you're awake. Alex my name is Rebecca and I'll be your nurse tonight." she smiled as she started to take her vitals.

    She winced in pain as she sat up in her bed. Her ribs were hurting badly and she felt like she could barely breathe. "Why am I in here? What happened?" Alex asked, looking up at the nurse. There was confusion in her brown eyes. "Oh honey, you don't remember? You were in a car accident earlier tonight hon. A young man found you on the side of the road and helped you until the ambulance showed up. You were in critical conditions and the doctors weren't sure that you were going to make it. You had 3 broken ribs, one of which punctured your lung and we had to rush you into surgery right away." Alex nodded a little bit. She didn't recall any of what the woman was saying. She didn't remember the accident or the man that had saved her, she barely even remembered her first name
  3. Ty had home after that. He was wore out and went straight to bed. Sleep caught him as soon as he hit the bed. Suddenly after a few hours of sleep, he woke with a start remembering the girl. Something about her stuck in his mind. It was strange he had helped many people in many situations had rested easy at night. He often checked back at hospitals to see how they were doing. Something felt strange about this case though. He got out of bed and made himself the dinner he never got to eat. As he ate, he kept worrying about her. He tried to shake it from his mind telling himself that he did all he could. Whatever happened from then on was meant to happen.

    Just as he finished up eating, he got a phone call from the hospital. They informed him on her condition knowing he usually liked to check on patients. He thanked the woman and hung up. He tired to go back to bed after that, but soon found himself in his car headed to the hospital. He did not know why. There was something inside him telling him to be there for her though. It must be scary waking up in a bed and not remembering anything. He walked into the hospital and up to the front desk. "Mar. What was that girl's room number?" he asked awkwardly. "402, hon. Nice of you to come check on her. We are still trying to get enough information to contact her family," she informed him. He nodded as he walked off and rubbed the back of his neck. "Her name is Alex," the nurse yelled after him.

    He made it to her room and stood outside a moment. Things to say went through his mind, but nothing came up that was alright. He decided to just knock and enter. That was what he did. His knuckles tapped on the door softly. "I'm coming in," he said as he opened the door. "Hello, Alex? How are you feeling?" he asked quickly. He looked the girl in the bed over and stood close to the doorway.
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